Hallowed Karma

Magical action without forethought is like handing a loaded pistol to a 3 year old child, the disastrous trail of events that follow will surely create a life filled with strife, and misfire! Magic mishandled is dangerous, and the karmic tear that is created will ripple for future-lives to come, for as you cross from this life into the next, your spiritual suitcase will be filled with all your deeds, good or bad, and better be those deeds good, because the harshest moment of judgment comes when one must be honest with themselves!

We as spiritual beings are connected to all things, the web of life is one that can often be tangled, and messy, no one ever told me as a student of the universe that life would be easy, or the decisions that I would make, or have to make be cut, and dry!

The decision making process is ritualistic as thought tends to be repetitive, public speakers go through a ritualistic thought process before giving a speech, thought is not merely words, it is a series of ideas strung together meant to inspire action, much like an incantation whispered unto the Moon is used to manifest one's own desires!

Karma, good and bad is created through action, and intent, I am using intent as the latter because to create bad karma for yourself is very easy, ill-wish another without provocation, or justification, and that little bubble of thought that has been created will bounce back, and forth between you and the one you wished ill until absorbed, and made right, either by you, or them!

Karma is hard to avoid, and major life-lessons are meant to be learned before we can cross them off our spiritual to-do list! It would be nearly impossible to go through life never having a negative thought, or making a snide remark we later wish we could take back, the smaller the karmic issue the easier it is to deal with, the larger life issues, and events are where things for us as spiritual beings start to unravel, and when the unraveling process starts, putting a lid on old Pandora’s box is often hard, and complicated, for once the cat is out of the house getting it to go away quietly is not a task for the meager of mind or weak natured, and while your jar may not contain all of the evils of the world it will hold the secrets of your mistakes, it will hold the misdeeds that you have done to those whom you have harmed through thought, and through action!

We cannot spend every waking moment fearing Karma; the best that we can hope for is that we as spiritual beings make the best possible choices that we can, and that we do not make life altering decisions lightly! I am going to share a very real and personal experience as an example of Karma, shared karma, and family karma, and while not related by blood, the situation, and people are most definitely part of my extended family.

Growing up for me was a challenge, and my mom was often a single mother who relied on the kindness of her friends, particularly close girl friends to pitch in, and help raise her four children, and she would do likewise, and there was one family that stayed in our lives throughout the years, and are still in my life today, and for that reason I will withhold all names for the matter I am about to discuss is private, and is a confidence that I would never betray, and prior to this writing I asked permission to use this as an example in my article, if the answer had been no I would have respected that decision out of love, and loyalty!

My mother, and her closest friend were more sisters than anything, they worked together, watched each other’s kids, they had the occasional girl's night out on the town, they taught all of us that there was more to family than blood, and nothing was more important than watching out for and helping one another grow through the years, had you compared the two families side by side, you would have found a single mother with four kids each, two girls, and two boys of similar age to each household, and therefore we all grew up with similar likes, and dislikes, and to fight with one of us was to fight us all, so we were all pretty much left alone, and thankfully never experienced the horror of the school bully!

The bunch to say the least were a mixed bag, some salty and sweet, some sour, as we all grew into adulthood many of us went our own way, I for one am guilty of not staying in touch, and the reality of the above statement hit home in a most profound way when I learned that the son of one of my extended family members had crossed the bridge home at the age of 19 due to a drug overdose five years ago, I learned this while attending the funeral services for the young man’s sister, his sister was taken from them by a man who was high on methamphetamine, the irony of this story is that both children had been adopted by other family members, both had children of their own, and now my extended sister whom I love dearly is raising the children of the two she couldn't raise at birth, and yes this is a form of Karma, not bad karma though, it is a life lesson for all involved that is playing itself out!

I held her at her daughter's funeral as she cried, and she said to me that this is God's way of punishing me, “He took both of my birth kids from me” She is of a different belief than I am, and I don't believe that any god could be so cruel, and I told her what a wonderful mother she was, and what a selfless act, and an overwhelming gift of love she had given to her children by admitting that she wasn’t capable of caring for, and raising them at the time, and they spent their lives surrounded by love, and with a huge family, and extended family that loved them!

I reminded my extended sister that in life we come full circle, and now she was left as the only charge of four wonderful grandkids of her own, I also reminded her of the lessons that we were taught at a young age by our own mothers, and how much she reminded me of both of our mother's, strong, proud, and willing to go the distance for their kids, as I knew she would for the four she now needed to raise!

The decision's she made to allow her own kids to be raised by family were not easy, were not taken lightly, they were hard, and life altering, I was there with her through both of those decisions, I saw the pain in her eyes, I also witnessed two kids that were raised with love, and compassion, they were both encouraged, and cared for by people who loved them, and they were never placed into the system, each of them were individuals, and they made their own choices as they grew spiritually, the path that they walked upon was uniquely their own, as was their karma, and yet as we all do they shared their karma through the spidery web of the universe!

It takes strength, and courage to walk our paths as individuals, and to face our karma, and to make life-altering decisions. I personally believe that what I may find difficult, you may find easy, and what may change, or even alter my path, may keep you steadfast upon yours, it is not for me to judge you based on your appearance, or what I believe to be right or wrong, I don't judge, I hold no gavel, I am a simple Witch, I believe in the law of attraction, and I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around!

The watchful eye of the Universe and the Power's that dwell within judges all, or judges none, for there are no medals awaiting us as we cross the bridge into the Summerland, all we have in life is what we make it to be, it is up to us to change, and mold our destiny, as spiritual beings it is the choices, and decisions that we make that will carve our imprint into the sands of time, it is simple if you think of it this way, thoughts are living things, and once we were only an idea that materialized between two people, our parents, and the karmic decision that they made that created us is what brought us here today, we shared karma with our parents, and we share karma of some sort with every single individual that we come into contact with in this life, but karma is not to be feared, that is as long as you strive to live your life in balance with the world around you, for you, and you alone are responsible for your thoughts, and actions! If you have hatred in your heart, look in the mirror, and work it out with the person looking back at you, and learn to love who you are, for then, and only then will you truly be able to allow love to flow through your life, and diminish the blocks in your path!

Note: The death of the two children did not happen because they were adopted, death like it or not is the balance of birth, the wheel of life will go full circle for all of us.

Blessed be, Phelan


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