Emotional Release!

The emotional release poem was written by me three years ago for a very dear friend whose lover of eleven years was finally pressured just enough by his family to leave him.

You came into my life on a Sad September day, I never expected your arrival for you were so far away. My life was a mess and my heart locked tight within a vault, my life was a mess and it was all my fault. You came into my life and you took the pain away, you came into my life and you stole my heart away! I never had a say in the matter for you had all of the control, it was up to you which way we rolled! The power was yours because I relinquished unto you, I gave you my all and withheld nothing back from you!

Today is a bit different because I can see things now that I couldn't see then, I can see things clearly and I know where I have been, my truth has been revealed and I now know where I came from, my only uncertainty is that I don't know where I am headed, reality has set in and my destiny preplanned, the only question from here is do we walk hand in hand?

A love once strong, has been made weak, a love once strong, may succumb to self defeat, they all said we would fail right from the start, and maybe they were right for they were determined to tear us apart, they all said we would fail and cursed us in our plight, they sneered, they jeered and they called us queer, and they prayed to their God deep within the night! We have resisted the inevitable for such a long time, and I am no longer certain that I can continue to toll the line.

I have walked my path with my head held high, I walked my path with you by my side, I can no longer see what is in store for you and me, I can no longer see a future in front of you and me, the picture once beautiful painted bright with love, has turned dark fading to pain, and every morning that I rise I am faced with the same, I am faced with the question do I stay or do I go? And the scary part for me is that one day I will awake and there will be no question, only action for me to take.

I do not regret my time spent with you, I do not regret the love that I gave to you, I do not regret the hard times that we have shared, I cherish them and I embrace them for I have learned and I have grown, the good times have been overwhelmingly joyous, and the only feeling of regret that I have is this emptiness that I feel inside as we try to hang onto what we had!

I feel that it is important that I say these things to you, for if our time together has grown short and our life together is soon to be apart, I do not want sorrow or regret to take the place of our love and our respect, I do not want our love to be the mistake they said it would be, I do not want to walk away and have you end up hating me!

The circle of life is ever turning and all things that begin must one day come to an end, and maybe I have been foolish but in the past that circle has always brought me back to feel your warm embrace and to smell your clean scent, maybe I found comfort in what could truly never be, maybe I held tight to a false sense of security! Maybe just once I wanted what they told me that I could never have, and in my rebellion against them I found you, we found solace within one another, we found a safe place in which to hide and it saddens me to realize that the shelter that was once our safe house has crumbled away!

Our love begin in September and will end with the changing of the season, and the reign of the Goddess, all that is born must one day die, love is born upon the winds of change, love comes from within and will never truly be lost, love is more than just a memory, it is etched in our hearts like words chiseled in stone, and although it may sadden us to say goodbye, goodbye is yet another lesson that each of us one day must learn.

Although the end of our era draws to a close, within my heart you will always flow, you must know that no matter where I go you will never be out of reach from me, for our spirits have mixed and our souls have united and although it may appear that they have won, their prize will bring them bitter sweet tears of sorrow, for what goes around will surely return to laden their hearts heavy with pain, the pain that was felt between you and I will be cast upon them with a blink of an eye, you have task in your life that you must get on with, so my friend and my lover I will bid you this sad goodbye and bless you with a kiss thrice upon your cheek, merry we meet and merry we part, and merry may we one day meet again!

Blessed Be!