Gypsy Attacks

Psychic attacks can have a tremendous impact on all aspects of our lives, a psychic attack can undermined our relationships by ripping and tearing apart the very foundation in which we have built our lives upon. I was contacted in March of this year by a young man whose life was gravely impacted and torn apart by a vicious psychic attack.

This young man's ordeal started when he approached a psychic that set up shop at a local fair in his hometown, he had never had a psychic reading before and in fact he had often scoffed at the idea of a psychic reading, he probably would've been better off had he never approached this gypsy for a reading. During the reading the lady became insulted and incensed by something he said. I'm not certain what it was that he said, but whatever it was I am sure that he wishes now that he could have taken it back a thousand times over.

During the months that followed the reading with the gypsy, this young man was brutally attacked mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, long time friends turned their backs on him, his sister attacked him with a knife, and his parents turned their backs on him cutting him off from any and all family support, his fiancee broke up with him, and he was a law student with a promising future who was accused of a felony, convicted his bright future turned dim, and during his three-month stay in the county jail he was repeatedly attacked and sodomized by other inmates, during this time at night when he would try to sleep the gypsy would appear in his dreams demanding an apology, and although he would yell out his apology the attacks only continued to get more and more brutal.

He was convicted of a felony and placed on seven years probation, he was released from county lockup in February of this year, and after going through the run-of-the-mill sites on the web, he finally contacted me, and I agree to take him on as a client. To date the attacks have ceased, but the scars within him run deep and although his sister and parents are now once again in his life, he knows that their relationship will never be what it was, three months after his fiancee of five years broke up with him, she married someone else, and as far as my client is concerned that it is a door that can remain closed.

Psychic attacks are often more brutal than a physical altercation, for when we are involved in a physical altercation once the fight is over the altercation ends and we move on from that experience, a psychic attack is more brutal because the attacks can take place over and over again causing irreparable damage, the attacks can take place while we are awake or asleep, in fact I know a lady who was attacked viciously over and over at her place of employment, it might surprise you to find out that she was a secretary of a Catholic Church.

Those who unleash a psychic attack upon their victim doesn't really care when or where the attacks occur, their only goal is to cause as much harm to their victim as possible, minor psychic attacks normally take place on the emotional and mental levels, while major attacks occur on the spiritual and physical levels, attacks that manifest into the realm of the earth plane can turn deadly very quickly, when this happens it is apparent that the attacker not only means to cause harm mentally and emotionally to their victim, but have taken their attacks to a whole new level, throughout history there have been those who succumb to death due to a psychic attack, often electing to take their own life because they do not know where to turn or where to look for help with their situation, many have suffered in silence because of the fear of being ridiculed by those around them, my client, the young man who contacted me in March of this year falls into this category, he conveyed to me that he had often considered suicide as a solution throughout his ordeal, as we know suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem, as I told him sometimes we have to fight fire with fire and in his case that is exactly what we did, and although I know that he has a ways to go I am happy to report that he is doing much better and that is now back in control of his own life and destiny.

The attacks that occurred on this young man affected him on so many different levels, the course of his life was permanently altered by the attacks of this gypsy, a 15 minute encounter with a stranger ripped his life apart at the seams, it is a scary thought for how many times have you and I encountered a stranger that could have done the same thing to us that was done to my client?

As human beings go we think nothing of interacting with one another and in fact one of the most common ways to greet someone when we meet them is by extending our hand to theirs, and it might just surprise you to learn that this is one of the most common ways that our energy not only becomes crossed, it is one of the easiest ways for a practitioner to lay a curse or a spell on their intended victim, for there are minor chakras in the palms of our hands in which energy can be exchanged when we shake hands with another human being, it is for this reason that I am very particular about the hands that I shake, and so should you be, this may seem trivial but if you have ever experienced a psychic attack then you would agree that it is far better to be perceived as unapproachable, then it is to risk mixing your energy with someone else who just might be in a position to wreck havoc upon your life.

As spiritual beings we bear the great responsibility for ourselves in this lifetime, if we do not make ourselves a priority in our own lives, we cannot expect anyone else to make us a priority in their life, with that said we are in the realm of the earth plane to learn our lessons and to settle our karma, whether that karma is good, bad, or in different with those individuals that we have chosen to align ourselves with in this life, as well as in lives before, while we have a spiritual obligation to those around us, the one obligation that we cannot afford to ignore is the obligation that we have to ourselves, often times we get so involved and caught up in the drama and the goings on of those around us that we neglect our own spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental needs.

When hell breaks loose within our own lives it is time to batten down the hatches, withdrawal from interacting with those around us, regroup, refocus and take back control of our own lives and our destiny, for we control every aspect of our own personal lives, and we have to take responsibility for the decisions that we have made, and for the people that we have allowed into our lives, my client decided to get a psychic reading at a local fair, a setting that is known for charlatans and for con artist, he just happened upon the one individual who is real to her craft and obviously he stepped on her toes, as I have said many times before it is not magic that is bad, for it is the will of the practitioner that decides the outcome of any spell or ritual performed, the will of the practitioner decides the fate of the magic, magic purely and simple is nothing more than raw energy, it is you and I who decides whether our magic is black or white and if you are not at all concerned about the repercussions of your actions black magic just might be your venue, for myself the closest that I come to black magic is defensive rituals, with a little offense thrown in!

The best advice that I could offer to anyone who is seeking the advice of a practicing psychic is to always approach the psychic with the utmost of respect, for not only was that gypsy a psychic, she was also a great Weaver of magic, had my client approached her in a respectable manner chances are this individual would never have attacked him, but I would suggest to anyone who might be reading this article to stay away from psychics and fortunetellers who set up shop at local carnivals and fairs for it only takes one chance encounter with someone who is not at all concerned about his or her own personal karma for that individual to turn your life upside down and inside out!

Now allow me to reiterate, anyone who practices magic can if he or she so chooses cause harm, I am sure that there may be some very good and valid psychics who work the fairs and carnivals, it is unfair for me to assume that they're all bad, but it is an environment that draws unscrupulous characters, so in my judgment it is just best to avoid this type of setting altogether, unless you're going there for the thrill of the rides and so forth, is not a place that I personally would visit to seek out the advice and guidance of a psychic or to employee the skills of a practicing witch, wizard, or other magical being, and with that said the Internet can also be just as harsh when someone is seeking metaphysical help, so what ever venue that you decide to take allow common sense and caution to be your guides, for you do not need to find yourself on the wrong side of a psychic attack, or an attack of any kind as far as that is concerned.

While my client's life was turned upside down, at least he has the opportunity to reclaim his past and to reset his course, for he is definitely one of the lucky ones, not everyone who suffers a psychic attack is always as lucky as he was, the trick to avoiding a psychic attack is to learn what to look for and what types of situations to avoid, such as avoiding charlatans who prey upon victims that they perceive as weak, a good rule of thumb is to learn how to shield yourself from a psychic attack, thereby putting up reflectors and barriers between yourself and those who intend to cause you harm.

There are any number of approaches that one may take in order to shield themselves, for instance one may burn candles, utilize oils, burn incense, cast a simple protection spell, or conduct an elaborate protection ritual, or incorporate any and all of the methods described above, psychic shielding and protection can and is often done as a higher form of magic, I personally utilize my guardians who watch over me and mine very intently.

Whatever method that you decide to employ it is imperative that you take the steps to uncross and cleanse your energy, and to properly erect protective shields and boundaries around yourself, as a witch I was taught at a very young age the importance of shielding myself, as I grew into my own power I neglected to shield myself properly a time or two and felt the sting of what could have been a major psychic attack, luckily my guides and guardians were already in place and looking out for me, for had they not been my fate and my path may have been permanently altered just as my client's path and fate were permanently altered.

For it was nothing more than a momentary lapse in judgment that created a world for him that was totally foreign, and as a result his life lessons, and his karma with those around him suffered a grave setback, to date although we have him shielded with his reflectors in place the gypsy continues to try and exact her assault upon his psyche, for all intended purposes my client now leads a very private and reclusive life, it is truly a sight that is sad to see for this young man had a very bright and promising future, filled with friends and loved ones whose only wish at one time was for him to succeed in life, today as a result of the psychic attacks it is very difficult for him to distinguish between those who would be a friend or a foe to him.

Whatever you may take from this article please know that you should never laugh or scoff at a psychic, or for that matter anyone who practices any aspect of the esoteric art, and while I write articles and I talk about different aspects of religion, I respect the rights of anyone to worship or to practice, or to call their Gods by any name they so choose, for it is a foolish man or woman who makes light of the deity of another, for God is pure energy, and just like magic, God can be good or bad, it depends greatly upon the aspect of God that we call upon in our hour of need, just as you and I have many layers to our personality, so does your God and my Goddess, and just as you and I have a positive side to our personality, we also have a negative, and so does your God and my Goddess, and as spiritual beings we have to accept responsibility for the names of our Gods that we invoke, for if we call upon a destructive aspect of our God we will be lavished with what ever negative karma that comes as a result, as a witch I often invoke various aspects of both the God and Goddess, and I do so with great care, and with even greater respect, for when we call upon one of the many aspects of our God we are calling out, reaching out to something that is greater than the power within ourselves and we must do so with caution, for although we may be at one with our Gods and the universe we are nothing more than a blade of grass, a grain of sand, or a speckle of dirt blowing across the winds of time.

Blessed Be



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