Fat Lady's Train Wreck

Love is not always an easy task and at times it is often made harder when the feelings that we once had for our life-mate seemingly disappear, I am not sure if it is a normal part of the process that we call love or not, although I have been told many times from a reliable source that when two people have been involved in a long-term relationship that it is common for them to periodically fall out of love with one another on a temporary basis, the scary part is when your feelings are so raw that temporary is the equation of insanity!

I suppose that it is entirely possible to temporarily fall out of love with someone, although the only experience of this nature that I have ever had is to fall out of love in a more permanent way, breakups are never easy and although we would like to end things gracefully and with dignity, it has been my experience that breakups almost always windup like a train wreck, disastrous, the only hope that one may hold onto is that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully that light is not a freight train that is bearing down on you with a head full of steam!

There are normally two ways to handle a breakup, you can either accept that it is over or you may choose to stand your ground and fight for what and whom you love, in my opinion the best way to avoid ever having to deal with the subject of breaking it off with your partner is to pay close attention to what is going on with him or her and make sure that you are attentive to his or her needs, if you are paying attention and if you really care, you may be able to cut that impending train off at the pass, hopefully before it derails, however, if you choose to ignore the warning signs and you refuse to do your part maybe a train wreck is exactly what you deserve and are asking for.

The problem with most people is that they want everything to be easy or handed to them, and they do not really want to have to work or exert too much of their own energy to get it. Here is a very good example, now, I thoroughly enjoy working with and helping my clients on any level that I can, but I would be willing to bet you that at least 70% of the people who seek my help with reuniting with a lover could have avoided their situation altogether, the key is paying attention and giving your partner the love and respect that he or she deserves, I know at times that I have failed in this area myself, when a relationship ends there are two people involved and as I was always told by my Mother, there are without a doubt three sides to every story, there is yours, mine and then the truth, because everyone only sees things that they want to see their interpretation of the truth may vary greatly from that of yours and mine, but it doesn't really matter, because we cannot hide from the truth, as the truth is a harsh mistress and she will eventually seek you out and force you to look yourself in the mirror with a slap of honesty across your face that will be a stinging reminder of the mistakes that you made and the indiscretions that cost you your relationship!

Relationships are hard and require nurturing, just like flowers need the Sun and water, our mates need to be reminded often that they are still important, they need to feel the warmth of our touch and the smile of our honesty, they need to be held and caressed and most of all they do not need to be taken for granted, after all you and I do not like it one little bit when we are taken for granted or when our mates push the envelope just a little too much by constantly asking for more than we are prepared to give, I simply do not feel that it is right when someone ask something of their partner that they themselves would be unwilling to give or to do, but this scenario happens quite often in relationships and when it does sometimes it may seem as though the last straw has been broken or the final line has been crossed, but I believe that if love is present things always have a way of working out, the only danger here is if you are dealing with someone who has already made up his or her mind that enough is enough and that the fat lady has sung and of course you know that things have gotten really bad and you are in trouble when the fat lady is joined by a chorus and the sounds of their voices ring constantly throughout your day.

There is always hope of reuniting and reconnecting with a lost love or a love gone wrong, but the easiest way is to avoid the pitfalls of your relationship altogether, if you have lost a lover to someone else or to mistakes that you made or mistakes that were collective within your relationship and if you can reflect back and honestly say that you did your level best than you have nothing to mourn or to correct, but at the end of the day if you cannot answer that question honestly yes, you still have much work to do within yourself and casting a love spell to reunite may work, but it will not correct bad behavior that is ingrained or learned, true change has to come from within our own heart to truly manifest and to make a difference.

I guess the whole point of this article is to appeal to the masses, those individuals who are still at home and comfortable with the one that they love, wake up now and do not allow yourself to become so comfortable within your relationship that the one that you love ends up feeling neglected and one of the easiest ways of ensuring that our needs are met is through meeting the needs of our life-mate, love is an energy that is meant to be reciprocated, love is not and was never meant to be a one way street or a train that is rushing blindly to its destination and ends up crumpled and broken before it arrives, do not allow your relationship to be destroyed because you are worrying about what is right or wrong, instead work on fixing the aspects that are in need of repair and regain your footing on a solid foundation and work from there, I hope that if you are reading this and you are not currently a client of mine working towards reuniting with a lost love that you never become my client, at least not for that reason, so please take care of yourself and the one that you love and may the Goddess bestow her blessing upon you and yours.

Blessed Be