Focus Not!

Those of you who are facing hardships in relation to your love life, finances, as well as other aspects of your life need not overly focus on the negativity! I can always tell when someone is having a hard time because they are looking for excuses for what they are going through, instead of looking for solutions!

I have always heard throughout my life that if you are not part of the solution, well, then you are part of the problem, 80% of the folks that I deal with has the ability to see that for what it is worth and because they are determined that they are going to shift their life-energy and manifest their desires the outcome to their magical workings will almost always bear fruit and as we know in some cases it will take a while for things to turn around and be as we want it to be, there is simply no place for instant gratification when it comes to dealing with love or even prosperity spells!

Magic is a pure energy and when you are working a spell where the desired outcome is one of a highly charged and emotional nature, you need not waste valuable energy or precious time wallowing in self-pity!

I have a client right now that fits the mold of a self-pity crone, no doubt she will grow old and haggard alone, because she cannot even see when someone is trying to genuinely help her and looking into her distant past life (current lifetime) she has all kinds of negative blocks, she has been locked into a very negative life pattern forever it seems and love just cannot find its way to her heart, because her heart is shutdown, a big portion of this has to do with her approach at life and the venomous poison that she spews towards others, this woman will always see herself as the victim and as long as she views herself in this light and as long as she bathes in self-pity and engages in self-loathing behavior, she will lead a life sullen with saddens!

So, today I invite each and everyone of you who tends to crawl into your vat filled with self-hatred and self-denial to take a look in the mirror and regain your composure and self-respect and stop playing the role of a victim, take the first step in regaining yourself and in the process you will regain whatever or whoever you have lost, but as long as you are content to lay blame for your unhappiness and poor life choices at the feet of another, nothing in the realm that is you will ever change!

Magic starts within the minds and hearts of each of us and expands as we send it out on the winds of change, work your magic and hold onto the hope and the knowledge that your desires are just a fairies wing away!

Blessed Be