Element Of Desire

Desire is the most important factor needed when trying to effect change in one's life, without the element of desire present any attempt to improve or change the circumstances or current condition of our life path our efforts will truly be spent in vain; the lack of desire is the single most cause for negative life conditions such as obesity or poverty, the lack of desire plays a huge role in the destruction of intimate relationships, desire is a fiery element that fuels passion and excites lovers, desire is not just about the need for physical or sexual interaction with our mates, to truly desire someone is to love everything about them, desire does not compete or compare with obsession, if you are obsessed with someone you have graduated to a whole new level and you are treading on dangerous territory, people are not possessions, love is fluid, love is an emotion that is ever changing and as love changes we have to be prepared to change with it, love is an element that flows in with the tide and retracts upon the waves to run wild and free!

The absence of love in one's life is usually formed out of the lack of desire, at times even when the element of desire is present the circumstances or conditions in which we are currently dealing with may not be the best suited for our love interest, meaning that there may be a need for more growth as individuals or collectively in a spiritual fashion, before we can truly excel in the union of choice we must first pass through the land of isolation and loneliness, life is more than flesh and bones, life is a massive energy that contains everything and yet contains nothing! Life is both a seductive mistress and a cruel teacher, and in life we are not given a map or diagram in which to follow, we do not have a life GPS giving us directions, life is a mystery that each of us has to figure out by the hundreds of little clues that are revealed unto us as we move along, life is like the ultimate board game, in fact there is a board game called life, my life however has always had the overtones of Clue, you know that game where you try to solve the murder mystery, we all know that Colonel Mustard is the one who did it, he used the Candlestick! (lol)

Life is full of choices; hardships and heartache are spawned out of bad life decisions, you have to remember that every action has a reaction, cause and effect, a single negative thought form can set the wheel of life spiraling out of control, and it is for this reason that I constantly tell my clients to focus on the positive aspects of their desires, to cast a spell filled with doubts and question marks is to reap a lifetime of chaos and confusion, magic works best when cast upon the winds of change with a positive and healthy attitude about life, if you are in the position where you have lost the love of your life, more than likely you have already hit rock bottom and baby there is only but one way to go and that is up, when life has hit the bottom of the barrel it is time to suck it up, work hard and manifest change, sure I can work with you, but I cannot do all of the work for you, you have to be willing to exert some effort, we all have personal battles in which to fight, when the odds are stacked against you, find a way to level the playing field, no one ever said that life was fair, nor did they tell us that it would be a fair fight, I believe that we have to utilize all of the knowledge, wisdom and magic that we know in order to truly proceed to the next level of our own personal game of life!

As a Witch I believe in harming none, with the exception being in the case of self-defense, self-defense is perfectly all right whether it is in the physical or magical sense, I wield my magic wand and broomstick in defense of a magical or psychic attack, attack me physically and I wield Smith and Wesson, either way has proven very effective! I am not, nor have I ever claimed to be a light and love little fairy, if you attempt to live life in the all glowing and all consuming aura of light, you are living a life that is out of balance, for light would fail to glow without the dark and the dark would be all to encompassing without the light, there has to be a balance, nature has taught us that!

The element of desire has to be balanced out with the force of action, for if one is to truly succeed in life there must be follow through, one must act positively to the element of desire, desire is the basis, desire is the platform in which all things are spawned from, desire equals our emotional state, motion-force equals our physical state, motion therefore is the counterpart to emotion and one without the other would prove fruitless and motion without the drive of emotion is a trip down a dead end street driving one hundred miles an hour, the results will surely end with the devastating effect of a train wreck!

In situations where love has failed to manifest or our lover has left us, the desire to be with him or her is simply not enough; on the other hand if the person that we love has become hostile towards us we may not have the direct benefit of being able to interact with him or with her, love spells and magic can still be successful even in the most difficult of cases, symbolism therefore is the next best thing that we can use in order to draw the object of our desire closer to us, for those of you who may lack the ability to envision your loved one a picture of him or her is always a good place to start, personally I surpassed the need long ago to use pictures in my work, but for the novice it is perfectly fine, the picture will surely provoke those old feelings of love, waking them from their deep slumber, those feelings are very useful when channeled in a love spell.

It is very important to remember that after a spell casting the energy from the weaving lingers and does not simply dissipate, especially where love and prosperity spells are concerned, love weavings tend to need nurturing and will most definitely take time to manifest, growing impatient will do nothing but hinder the process and slow down or destroy the desired results altogether!

Through my articles and newsletters I spend a lot of time trying to educate my clients about the workings of magic, those who get their desired results chose at some point to listen and learn, those who choose to whine and cry will surely being do so when life has passed them by, when I cast a spell or perform a cleansing on behalf of a client there is energy work involved, now most of the work that I do involves some sort of tool such as a candle, incense, oil, root bag or any combination thereof, the tool is meant for my client to add his or her energy to their desire and is not the actual spell itself, with the most recent postal upset I have tried to stress this point, yet there are those individuals who will write and request that I apply their credit towards other work, when in fact the work they requested has already been done and the energy from said work is swirling about in the ethers, I would not be very effective at what I do if I relied on my client to perform the spell, after all that is why they (my client) sought me out in the first place, because they lack the knowledge and know how to conduct the ritual or spell casting on their own and in most cases where love is concerned as individuals we are far too close to our own situation to be effective any way, but to make a magical request and then turnaround and request a credit or refund after the work has been done is not a very good idea, everything negative that we put out there has its consequences and ramifications and whether you believe in the magical process or not the risk involved is hardly worth taking the gamble!

Recently I had a young lady that placed an order for the Kundalini binding, obviously she failed to read my site, I could tell because of the questions that she kept asking, my site has been out on the internet a longtime now, I pride myself on being a hard hitting honest Witch, I do not make outlandish guarantees to get anyone's business, nor will I ever be desperate enough to resort to lying or scare tactics to get anyone's business and yes I run specials and yes in cases where a client was being honest and needing help I have occasionally lowered my fee, but I do not bait and switch, nor do I encourage my clients to constantly order from my site, those who order often do so of their own will (Volition) and not because I encourage them.

But, getting back to the young lady, she placed her order during the postal mishap and of course her package was delayed like so many others were, I guess she thought she was dealing with the phone company, utility company, I am not sure, I am just speculating, any way after her work was completed and the package that contained her magical tools shipped she decided to ask for a refund, she placed her request in writing and she left several long and drawn out messages on my voicemail that were precise and to the point that she wanted a refund, so I issued a refund even though on my site it plainly states that I will not issue a refund and I sent her a message instructing her to discard the items and I also explained that I was going to bind the energy of the work that I had already done to prevent her desires from manifesting, boy howdy did she get upset, I was bewildered and flabbergasted, what did she think that I was going to do and yes I did bind the energy, because if that is the way that she is going to live life and go about things whatever she gets is her just desert!

If you are already dealing with a situation where you are vulnerable the last thing that you want to do is to piss off the Witch who is trying to do nothing more than to help you, you have to be the biggest dumb ass on the face of the planet not to realize that! I mean come on people I do not consider myself a second rate Witch, nor do I consider myself the best, but I do know that I land somewhere in between, my site is not the thrift store of spells, when I work with someone I am the first to tell them that they have to put energy into their desires, that is why it is much easier for me to mess you up, to screw you over by placing a hex on you, negative magic takes affect faster because I do not need your help with that process, as humans go we are programmed to fuck up, it is in our DNA!

Luckily I am able to develop a positive rapport with most of the people that I work with, I have been blessed with some of the most spiritual folks that you could ever wish to meet and I have met some of the most screwed up individuals as well, but even so they prove to have a good heart, they were simply misguided that is all, sometimes all we need is that little push in the right direction and maybe a little help in getting our feet upon the right path, but I truly believe that life never deals us a blow that we cannot handle, each thing that comes our way is a lesson that we were meant to learn, nothing happens by chance and there is no cause for coincidence, there are only a series of reaction to the action that we take, cause and effect, everything in life, every aspect of what we deal with and go through can be changed, nothing is chiseled in stone except for the marker they place upon our grave when they lay our tired old weary bodies down, and since I do not believe in encasing my carcass in a box that will not apply to me, for I will be cremated and my ashes will be scattered to the four winds!

Life is full of lessons, some hard, some not so hard, but the one thing for sure is that you must become an active force within your own life in order to reap the gold that is your just due! Do not sit idly by and wait for life to come to you, make the decision today that you are going to live life to its fullest, focus on manifesting your desires, if you are separated from the one that you love shower him or her with positive thoughts of love and if they have asked for space do not intrude upon them physically, learn to use the magic that is your natural gift, the magic that is you, the magic that resides within the chambers of your heart, look within for that infinite spark!

Blessed Be