Great Mother Invocation

Great Mother, Creatrix Of The Sand And Sea,
Bless You, For The Abundance Of Creation And Of Life.

We Praise You For The Softness Of Your Healing Hand
And For Your All Encompassing Circle Of Light, The Light That Protects Us
In Your Loving Embrace.

We Call To You; We Look To You, We Seek Within You The Wisdom of Your Guidance.

Through Your Love, We Walk The Path Of The Light. Through Your Love, We Embrace The Darkness Of Night.

Without Fear We Walk Your Path, Without Fear, We Endure The Harshness Of Mankind, Without Fear Of Reproach We Stand Within Our Magical Circles.

We Are The Wise Ones, We Worship Your Many Names, We Invoke Your Many Name's Under The Moon's Light.

Great Mother, Creatrix Of The Earth And Sky, Show Me The Path.
Show Me How I Must Travel, Guide Me In Body, And In Spirit, Teach Me The Life-Lessons That I Need To Learn.

Embrace Me In Your Circle Of Light, And Bathe Me In The Healing Ray's Of Your Moon's Light.

Great Mother, Creatrix Of This World And The Next, Teach Me, Show Me What I Need To Know, Help Me Recall Into My Waking Mind That Which I Have Forgotten.

Upon Rising From My Slumber, Allow Me To Discern The Knowledge That I Must Teach From What I have Learned.

Grant Me The Gift Of The All Seeing EYE, The EYE That See's The Past, The Now, And The What Is To Come, So That I May See The Beauty In All Things Living, And Not.

Great Mother, Powerful Creatrix Of World's Past, Present And Now, In Your Song We Hear All The Voices Of Those Who Have Come And Gone Before us.

Through The Fierceness Of Your Beauty, Love, And Wisdom, Our Spirit's Endure The Harsh Teaching's In Our Fleshy Bodies, So That Our Spirit May Learn, May Grow, May Humble Itself Before Thee, And All Your Many Names.

Great Mother, May Your Song Be Sung In The Heart's Of Those Whose Nature is Pure, And Whose Soul's Are Clean.

May You Grant Me The Power To Echo Forth Your Song, Sung In Truth, And Harmony, So That I May Keep The Circle Unbroken, And Your Ways Alive Through The Mysteries You Have Taught Me. Great Mother, May Your Song Be Sung Forever And A Day.

Light And Love, Phelan



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