Fear is a very powerful emotion that can either hold you back or compel you to do things that you never thought possible. The majority of the clients that I have worked with for the most part were all coming from a place of fear, and in the case of love spells my services are often sought when someone has lost or is on the verge of losing the one that they love.

Fear is a normal part of life and can be just as healthy as unhealthy, a good example of a healthy fear, is the fear that a pedestrian feels just before crossing a busy highway, the fear of the rushing automobiles compel the pedestrian to look both ways and to refrain from taking unnecessary risks while crossing the street, that is unless they have a death wish, a good example of an unhealthy fear is the constant worrying about the impending illness or death of a loved one, none of us goes before our time, however, our constant obsession with our health or death may speed along the process and bring the impending events into manifestation much sooner than they would have manifested.

Fear more often than not is a very negative emotion, and negative energy will manifest faster than positive, think about it, it takes a great deal more energy to do something of a positive nature than it takes to do something negative, just look at the recent events in New Orleans, Texas and Florida, not to mention the ongoing war that is being waged against a country that no doubt has more innocent people than guilty, thousands and thousands of young innocent people and frail older people have died and for what? War is nothing but the senseless acts of inhumanity and will no doubt leave an imprint behind us for generations to come.

What you fear will find you, to fear is to draw negative energy to yourself, fear the loss of a loved one, fear the loss of a relationship, fear and project the uncertainty that the one that you love may never come back, you may as well seal your fate, because that is exactly what you are doing!

Our fears will manifest a thousand and one times faster over that in which we believe in, fear is stronger than faith, if you were to compare the two and label them, fear would be the equivalent of the Devil and faith the equivalent of God and in today's world the Christians are so busy spewing venom and worrying about advancing their own political agenda that they have lost sight of their spiritual connectiveness to God and have given themselves over to Lucifer himself!

Fear is powerful and can leave you emotionally crippled, paralyzing your ability to move forward in life and preventing you from reaching your life goals. Fear is often a symptom that is carried over from a past life; I recall a client that I worked with back in 1993, after years of working as a scuba diving instructor she suddenly developed a fear of it, as it turned out her fear manifested around the same time of year and age that she was when she drowned in a past life, she told me that when she would attempt to dive that she would get a vision of her struggling franticly in the water, her heart would race and her breathing would grow increasingly shallow, and she would get an overwhelmingly feeling of losing consciousness, her fear got so bad that in fact she quit her job.

The good news is that once the problem was identified she was able to face and overcome her fear, and she was able to return to her job as a scuba instructor, the most interesting part for me is her choice of careers, drowning and her fear of water was certainly one of her many life lessons, and my feeling is that her feet was placed upon that path in this lifetime so that she could face and deal with her fear once and for all.

Growing up and listening to the adults around me, I realized at a young age that most of my elders lived their lives out of fear, for God sakes, living in my Grandparents' house was like living in Fort Knox, in every room there were at least one gun rack on the wall that held a variety of shotguns and rifles, my grandfather who wore overalls carried a handgun in his pocket, as did my grandmother who wore granny gowns with big pockets and you can bet that she was packing a nickel-plated 32 at all times, in fact most of the women in my family carried a handgun, I guess that explains my loaded broomstick. (lol)

My grandmother was obsessed with making sure that the windows and doors were secure, year-round the windows were nailed-shut with eight-inch nails that resembled railroad spikes and at dusk the doors were locked, bolted shut for the night! I often wondered why my Mother and my Aunts were always so paranoid, looking back I now understand why, they were a product of their upbringing, the funny thing though was prior to my Mother and I moving into my grandparents' home so that we could help take care of them our front door was often left unlocked and even open at night and it was not at all uncommon to find the windows wide open in the spring and summer and partially cracked in the winter!

Fear is a curse that is often handed down from one generation to the next and unless steps are taken to break free, a negative life pattern develops leaving its victim constantly struggling and rarely succeeding in life and thus the legacy continues and the same crippling fear is handed down to those who follow and the cycle of self-loathing and self-denial continues!

Fear often manifests itself in our relationships, worrying and wondering constantly about whether or not we are good enough to be loved by the one that we love, worrying about our mates cheating on us or the constant worry that we will never find our perfect partner and that will end up dying alone, and if you constantly obsess over those things every one of them will come true, you are in control of your life, where you end up is absolutely up to you, you can have all that you desire in life and then some if you can only let go of the fear that is holding you back!

Last year (2004), I had a client that came to me, he had been married for about four years, he and his wife had two children together, both girls, he worked as a plant manager for an electronics company and his wife sold on eBay and stayed at home with the kids who went to school during the day.

Their marriage had always been perfect, both of them professed that they were soul mates; neither of them had ever cheated or given one another reason to doubt their faithfulness until March of 2004 when my client became suspicious that his wife was having an affair, his feelings were so strong that he began to leave work to check up on her and of course he would never find anything, she would always be where she was supposed to be, but, his feelings were so compelling that his paranoia eventually lead to the loss of his job and the loss of his marriage, the strain became so great that his wife eventually filed for an order of protection, he was jailed more than three times in 2004, prior to this he had no arrests or convictions of any kind on his record.

I worked with him for a little more than three months, we did a series of past life regressions and counseling sessions, we found that his problem was not related in any way to a past life, it was in fact a re-manifestation of his own fears that he had developed in early childhood, his mother left his father when she caught him in bed with another woman, and because times were hard back then she left both of her children (twins) as well, leaving them with an abusive father who died when they were six, leading them down an endless path of foster homes, my client had buried the hurt and pain of loosing both his mother and his father and being bounced from one foster home to another, he eventually was separated from his twin sister and has never laid eyes on her again!

The fear that he felt from early childhood suddenly washed over him again on March 3rd, 2004 and his life started replaying right before his eyes just as if he had turned on a video player, unfortunately everything got so twisted and tangled in his mind that he could not separate the past from the present and acting out of fear of losing the ones that he loved, he managed to destroy everything that he and his wife had built together over the years.

Fear is not meant to be buried, it is meant to be utilized as a learning tool, if you bottle up those feelings of fear sooner or later just as my client above did, you will come face to face with that in which you fear and if you are not strong enough it may destroy you and everything that you love!

The fear of losing a loved one will at times become so strong that it compels us to hold onto what we have as tight as we can, and when you are dealing with a relationship you can hold on so tightly that you will strangle the life right out of it, and end up walking away alone, do not allow this to happen to you, face your fears, if you are separated from the one that you love, work on yourself during the separation so that you can heal emotionally, make yourself whole, allow your heart to release the pain, stop holding onto the memories of hurt!

The bottom line is that life is often filled with painful lessons, the difference is made by how we choose to handle those lessons, do we choose to learn from our strife or do we choose to allow our pain and our hurt to manifest into regret? Regret of what we may miss out on, if we continuously cling to the fear that has dictated and determined the flow of our lives, life is a mystery that reveals itself unto us with each step that we take, do not allow your fear to take you down the wrong path, embrace and love life, rejoice in the good times and acknowledge that there are times when sorrow must fill our hearts, but mourn not your losses, for nothing is ever really lost and all can be reclaimed, all it takes is a belief in self, the Universe and the Godhead!

Blessed Be, Phelan

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