Free Will

Interfere not with the will of another, set not things in motion that you will have no control over! Believe it or not, the same fanatical individuals that will tell you that you should never attempt to reunite with a lover, because to do so will interfere with their free-will, are the same individuals who will resort to magic the moment their lover walks out of their life closing the door between  them for good, the truth is simple really, love spells and rituals for reuniting can be worked in such a way that it does not interfere with the free will of another.

When I cast a love spell or when I work a ritual to reunite two people I go to great lengths to make certain that we do not cross the imaginary line between the wills, over the years I have caught a ton of flack from fanatical Witches, lord and lady yes, in the Witch community we have our share of nut jobs too, just like the Christian and the Catholics do, but any way, I have bumped heads with those around me who really have no concept as to what I do to begin with and they wouldn't know a love spell if it jumped up and bit them on their behind, some of these same people I know personally as we have traveled in the same circles in Atlanta, Georgia and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Witches are supposed to be all accepting, hence, the phrase,"In perfect love and In perfect trust"but, as we have discovered a Witch has a human side too and that is why years ago I left a coven that I had belonged to for moons too many to count, because, the human side of me disagreed with many things that were going on and taking place back then and one was a debate between the Elders over Gay Marriage/Handfasting, back then gay marriage wasn't even on the table, we are talking the late 80s and early 90s, but, it sure was a hot topic in the pagan and Witch community at that time and it provided just enough of a spark that it drove a huge wedge between coven members and the Elders of the coven lost control, today while it may seem that the group is back to normal, I know and those who were there during that time also know that it will never be the same.

The craft is predominately female and there are all women groups who seemingly hate their male counterparts, when I walked away from the group I swore that I would never set foot among them again or enter into a circle in their presence, and to date I have kept the pledge I made to myself so many moons ago! There are many reasons one may wish to belong to a group, community support, the realization that there are others who are of a like mind, in my opinion covens are not meant to be anything like a church, covens should be kept small and to the standards of no more than thirteen active members, visitors would be permitted at the Sabbats,  the Esbats would be reserved for the working of magic for the inner circle members, in today's world too many of the rituals that were guarded closely have been exposed to outside forces, thrill seekers with prying eyes seeking not an education, but seeking to expose those whose belief system is different from that of their own, and it is for this reason that unless I know you very well or you come to me through a source/someone that I would trust with my life, you will never leave the imprint of your foot within the boundaries of my circle and the one thing that I have learned from my ancestors is that the location where my magical rites are conducted shall remain forever unspoken and while I am a public Witch, this point is non-negotiable!

The one thing that I have caught an enormous amount of flack for is my super-sized-ego, and I am unsure where that comes from, because when I look at myself up close and personal I know that I do not come across as an ego-maniac, the only thing that I can think of is that my critics are intimidated by the fact that I put myself out there in the way that I do, and when I talk about magic I tell it like it is and I pull no punches and when it comes to love spells and reuniting rituals I perform them on behalf of my clients and I am always accused of crossing the line, no, I do not cross the line and that is why some of the cases that I work on takes longer to manifest results, part of the process that I use is to heal the energy between the two people, and to restore balance to what was disrupted prematurely and I work to resurrect the feelings of love that have dimmed and to breathe new life into a relationship that was long over due cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but the one thing that I do not and will not do is work my magic in such a way that it crosses the line or interferes with the free will of another and if I may blow my own horn for just a moment, it is a process that works and real results are produced, that is for the ones who listen to me and do as I instruct them to do, and that is to stay focused on their desires, allow their heart to heal and do nothing that will piss their lover off anymore than he or she already is and granted this is one of the hardest parts for me to overcome, because many of my clients come to me wanting immediate results and the truth of the matter is that with magic immediate results are possible, but in the area of love and especially where love spells are used for the purpose of reuniting two people, immediate results are not at all feasible and as the Witch casting the spells I do not want to see immediate results, because, ninety percent of my clients are not ready for immediate results and therefore if I cast a spell today that manifested tonight most of my clients would find a way to muck things up even faster than before, the truth is simple, if you are trying to reconnect with a lover both of you will need time to heal and your magic can help you with that, but I know, what if in the process he or she finds someone new? Can you say rebound baby and relationships that form when one is rebounding from another rarely work and in most cases both parties only end up getting hurt worse!

One of my critics said to me recently and please do not worry, my critics only serve to keep me going and to keep me even more determined to get results with what I do, anyway, "Phelan, you should never cast a spell that interferes with the will of two people without getting both of their permissions to do so"Again, when it comes to love and love spells and just so that we are clear I do not interfere with free-will and unless you are standing guard over me when I cast my spells you have no freaking concept of what I do or how I do it, enough said, but, what an idiotic concept, that would be like the hunter asking little Bambi's mother to stand still long enough for him to get a shot off in her direction and I can tell you that from my perspective, if you pull your magic wand on me you sure better be prepared to use it, because you are only going to get one shot and then your ass is mine! (lol)

No, really, there are spells that may indeed affect and impact the will of another, self defense magic certainly falls into that category, I just love those people who contact me through the website asking me to prove to them that magic is real and works, well, if I am not mistaken that is giving me the green light to mess with their reality, they are literally giving me permission to exact change upon their free will, well then, we all know that good and positive magic takes time, but, we also know that black magic, white magic's kissing cousin, black being the total sum of all things, the promiscuous and the lustful side of the magical arts manifests very rapidly, so little darlings if you desire a peak into the doorway of the occult keep playing your little game called "Test The Witch"and I might be so inclined as to give you a freebie, just kidding, I kid the mortals, oops, there goes that damned ego again! 

Here is another tidbit for you to chew on, if I have to resort to self defense magic and protection rituals it would suffice it to say that at that point while I am concerned with my karma and if the work is to be done on behalf of a client, with my clients karma, I could care less about the karma or the free-will or well being of the person that I am working against, why? Because I am wielding self-defense magic and house rules apply, in the world of black magic free-will is thrown right out of the window into the four winds, this is the reason that we have so many screwed up people in the world, when a Witch lays a curse he or she is not fooling around, and over the years I have seen anything and everything from premature impotence in young men under the age of thirty, in one case I witnessed a Christian Woman who turned into a hellish whore seemingly overnight, she was the wife of a prominent church leader, the effects of a black magic curse is almost always aimed at the vulnerabilities of the intended victim or victims, constant headaches, unexplained body aches, difficulty or disruptions in sleeping patterns, unexplained events that happen in otherwise sane and solid relationships, senseless arguments that cause separation, breakups and divorce and I have even seen masses of negative energy that was unleashed on an entire family, in this case a multitude of unexplained and disastrous events occurred over a seven year period, two of the family members were institutionalized, one committed suicide, three members of the family who were always law abiding citizens ended up incarcerated and the main one that the vicious Voodoo Queen was after contracted aids and to this day how she ended up with aids is unknown as she had been celibate for twenty odd years and other than routine doctor checkups she was always healthy, I know the Voodoo Queen in question, her brother died of aids at the age of twenty, the woman whose family the supernatural magical attacks were unleashed upon spat in the face of the young mans family and told them that he deserved to die for being an abomination against God,  this woman's name is Lily and the young man who died of aids was dating her nephew, who also died of aids four years later.

I have spoken to the Voodoo Queen in regards to this subject at great lengths and she feels that she was justified in her magical attacks against this family, in my opinion it was overkill, no pun intended, but, to be respectful I will not use the Voodoo Queen's name in my article and the advice that I would like to offer to those of you whose convictions may be so strong that you feel compelled to spit in people's faces and to tell them that their loved one deserved to die, you may be better off keeping your mouth shut and your thoughts to yourself, as in the case of Lily, you may not realize whose face your spitting in and while they may seem to be beneath you on the whole social scale, they may just be in a position to screw you harder than you've ever been screwed before and in the case of these two families I feel for all of them, personally, I would have let nature take its course with Auntie Dearest, it has been my experience that it is people like Aunt Lily whose punishment is more severe when it comes time to transition from this world unto the next and if I had been so angry that I just had to react, my beef would been with her and not her entire family, for it was her lips that mouthed the words, so therefore it should have been her tongue that was severed and sacrificed to make amends to those she offended and verbally attacked, verbal attacks have an impact as well, for after all it is the spoken word that is the embodiment of any ritual. 

I hope this article finds your tongue intact and your heart beating in harmony with the world around you and remember to follow with mind in heart and judge not the ways of another that you cannot comprehend, look within and there you will find the solutions that you need to fix the issues within your own life, look to the stars in the night sky for the guidance that you lack, stretch forth your arms to accept the healing rays of the Mother Moon and bathe in the Father's morning light, connect the physical with the metaphysical by standing upon the Mother's massive body in your bare feet and if all else fails and you have trouble regaining your composure hug an old oak tree, for the tree is connected with all aspects of the divine, its roots reach deep within the depths of the earth and its limbs stretch far into the heavens and the cycle of life runs through the coarse of its every fiber and the healing energy of the old oak tree can be seen in the brilliant lights that make up its aura and remember to walk your path in a manner that sets you apart from the others who have walked that path before and lead by example for those who will walk that path in your footsteps. 

Blessed be