Fleeting Shadows

Dreams of fleeting shadows, memories that come and go, my mind reflects back to a time that was better, a place that was pure and honest, in my mind I wander back to a time when safety was of no concern! Yesterday, the past seems to be the place that we all wish to be, and yet we long for our future needs and weep for all the losses that we feel! We often ask ourselves what will our futures hold? We seek answers from others, answers that can only be found within our own soul! Future's can be told by those with the vision to see, but, often our future is blurred by our own negative actions and reactions to life experiences, the future is not cut and dry, nor is it black or white, it is often speckled with lines of gray and laden with karma that we must pay!

We create our future with each passing day, the decisions that you make today will determine where you are a year from now, and your future decisions will collectively determine the course your life will ultimately take, through your actions and thoughts you are in control of your life, while as a Witch I believe that during the period of our rest and while in between this world and the last awaiting reincarnation we chose certain lessons that our soul must learn to progress spiritually, I also believe that through the use of magic, a strong will and self belief that we can change anything about our lives the we need to change, the Great Mother is the weaver of the web of life, we are the minute spiders at her command, but command not for she is a loving mother that guides us in our own personal journey of life and allows us to make progress and mistakes all on our own and yet she is always with us, within us, she is both the positive and negative light that we strive constantly to balance.

The Pueblo Indians believed that the world was created by a spider, she spun two threads east to west and then north to south, she created two daughters who in turn created the sun and the moon, and then the Pueblo's Spider Woman created people of the earth from white, red, yellow and black clay, of course there are many stories and theories on how the world of creation began. The spider to me is seen as one of the greatest aspects of the Crone Mother, the Mother of Death, the black widow, she who devours her consort after mating is a prime example of this, she ingests her lover only to give birth to him again and thus the web of life continues to spin forward, this can also be seen as duality of the divine life force, for as people of the earth we contain within both aspects of the Goddess and God, we are both light and dark, and neither would exist without the other.

Magic is an inward energy that is projected outwardly into the universe, and as we come full circle our magic returns unto us fulfilling our desires and granting our needs! As we live and love we will experience heartbreak, we will feel the wrath of a universe that is disappointed with our actions and at the end of our incarnation we will stand before the great altar of reflection and self-judgement and as we stare down our own reflection the fleeting shadows and memories of our past will come flooding back and we will learn to atone for our deeds or misdeeds, we will learn to accept judgment, but it will not be a deity or God that will judge us, we will judge ourselves and through our own spiritual growth we will stand eye to eye with our own reflection in the mirror of time and we will embrace our glimmered self out of grace and humility, for a humble soul is a soul that has risen to great heights.

Love is painful, letting go of love can often feel like we have lost a piece of ourselves, and the reason for this is because we have, because we are astrally connected to those we enter into a relationship with, we are connected to other people from the moment of our birth into the earth plane, we are connected to our earthly mother through the umbilical cord and as a Witch I believe that life starts with the first draw of breath, this is the moment that spirit has entered our body, until that moment our body is simply a physical host awaiting it's spiritual passenger, the spirit is here to learn and to grow, the body makes the evolution of our spiritual experiences possible, the body is our host and temple of spirit, in essence the body is the spiral in which our life-force thrives.

When we open our hearts and allow others in we become vulnerable, when we have a sexual relationship with another human being our souls intertwine and we create a link between ourselves and the other person, when that link breaks it often hurts! I am in no way a prude and back in the day when I was not in a monogamous relationship I enjoyed my share of encounters and as a result I found that I took into my own aura the negativity of the other person and this often caused chaos as a result, as I grew spiritually I began to understand that every aspect of love and consensual sex to be a celebration of life and to celebrate life is to pay homage to the Great Goddess, for the mother is the root of all that is pure and good in this world.

I also learned how to shield myself magically to keep the negative energy of others from intruding upon me and invading my temple, which is very important for any practicing Witch or Energy Weaver regardless of the modality.

Casual sex is fine even when you are working to reunite with a lover, providing that you do not allow yourself to get involved emotionally and that you do not fall in love, on the other hand if you fell in love with someone that returned your affection would that be acceptable to you? This of course would be a decision that you would have to face should that happen, but when a love spell is cast unto the four corners of the universe the Lady of Love may have something or someone better suited for you in mind and as I have told many clients in the past approach your magic with an open heart and mind, it is unwise to place a limit or cap on love, for love keeps the wheel spinning forth!

Another issue that I am going to address in this article is that of free will, over the years I have caught a lot of flack from the Witch and Pagan community at large because I believe as a Witch we have the power to change our lives, this includes attracting a lover back into our lives through the use of love magic, when I approach a love spell or reuniting ritual for a client I do so with the intent of the best outcome for the highest good of all concerned.

While I am a 3rd degree High Priest I don't prescribe to or limit myself to any one certain belief system, for I believe that each situation is unique and must be approached in that manner, the type of love spell that might work for you, might not work for me, we are different people, we are different energies. Working to remove negative barriers, negative influences, negative people and improving communication, strengthening love and increasing sexual attraction are all key components to a successful outcome and reunification of lovers.

We all have free will and as long as magic is approached cautiously, ethically and from a place of love you can't go wrong and the folks who have criticized me for helping my clients through the use of love magic are the first to use a love spell when their lover leaves and this is hypocritical and proves that hypocrisy exist in any and all forms of organized belief systems, I purposely left the word religion out and the reason that I did is I simply have a distaste for the word and the negative connotations behind it!

I personally know a very well known Witch, well knew, she passed into the Summerland and long left this physical world behind, she spoke out against psychics who made their living giving readings, all the while charging in excess of $200 an hour for a session with her in person, when I asked her about this she replied time is money, exactly and while my methods may not always work for everyone, I put the work in and I do what is asked of me, it is also the job of the client to keep the energy flowing positively and my philosophy on this is to stop and think before you act, ask yourself whether or not what you are about to do or say will help further your cause or hurt it, people often go into a magical process, especially where love is concerned expecting overnight results and that where love spells are concerned is simply unrealistic, your relationship did not deteriorate overnight and it will not heal overnight! 

When you are working with love energy you best learn the lesson of patience early on, over the years I have had success with some of the worst cases that I could possibly have, I have worked with clients who were in the middle of a divorce and the divorce was finalized a week after I started their work and of course this is a very negative thing to have happen and yet with the cooperation of those clients and their willingness to listen, learn and grow I was able to help them reunite with their spouses. I have worked with clients who have had restraining orders against them and their husbands or wives told them they were dead to them and never contact them again and yet I was able to help them reunite, because their desire was strong enough and they could lay their emotions aside and focus on healing and releasing negative energy!

The clients who have the most difficulty in obtaining their desires are the ones who constantly question the validity of their magic or spout off to their friends and family about their magic, if you tell your mother that you had a love spell cast and she reacts disapprovingly that will impact the outcome of your magic, because it will impact your overall view of your magic and situation and I have had clients that just couldn't help themselves and they would constantly talk about reuniting with their husbands or wives and one in particular had the use of magic brought up against her in court and another found herself in a situation where her in laws tried to use the information of her using magic against her to gain custody of her kids, these are real cases and real reasons not to speak of your magic.

One of the first rules that I was taught "Speak not, lest your spell be broken".  Magic is a personal matter and should be closely guarded and if you are not adept at casting your own spells and you employ the services of a practitioner limit your conversation about your magic between you and your Witch, this will keep negative energy away from your magic, away from you and it will keep those who may not have your best interest at heart from ill wishing you.

I have received many new contacts through the website inquiring about studying with me and while my true calling is that of a solitary practitioner I do have a group and my coven is traditional, we have 13 members and we are a working group of Witches and I am not taking on additional students for the teaching of the craft. In the future I will be offering Candle Magic, Advanced Candle Magic to those who took the first part already, psychic development and a few others. There is a difference between the spiritual aspect of Witchcraft and the Magical, it is a fine line, but that line is there and there are many sources in which to learn from, one can read books, possibly find a local group willing to take them as a student, there are online courses, the best way to learn is by doing, just as with anything, carpenters for example acquire skills over a lifetime, as does a Witch.

One is not born a Witch, it is a path that is chosen, I come from a very long line of Witches, I wasn't born a Witch and neither were they, I chose my path and anyone considering following the path of a Witch I encourage them to educate themselves and make sure that it is the right path and do not allow yourself to get caught up in a fantasy world of banishing demons, for one thing demons like the devil are a Christian concept and most Witches don't believe in heaven or hell, at least none that I know of and I have been practicing since my preteens and I am going on 50 years old.

One of the points that I would like to make is that I write a lot of articles, some may even seem off topic at times, but those seeking to learn will discover if they read closely that I reveal bits and pieces of my teachings in each article that I write the articles are on the website for a reason and that is to aid in educating those seeking a different path, whatever your path may be or your calling in life my hope for you is that you find it, there is no greater solace than that which derives from an ironclad belief system and keep in mind that there is more than one way of doing things, you just have to find your way, look for the light that shines within and allow it to guide you.  Blessed be, Phelan  


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