Growing Moon 2009

Mother, on this full Moon night, I stand beneath your light with staff in hand, upon my breast lies your symbol cast in silver, a five pointed star, that is feared by those whose meaning they cannot comprehend, and revered by those whose faith in you is ironclad, you are the giver and the taker of life, everything that we have is cyclical to your nature, all things are born from your womb, and that which is given, shall one day be taken, for in life there is a beginning, and an end, and as we sprung forth a seedling of your intent, we shall one day return unto thee as particles blowing in the western winds!

As I lay upon the sands of your sea shore, and gaze into your wondrous light, your water washes over me, cleanses, and purifies me, freeing my mind from the entanglement of the cobwebs of deceit, so that my thoughts can once again be mine, and the vision of my quest can dance in my mind's eye, no longer held hostage by the confusion that surrounds me, and for the first time in a very longtime my psychic eye can now see clearly the path in which I must travel, for my spiritual self has awaken, and as I feel the warm breeze of your kiss upon my cheek, I know that I must be steadfast, strong and true in my journey, and that I must not allow those whose only purpose they serve is that of their own, no man or woman who serves a jealous and vindictive God shall thwart my life's mission, for the mission that my life serves is that of the great Mother, she, who keeps a compassionate and watchful eye over her children at all times.

Gracious Goddess, upon my path you have firmly planted my feet, and I have all that I need to survive my journey, and there is no lesson too tough, or a task too hard that I cannot complete, for you have given me all of the tools that I need, and I know that I must look within myself for the answers, for if what I seek cannot be found within, it will surely never be found, and I know that within the chamber of my heart, beats the tune in which I must step, it is with your life-force that I must maintain my beat, for it is your path that is golden, it is your path that is laced with the silver strands that shall guide me upon my way.

The star that hangs around my neck, shadows just above my heart, it glints and gleams under your light, the individual points are not obsolete, for each one contains a mystery unique, I can feel the pulsating rhythm of the pentagram, somehow it feels as though that it is mimicking my heart beat, but, how can that be, it surely is a mystery to me, all that I know is that my path will never be darken again, by the absence of light, for as long as I bear your symbol, the path laid before me continues to shine, and the five pointed star hung around my neck lights my way, a path that is revealed unto me with each passing day, and as I step a foot before the next I can feel the electricity dance upon the air, and I can feel the watchful eye of the Mother-Goddess as she guards me, the ferociousness of her wrath has been felt by many who stood against a child she bore, her flare is quick, and her demeanor deliberate, for she is a Mother, and it is in a Mother's nature to protect her own, and protect she shall.

Gracious Goddess, mother of all children, she whose maternal instincts are born in the heart of women, she who is the mistress of the hunt, and the protectress of the hunter, she whose beauty springs forth in the blossoming of flowers, and whose bounty is richly harvested, and abounds in the flowing rivers, and streams, she whose salty water fills the womb of the great oceans and lakes, where each drop of rain that falls from the sky returns, mimicking the cyclical nature of life, and death, bless us Mother, keeping us safe from those who wish to harm us, and touch our lives with the richness of prosperity, so that we may in return touch the lives of those around us, for we know that the key to living a life filled with prosperity, and abundance is to reinvest ourselves, just as the rain clouds reinvest in the oceans, lakes and rivers, for everything in life there is a season, and no experience in life is spent in vain, providing that a lesson has been learned, so teach us what we need to know, and give us the courage to unlock the hidden mysteries that are contained within our being, and release us from the fear that has kept us paralyzed for so very long, disallowing our spiritual growth.

Oh, Gracious Mother, as your children we ask for and accept your guidance, we ask for and accept your abundance, and prosperity, we ask for and accept your praise when we have made the right decisions in life, and we ask for and accept your scolding when our decisions have led us off our path, for in life balance must be maintained, and therefore one must have the ability to take the good with the bad, for all things in life begin, and all things in life end, but, no energy is ever lost, for when we shed this fleshy shell that houses our spirit, the body is returned unto your great womb, and our spirit is regenerated, just like the tiny droplets of water that falls from the sky returns unto the ocean, what dies, shall one day be reborn!

Light and Love!



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