Happy Valentine's Day

This day is the world renown day of the lovers, the day when cupids arrow pierces the hearts of those destined for love. For those locked in the embrace of their lover, this day can be very beautiful, for others it can be a day filled with devastation, sadness and the burden of knowing that the one you love could potentially be in the arms of someone else.

The best advice that I can offer to anyone on this day who may be suffering the pangs of a broken heart, is to pickup the pieces and put yourself back together, focus on becoming whole and strong again, I would imagine that if you felt that the one you love is worthy of your love in the first place, that you would want to be worthy of his or her love as well and the truth is, if you are falling apart and going off the deep end all of the time, you are not worthy of his or her love at the moment, nobody wants to invest time in a relationship with someone who is unstable and out of balance, most of us want a partner who is emotionally strong, mentally stable and focused on their life goals and if you don't, you should want that.

Each of us on the planet are here for one reason and one reason alone, to learn our life lessons, through the process of relating to our lover, we not only learn our life lessons, we workout our karma and we settle our spiritual debts to one another, karma be it good or bad naturally occurs over a period of time, bad karma manifest when we refuse to take the human factor into account and the fact is that as human beings we are going to make mistakes, the mistakes are not the crime, refusing to learn and grow from our mistakes is and can undo all of the good that we have racked up in a blink of an eye.

These days it seems that the majority of my clients are people who made a mistake in a relationship that cost them the love of their significant other and in some cases, several mistakes were made that led up to the demise of their relationship, now I am not saying that all of the mistakes were made just by my clients, not at all, because it takes two to tango and I am sure that their significant others made their share of mistakes too, but since I am not working for my clients' lovers, I can only speak from the observation that I have made from one point of view.

The fact is that most of the people that I work with come to me longing for instant gratification, and while I wish that magic worked that way, when it comes to matters of the heart, love triangles and overall love situations it just doesn't, some forms of magic will and does often manifest very rapidly, but I have been involved in the working of magic for the better part of my life and I can say with certainty that a love spell, especially for reuniting purposes rarely produces fast results.

In my opinion the reason a love spell doesn't produce fast results, especially reuniting rituals or spells, is because of the magnitude of emotions and lessons involved, and let us be honest, in most cases if you cast a love spell one day and it manifests the very next day and your lover returned to you, you wouldn't be prepared and it would fall apart and the next day your lover would be in the wind again.

Your magical investment should be nurtured and cured for the long haul, instant gratification rarely provides any long-term satisfactory results, just ask one of those ex-millionaires who invested in the lottery and won, but, had no plan in place as to how the money would serve them or their families, let alone their community, I have always counseled my clients on the importance of putting a plan in place, whether it is short term, a month, six months, a year or six years, put that plan in place, know how you are going to proceed in life the day that your magic proves fruitful, for the last thing that you want is for your desires to manifest and your goals to come full circle just to have everything fall apart, the only purpose to cast a spell, whether it be for love or money is to effect positive change within your life for long-term, and that can't happen with a bunch of sniveling and whining going on all the time.

I am grateful that the bulk of the people that I work with are mature enough to understand that time is required in order for their magic to bear fruit, but, there are some folks who think that if they say I am ready for something to happen now, I really want this to be over and I want, what I want, now, that it is going to speed up their process. Well of course, we all want, what we want, after all we are programmed from the time that we are little to demand instant gratification, if you want or need a good example as to just how instant gratification can blow up in your face, stop and take a look at the crumbling economy, the credit bubble, the faulty housing market, excessive unemployment, all in fact are a product of instant gratification.

When working with magic, energy, it is best that you embark upon the process with a clear mind and concise goals, do not constantly worry about how long it will take to see results, if you do you may just find that your agony is prolonged, because magic will manifest when the time is right and the energy is ready, this is why I just love those people who advertise their services saying that they can reunite you with your lover in a matter of a few hours, 24 hours or 3 days, this is simply a crock of feces, now, do not get me wrong I have seen money spells produce extremely fast results, I have seen love spells produce very quick results, but, not because someone was trying to force or push the results into manifestation. When you cast a spell or conduct a ritual, whether you are the one doing the work or you have someone doing the work on your behalf, you have to go into the work with a sense of knowing that your desires will manifest, it is best that you accept the fact that it will take time to see your results, one might say well what is the point in conducting a ritual or casting a spell in the first place, because you need the extra help, because without taking action you may never realize your desires, you may never see the manifestation of your goals, action begets action, sitting on your behind and twiddling your thumbs will not get you anywhere.

I am psychic, I have been told that I am very gifted, and I do at times get a feel and a sense as to when things might take a turn for a client when I am doing their work, but, I hate to comment or speculate as to when a client might see their results, because in most cases if I say that I see a positive outcome to their work looming on the horizon, it is taken way too literally and the client becomes so fixated on what I have said that they will screw everything up by constantly questioning what I have said, which should have been enough to put their mind and heart at ease, but it is not and so over the years it has been my policy not to make any predictions as to when I see my clients results manifesting, and believe me I get projected dates all the time, some of them are right on and some not, and in the latter it is normally because the client pushes their goals farther away, instead of relaxing and allowing their magic to manifest for them!

I guess the moral of this article, story or whatever you want to call it, is this, while you are waiting for your magic to manifest, take the time to allow your heart to heal, allow your magic time to do what you have asked of it and do not constantly question your magic, to do so is to cast a shadow of doubt over it and that will only undermined the integrity of your magic and it will send a clear signal to the powers that be that you are not worthy of that in which you seek. During your magical process stay proactive, meditate, burn candles, incense, utilize oils, learn to project what you desire to attract, become one with your goals, if you are experienced enough to cast your own spells all the better, if not and you are working with a practitioner, keep an open mind and heart, for a true practitioner will not deliberately harm you or lead you astray, and personally speaking there is no greater satisfaction for me than to work with a client who realizes his or her goals, I have standards and ethics that I strive to employ in my business everyday and when someone is trying my patience, I try to stop and put myself in their shoes, but, I too am only human and in working with my clients my buttons do at times get pushed, but, I always keep in mind that I am a witch, I wear a pentagram and I am held to the same karmic ramifications as everyone else is and therefore I always think twice about my actions and I am very careful with my thoughts, as you should be as well.

The bottom line is this, if your heart is hurting, find a way to lessen the pain in a constructive manner, release your anger, relieve yourself of some of the stress that you are under, put the world on hold for a moment, a minute, an hour, a day, or in some cases a week, whatever you have to do to get yourself right, whatever you have to do to get the most out of your magic, do it, but stop whining and crying, stop feeling sorry for yourself, by making yourself mentally and emotionally strong you are making yourself an even more attractive mate to the one that you desire to be with and that certainly will not hurt or hinder your process in the least.

Light And Love! Phelan


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