Generational Curses

You have been having a difficult time as of late, or maybe it seems as though you have been plagued with bad luck all of your life, either way, in desperation you set about trying to find answers and possibly even a cure for what ills you.

You have grown tired and weary of all of your money troubles and your relationship woes and your overall inability to prosper and to get ahead in life, through your search, you are led to a slew of resources, maybe a few of the sites even have a phone number for you to call, nervously you pick up the phone and dial the number, a warm voice answers on the other end of the line and you are relieved to finally be speaking with someone who might be able to offer you some help, advice or guidance as to how you can go about changing things in your life.

The conversation at first is pleasant until the person on the other end of the phone informs you, that  the reason, you and your lover have parted ways is because someone has used black magic against you! Someone has put a root on you, burned black candles against you to insure, that you and your lover will never be able to find happiness together, in fact, the all seeing-eye on the other end of the phone can see that this curse goes back for generations and will continue for generations to come until the curse has been removed.

You were desperate when you initiated your search, you were desperate when you made the phone call, by the time the call ends, you are not only desperate, but you are terrified and possibly even suicidal, a thousand thoughts run through your mind, although your ability to think rationally flew right out of the window the moment that the individual informed you, of your dreaded curse, and more than likely counting on the fact that you are in a vulnerable state of mind the so called practitioner will hit you with his or her price, which is normally $1500.00 or more.

After all while, it is a lot of money to the average person, it is not a lot of money if it cures everything that ills you and if it releases you from the darkness that has become your life, but, this is where one must let go of the desperation and allow common sense to kick in, magic is real, yes! It is as real as you and I, are, it is as real as the spoken word, after all the body of any good spell, ritual or even a curse is made up of the written word.

I have worked with a lot of clients, who have come to me after having paid a Psychic, Witch, Wizard, oh my... the list goes on! Thousands and thousands of dollars to remove  generational curses from them and their families, so that they could live a normal life, and what saddens and sickens me, is that there never was a curse to begin with!

The curse started the moment that the uncaring words were uttered from the mouth of someone who dare calls him or herself a practitioner of the metaphysical arts.

I am in no way discounting black magic, it is real. I am in no way discounting a curse or even a generational curse, the fact of the matter is, that you and I, are more than capable of cursing ourselves through our own action, and yes, I have actually worked with people who were suffering because they fell victim to the evil eye!

And yes, couples do have problems because occasionally they will find themselves in the sight of some dark weavers magical cannon, but, come on now! As a Practitioner of The Magical Arts, I have never charged a client thousands and thousands of dollars to remove a curse, generational or not!

And the likelihood of being struck by the lightening bolt of a generational curse, is about as likely as it would be for someone to mistake me for Mahatma Gandhi, well, we both shave our heads, but other than that, the odds are just not there, so why is it, that these folks who have setup shop as leaders in the occult arts, will tell you that you are cursed?

Because desperate people, do desperate things! And that is the way that they make their living. They make their living off of your hard-earned money, blood money, tainted currency, if you were not cursed before you started dealing with them, you are by the time that you have finished dealing with them.

And I have heard horror stories, most recently a young man contacted me asking for help to remove a generational curse from him and his family. He had been trying to reunite with his wife, during his dealings with a Psychic he was told that the reason his wife developed breast cancer was because of the curse that had been placed upon his family.

The Psychic he was working with, told him that for $50,000.00 that she could stop the cancer, heal his wife and remove the curse, and for an additional $5000.00, she would bring the two of them back together, and when he told her that he just couldn't obtain that amount of money, she said well... I guess your wife's blood is on your hands! If you loved her, as much as you say that you do, you would find the way to get the money, sell your cars, take out a second mortgage on your home, take a loan from your bank, but, if you don't get the money your wife will die, well... He finally paid her ten thousand dollars to heal the cancer, his wife died four months later, the day after he called the Psychic to inform her of his wife's passing the website was gone and the number disconnected. And without a doubt, this vicious piece of trash is onto her next victim! 

This made me so sick to my stomach, that I literally had to excuse myself for a moment, so that I could go to the bathroom and throw up! I was mortified and then I got pissed! And truthfully just recalling the conversation makes me angry and ill, all over again, the nerve of some people, and the total disregard for human life!

And the display of greed, and the need to prosper at the expense of someone else's feelings, people like this are nothing more than crooks and con artists who give those of us out here, who try everyday to help our clients, a bad name.

I am in no way perfect, and I do make mistakes, but, I care about people too much, I care about my clients, and their needs too much to participate in such heinous acts. And I also believe whole heartedly, that everything that we do, whether it is good, bad or indifferent, will come back to us. I just hope that the price that these people pay is worth it to them, because, the universe has a way of dishing out, it's own brand of poetic justice. And in this case, the folks that open their mouths and spewed venomous lies might just find a generational curse on them and their families, created by their own actions!

Now, wouldn't that be justice? Real justice, for the Psychic described above would be to lose her life-mate to some form of cancer, or perhaps developing cancer herself,  harsh, indeed! But, not any harsher than to tell a man who is desperately trying to reconnect with his dying wife, that the reason she is dying, is because of a curse that was laid upon his family, which it was a blatant lie! Cancer itself, is a curse that has plagued many lives, cancer is our modern-day bubonic plague, the only difference is that early treatment of the bubonic plague, could be cured with antibiotics, cancer cannot be cured by taking a shot or popping a pill, maybe that, in which we are plagued with today is a little worse than the bubonic plague.

The difference is that the plague hit hard and fast! Wiping out millions of people, cancer is a bit more subtle, picking off millions of people one at a time, cancer is no joke, and it devastates every life that it touches, I have lost many people in my family to various forms of cancer, and it is not a pretty sight to see, nor, should it or any other illness be used by anyone, no matter what field that they are in, as a means to manipulate someone to pay thousands and thousands of dollars for a phantom cure. 

The bottom line is this, we are all at one time or another, hit with bad luck, generational curses are very rare! If someone is going to put a root on you, they will put it on you, no matter what, and yes it can be taken off. 

It takes an enormous amount of energy to keep a curse going from one generation to the next, so most people who cross or hex another is satisfied with the immediate effect that the curse or hexing will have on their victim and are not too concerned with hexing the future generations of their victim's bloodline, which brings me to my next point, in the above scenario that I described, you may recall that the generational curse was said to have been put on the young man and his family, meaning his bloodline, which had nothing at all to do with his wife, for she was an offspring of a totally different bloodline; therefore, the generational curse on her husband would have had very little or no impact on her whatsoever!

She simply had the unfortunate fate of a life-altering illness/lesson, cancer, as hard as it is to fathom, was part of her life path and experience on the grand wheel this time around and sadly the young man not only lost his wife, who left him because she wanted him to move on with his life and find someone new to be with, because, she felt that it would make it easier on him, it didn't make it any easier, and neither did the Psychic that took $10,000 from him!

Money that could have been spent making the final days of his wife's life a little easier and more enjoyable, shame on that evil wench! I curse her today, and everyday for the rest of her life and into the hereafter and beyond! She will pass from this life with a black mark upon her soul, my wish for her is that everything good in her life starts to decay, and for every dollar of that tainted currency she spends, may it cost her another three, she will get what she deserves, there is justice in the world in which we live!

If you have found yourself plagued with bad luck, money runs through your hands like water, unexplainable problems in your relationship, food tastes like dirt or has no taste at all, plagued with a never ending hunger? You can eat and eat and never get full or feel satisfied? People around you act negatively towards you? Or tell you that you are always so negative, chances are, your energy is crossed!

You may have even fallen in the rut of a negative life pattern,  you are definitely in a negative life pattern if you find yourself experiencing the same issues over and over again, and that is in all aspects of your life. You and your mate are constantly fighting, splitting up and coming back together, no matter how hard you work, you cannot get ahead and save any money, all of these issues can be addressed, and dealt with, by any good reputable practitioner that is worth his or her salt, and through working with a reputable practitioner, if you are found to have been a victim of a curse, hexing or perhaps the evil eye has been cast over you, it will not cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to get things where you can live and breathe with ease.

There is almost always a scientific or biological reason behind an illness, and as a Practitioner of the Magical Arts, my first action when someone contacts me about an illness, whether it is cancer or not, is to instruct them to seek immediate medical attention. I have seen very rare situations where an illness had been brought on by a hexing or curse, as I said earlier, I would never discount that possibility, but, I stand behind my belief that the cause of an illness by a generational curse is slim-to-none, and highly unlikely.

Through the positive aspects of magic, we can remove negativity, and create a more positive flow of our life-force, we can enhance our prosperity, improve our luck, ignite the fire within our love life, and yes reunite with our lovers!

All of this and more can be done without bending the will of another and without causing any harm to ourselves or to those around us. As spiritual brothers and sisters it is to our benefit to help one another excel in life and to achieve our goals. There is no need for greed, as in the case displayed above, unfortunately the young man who lost his wife to cancer was victimized by someone who falsely portrayed herself as a Psychic!

And by the way, if you are seeking magical help a Psychic is not what you need, first and foremost, I am a Witch who just happens to be a Psychic, I know the woman that this young man dealt with, not personally, but, she and I have bumped heads a few times, mainly because of articles that I have written just like this one, I know that this article will only serve to anger some people, mainly the ones whose business model is designed to scare poor unsuspecting folks into parting with their hard-earned cash, whatever comes, I have broad shoulders and a few tricks of my own. And while I am a polite and mild manner witch, that should not fool anybody, for there is a darker side to my nature! 

If you are having bad luck, the best approach is to uncross and cleanse your energy, cleanse the energy in your personal space at home, cleanse the energy in your car and if you have an office at work, cleanse that as well, discretely of  course!

And then you may wish to consider shielding and protection, and perhaps something to jump-start a positive flow of energy within your life, whether your need is for love or money, or maybe even both. Whatever the case may be, you should become proactive in your magical endeavors immediately, do not procrastinate, and if someone tells you that you are suffering from a generational curse, tell them that your focus is on your immediate needs and that the future generations will just have to take care of themselves! And the moment that they ask you for thousands and thousands of dollars, hang up the phone and walk away without looking back! 

There is a huge difference between a generational curse and perhaps a spell that someone may have placed upon you, to cause you and your mate to separate, people cast break-up spells all the time that are effective in doing just that, people cast spells to cause someone else to lose or miss an opportunity, a hex may have been placed to cause you, an enormous amount of bad luck, decrease in prosperity, loss of job or business, some may even cast a love spell upon your lover to steal him away from you, all of these things and more can be done without a generational curse and none of these scenarios, should ever cost thousands and thousands of dollars when working with a practitioner. 

Now, as I have said before, I have clients who have ordered many different rituals and spells from me, those who do so, have done so of their own accord, and not because I have told them that they were cursed!

In today's world, ethics no longer apply simply to business, for it is my belief that as spiritual beings, we should live our lives from start to finish, in an ethical manner, and this doesn't mean simply observing ethics, it means to live and breathe ethics, none of us should ever do something to someone else that we wouldn't want done to ourselves! This world would be an entirely different place to live in, if each of us could find the strength within to treat our neighbor, as if it were their reflection that we see when we look into the mirror.

I hope this article finds you well and free from generational curses, or curses of any kind.

Blessed Be!



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