Energy Blocks

Energy blocks are often bred and born out of an internal fear, however, some blocks are a direct result of a traumatic event that occurred during the natural course of our existing incarnation, suffering the premature loss of a relationship, possibly prior to settling the karma that was associated with that relationship, the unsettled karmic debt is just enough to throw the victim's life off course, rendering the individuals helpless and unable to successfully complete their life lessons together and as a result of the negative and unnatural occurrences that have taken place the individuals are thrown into a very negative and repetitive energy pattern, doomed to repeat their life lessons over and over again until they find a way to break free from the repetitive hold that has taken over their lives.

Imagine if you will, that your life is a little economy car that has bogged down in the mud and the more that you rev the engine the faster the wheels spin and the deeper you dig in until you are stuck, unable to move beyond that point, if you continue to rev the engine you run the risk of burning the motor out or breaking the transmission, either action that you seemingly take will create undue and unforeseen circumstances, at some point you have to realize that the method or the approach that you are taking is simply not working for you, therefore you must change your strategy in order to manifest your desired results!

There are no simple or easy answers to life's biggest-little problems, the game of life is like a huge jigsaw puzzle, if you carelessly misplace or lose the pieces you will find that the pieces that you are left with just simply will not fit together, and you may be forced to reconstruct the missing pieces or throw out the remaining pieces and start all over again from scratch, either way your carelessness has lead you down a road of despair, and your determination to force your desires into manifestation has pushed them even farther away, rendering them out of reach and dangling them just beyond your grasp!

If you are dealing with an overly emotional issue, such as the loss of a lover to another, you need to find a way to put your little economy car in neutral and coast along for awhile, magic can work miracles if you believe in yourself and if you truly believe that you are worthy of that in which you seek and have asked for, but, do not make the mistake of misrepresenting yourself or your motives to the Universe, for those around you may not see you for who you really are, but the Universal Mother most certainly will and if you provoke her she can be a very harsh teacher! Magic takes time to manifest, especially white magic, black magic can manifest results faster, but positive results will not abound where black magic has been used, therefore if you are seeking to reunite with a lover and resort to black magic, your relationship will not last and the negativity that drove you apart will be three times worse than what it originally was in the first place, so you see, although white magic takes longer, you will fair much better taking that approach in an effort to manifesting your desires!

Negative words or phrases such as I can't, it won't work, he or she doesn't love me, I am broke, I am undeserving, he or she is never coming home, will only serve to compound your problems and to reinforce your belief that you are an unworthy individual and that you do not deserve happiness, you have to remember that power exist in all words, because words are simply mental energy, thoughts that you give birth to, energy bubbles that you send out into the ether's and these bubbles will eventually return to you one day, be it for better or worse they will come home to roost, so it is far better that you learn to program your future now by projecting positive thought forms out into the Universe.

If you are dealing with a love situation that you are trying to turn around through the use of magic and the casting of spells, learn to lend strength to your magical workings and endeavors through the thoughts that you project, replace negative compounds with positive upbeat affirmative words, the love of my life will return to me before the next full moon! My baby loves me the way that I love him or her! Money flows to me, like the river unto the sea! Prosperity beats all around me and runs through me! I am rich! I am love and I am loved!

True change first and foremost starts within each of us, energy blocks and repetitive patterns are born out of fear and are compounded by our negative outlook on life, we have to work not only to change the way that we view ourselves, but the way that we view our situation as a whole, before we can truly love someone else and before they can love us in return, we must first learn to love ourselves and part of that process is giving ourselves permission to break free of old negative and binding energy patterns and in order to do that we must first embrace that in which we fear, because when we embrace our fear we take away the power and the control that it has exerted over our lives, as humans we often fear that in which we do not understand and by embracing our fear we become one with it, thereby developing a greater understanding for it and diminishing its elusive mystery.

Relationship issues are often spawned out of the frustration that we feel in direct connection with the negativity that is going on around us at the time, negative patterns are merely a symptom of the problem and is not the illness itself, the illness is the underlying layer of negativity that constantly feeds the fire of destruction pushing our relationship closer and closer to the edge where it will most certainly take a disastrous plunge like a suicidal man leaping off a bridge to drown his sorrows, magic should not only be used to repair the damage done to our relationships, but it should also be used defensively to shield our relationships from outside negative influences, all too often one who is seeking to reunite with a lover will overlook the need to employ magic as a means of self defense, leaving the relationship vulnerable to those unscrupulous individuals who gain joy from the misery that they cause to others, some people are just born to be negative, and just like all other energy in the universe they too serve a purpose, I have a friend that believes life would just be a bit too boring without our negative counterparts, I don't know about you, but I can live just fine without them, for my life is anything but the B-word!

If you are practicing magic or if you are employing the services of a practitioner to reunite with a lover or to attract a new love into your life, or perhaps you are working on your overall prosperity energy, make certain that a cleansing is part of the process in order to reduce or to diminish the negative energy, and it certainly would not hurt anything at all to do a relationship or personal shielding as part of that process as well, remember even when you are working with a practitioner of the magical arts your magic will be that much more stronger if the decision to partake in a certain ritual comes from within you, this is a sign that your magic is free flowing and that you are connected with it on a much higher level, this is one reason that when a client approaches me about work that they want me to do on their behalf, whether that work is the Kundalini binding or one of the specials that I offer on the site, I always tell them that it has to be their decision, because if it is their decision to cast a particular spell their work will be that much stronger, which will increase the effectiveness and potency of their rituals, although you are employing the services of a practitioner the work is being done for you, therefore once the practitioner has finished his or her work the role that he or she was to play has been fulfilled, it is then up to you as the client and petitioner of the spell casting to keep your magic flowing in a strong manner by maintaining a positive and upbeat outlook and by visualizing your desires on a daily basis you will lend energy to your spell casting, instead of robbing yourself of a positive outcome to your esoteric and magical investment. Be kind to yourself and find peace of mind!

Blessed Be



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