Energy Wasted

There are those among us who will never realize a return on their magical efforts, some people are so caught up in their own web of negativity that they simply cannot break free from it and as they continue to spin their web of self pity they isolate themselves from anyone and everyone who tries to help them, you cannot spew venom and expect someone to lend you a hand, it is for this reason that I do not handle snakes, at least with a snake you always know where you stand and you know that there is a fifty percent chance that a snake will bite you.

I love my clients and I try in everyway that I can to help them deal with their issues, most of my clients are reasonable individuals who understand that the universe is not aiming at the target on their backs, the universe is not using me, you or anyone else for target practice, believe it or not you are at the very least fifty-percent responsible for the drama in your life, and you need to keep in mind that the people you have chosen to invite into your life are there because you opened the door for them and therefore you have created and incurred karma with them and more than likely you will also share in family karma with those individuals who are connected with them as well, this is especially true in situations where a love triangle has occurred.

There is a small percentage of the folks that I deal with who will in know doubt try and lay blame at my feet if their magical endeavors fail to yield the desired results, it doesn't really matter how many articles I have written on the subject or the fact that I have disclaimers on the site in which I state that I do not offer any guarantees on magical workings, spell castings or energy weavings, just thought I would cover all of the bases, although the above are actually all one in the same, simply energy!

The truth is that I cannot and will not make any guarantees when working with a client, in your search around the web for what is real and what is not, this is one of the main things that you need to look for, spell scammers will promise you the Sun, Moon and Stars above, they will throw outlandish timeframes at you such as results guaranteed in 72 hours, these people are not for real, because if they were they would know and understand that magic does not and will not work that way, simply put they are after your money and they will go to any length to separate you from it!

I have been around a lot longer than I have been on the internet, I first got my start on the net in 1999, almost a decade now and I am proud to say that I have helped many of my clients realize their goals and to manifest their desires, magic can go a very long ways, but as magical beings we have to create a balance in our lives, here is a good example, if you are trying to connect with the one that you love and that love is tainted because he or she is tied to someone else, well, that situation is already on shaky ground and while a great deal can be accomplished through magical workings, throwing yourself at the feet of your desire is totally the wrong approach and if he or she is interacting with you all the while someone is waiting at home, the negative karma is his or hers to bear and you are well within your right to fight for a return on the love that you have invested.

I mean come on now, get a grip, if he or she is tied to someone else, you need not break your back to make yourself readily available each and every time that your phone rings, after all absence makes the heart grow fonder, and if you are going to allow yourself to be used as a doormat, chances are someone is going to wipe their feet on you and I have never advocated that any client of mine should allow themselves to be used as a foot-rag, my way of thinking has always been that if I am going to get screwed then I am going to fully enjoy it, but if you are going to screw me, kiss me first and then little darling here is the jar of Vaseline, bend over and get ready to take it like a man, because what's fair for the goose, is definitely fair for the gander and I am a Witch who believes in an eye for an eye and I have plucked a few eyes out in my time!

In past articles I have talked about clients who have come to me after they had been battered, bruised and psychically beaten by so called practitioners who promised to help them and then turned on them and here is the point that I am trying to make, if you are asking for help from a Witch, Wizard, Voodoo Priest or Priestess you have to keep in mind that you are not dealing with your run of the mill business and those who ask for metaphysical help and then attempt to issue a chargeback after their work has been completed is barking up the wrong tree, because a practitioner can turn a good day bad faster than you can say bless you, it takes less energy for me to unleash a negative psychic attack on someone, than it does for me to aid someone in their plight, when I cast a negative spell I do so on my own and yes I am a Witch and I have used black magic, mostly for my own protection or that of a client or friend or family member, but nevertheless I am no stranger to a negative spell casting, hexing or cursing, I confess that I have thrown the evil eye and I have raised a demon or two, but here is the deal, treat me fairly and with respect and I will do the same for you and you and I will get along just fine, step to me in the wrong manner and that is a horse of a different color altogether and now here is the difference, when I cast a spell of a positive nature I enlist the help of my student Witches, along with a few other elder Witches whom I would trust my life with, where good magic is concerned there is power in numbers, for me to lay a badass curse on you I am all that I need!

There is nothing that irritates me more than to be working with someone who doesn't bother to read my site and who will freakout over the least little thing that happens, as if the situation wasn't hard or bad enough, but they have to make it worse by pissing out of their eyes all of the time, when they should be looking for ways to make themselves stronger, I swear that I do have a few clients who think that they are superman/woman and that by doing any and everything that they can do for their estranged lover is going to bring him or her running back to them and why would it? If you are going to milk the tit and give it away for free, why would your lover need to buy the cow, for he or she knows that eventually your milk will dry up and that you will be giving away the beef by the pound and right now I can name at least five clients who fall into this category, remember people, absence will make the heart grow fonder and your man or woman who is running wild and free needs a little taste of what life will be like without you paving and paying the way!

If you have a desire to be with someone, please make sure that the individual is at least worthy of your love and if you decide to step off into a magical endeavor then do so without regret for the time, energy or money that you will invest, and if you are capable of doing your own work the latter shouldn't be an issue, but if you are working with a Witch or other practitioner you need to keep in mind that magic requires time in which the practitioner will have to invest and supplies have to be utilized, if you are an individual who is more concerned about the money that you spend than you are with the results that you are looking to accomplish you need not employ the services of a magical man or woman, the Gods also get a little insulted when it comes to these issues and in the long run you will save yourself a whole mess of trouble, so, before you ask me or anyone else for magical help make sure that you have thought things through and make certain that the investment that you will make is worth it and if you fail to get results take a look in the mirror and reevaluate your behavior before and after the spell casting and also keep in mind that some obstacles cannot be avoided and must be allowed to play themselves out, so do not be too quick to assume that you will not get what you ultimately want, but also be sure to take great care in what you ask for, because you just might get it and when it comes to pass you may realize that you never really wanted it in the first place!

The bottom line when working with energy is to realize that there are lessons intertwined and with each life experience that you and I have we are meant to learn something significant and if we learn from our interactions with those we involve ourselves with and from the universe than we have not wasted our time at all.

I will happily share a little secret with you, love spells, uniting and reuniting spells will not manifest until the one who requested the work to be done is truly ready, my clients whose love spells manifested for them, readied themselves by becoming stronger and less dependant on their chosen one and while many of them were basket cases in the beginning, towards the point where their spells manifested they had become rock solid and many of them had developed attitudes that if their lover came back so be it, if not life goes on, if the one you love has so much power over you that he or she can make you cry at the drop of a pin or you fall apart and become suicidal because your lover is not doing what you feel he or she should be doing, you are not ready for your magic to manifest and I don't care whether you cast one or one hundred spells, until you are truly ready your magic will not manifest and while energy is accumulative and I personally believe that when it comes to love and prosperity that we cannot do enough or too much where magic is concerned, I have never told a client that he or she needs to have more than what they have asked me to do for them from the start, magic is a personal decision and if the decision to partake in a certain spell casting or ritual comes from within my client, than the energy from that ritual will benefit him or her on a much greater scale and what he or she reaps will be positive and lasting and that is the entire reason for casting a love or money spell in the first place, our goal through the magical process is defined by the amount of positive energy that we exert and that is why when it comes to love spells it is far better to enlist the aid of a reputable magical practitioner, because, nine out of ten times one is often far too close to the situation to produce realistic results through the casting of a love spell.

This is simply a friendly invitation, I am a good Witch who holds his karma with the highest of regard, if any of my clients have an issue with me I invite you to call me and talk to me about it, I am a Witch, but, I am also human and as humans go we all have our faults and we all make mistakes, just know that if you have enlisted my help, it is my intention to help you in every way that I can, but the one thing I will not do is to become your verbal punching bag because you are unhappy with yourself or perhaps even with the results that you may have or have yet to realize and if you are my client you should have reviewed my website before purchasing any product or service, I make no bones about the fact that I do not offer guarantees, and you know why, because I cannot control your behavior and because you are the one who asked for my help that makes you very aware of the spell weaving that I am doing and if you are overly emotional or become distraught you will effect and impact your work and the other thing that I refuse to do is to enable your negative behavior and if I coddle you or sympathize with you too much I will lose my ability to separate myself emotionally and if that happens I simply cannot help you and that will not benefit either of us, because you lose a sincere and ethical practitioner and I lose a client, so therefore as a Witch I must maintain my perspective and not lose sight of my objective, that is the only way that I can help, so when I say to you get a grip, that is exactly what I mean, so shape up and fall in line and lets get a handle on what is going on, let us work together collectively and in harmony in order to manifest that in which you seek and that in which you hold so very close to your heart, as of now the negative behavior stops here, otherwise you are going to isolate yourself and alienate those who are trying to lend you a hand and toss you a lifejacket.

May the Goddess bless you and yours, and may her light shine on your path and as the wheel of life spins may your fortune be realized!

Blessed Be

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