Bruised egos are often the catalyst, and fuel for bad decisions, leading one to try to manipulate their way back into someones life, if your lover has left you the best thing that you can do is to look at the role that you played in the demise of your relationship and start a process to purge yourself of the negative energy, a process of healing and release. 

There is no harm working to reunite with someone, as long as the work comes from a place of love, and compassion, and not manipulation or control, humility is your greatest ally when working with love magic.

When I work for a client I include the purging and healing process in the rituals, but my client still has to make an effort on their end to emotionally and mentally put the negative to rest, emotional, and mental energies are very strong and can often be stronger than the physical, I am sure that you have heard "Mind over Matter".

Our physical bodies often break long before our minds do, the will is a mighty force to be reckoned with, and this is another reason that magic, especially that of love and where love triangles are concerned will take time to manifest, but just because it is taking time doesn't mean that your desires will not manifest, magic works in its own way and time and will manifest when the energy is right and ready, balanced!

I personally believe that one should only go into the magical process if they intend to see it through until the end, and this doesn't mean that you have to keep ordering my services, such as spells and rituals, it means a healthy attitude and positive outlook and a clear understanding that you will not achieve results overnight.

Although I have had clients whose desires manifested very rapidly, I have also had clients whose desires took much longer to manifest, and in most cases it is because my client had to dig themselves out from under a barrage of negative energy before they could move forward in life, and forward with the one they desire most in life!

I have spent the past 4 decades living an esoteric life, not necessarily a Witch, the last 30 years as a Witch and more than 25 making my professional services available, and it never ceases to amaze me at the crazy requests that flow through my website, and just when I think I have seen it all, something new shows up in my inbox!

Just the other day I had a lady contact me simply because she wanted to break her ex up from his new girlfriend, and when I asked her if it was for the purpose of reuniting with him, of course, she said no! I promptly replied to her to have a good day and I wish you the best.

Why?  I refused to take her case because her desire had nothing to do with love, and everything to do with revenge, and I do not partake in that type of energy, and I only reserve my use of negative magic to protect myself, my loved ones, and of course my clients.

There will always be a time when force is needed, and that time is not when one is in Egomania mode, that is a self-destructive mindset that will only lead to ruin, and unfortunately not all my clients are forthcoming with their true feelings, and motives, they think they can conceal their true intentions from me, and still get results, but the all-seeing eye of the Universe knows, and the Goddess is watching or God, whatever your concept of deity is, just know there is a reason that deity exists, lest anarchy rule our lives and planet, and when the Goddess is disenchanted with us she makes it known!

The above scenario is nothing new, and one that I have often seen, however, over the past few months I have received email from two different women asking for a spell or ritual to cause a miscarriage, I found this insulting, appalling, and my first reaction was to lash out at them, however, once I gained my composure I sent each of them an email telling them never to contact me again, and if they did they would see the dark side of a very lighthearted Witch, contrary to popular belief, I do not need any personal effects to laden one heavy with the burden of a curse, and anyone who knows me, anyone who has asked me for my help, anyone who has taken the time to read my website would know that asking me to commit such a heinous act would be met with disdain, and the path they were about to travel would not be a pleasant one!

I have a very low thresh-hold for stupidity, and ignorance, and asking someone that you do not know for something filled with such hatred, and malicious intent is not a very good idea, and one of the ladies got upset because I refused to help her, and the poor soul foolishly uploaded pictures of herself, her ex and the new girlfriend to my website, I blocked her account, and retained her pictures just in the event that I might make use of them in the near future!

All three of these women are suffering from Egomania, and their desires will never come to fruition, although I am sure that they found someone on the internet that agreed to take their money and to do the work, I did some work of my own, and that work will protect the unborn, and make certain that each of these ladies are met with discord, and disdain throughout their life, their business was none of my business, that is until they signed up on my website and assumed because I am a Witch that I would readily agree to help them, as a human being, and as a Witch I am insulted, and disgusted to my very core, and this is the first time in all my years that I really had to restrain myself to avoid incurring negative karma!

Egomania is a heightened state of mental and emotional energy that lacks balance and doesn't come from a place of love, and although one may not be able to control what they are feeling, it doesn't give them the right to destroy the lives of those around them, and in more cases than not there are many underlying causes for this behavior.

A disregard for human life, living in a constant state of denial, refusing to accept responsibility for their actions, blaming their lack of success in life on the actions of others, always seeing themselves as the victim, and living their lives in a state of constant confusion, leading them down the path of despair, and solitude because they push people away with their own negative actions, most well-balanced people have a desire to live in peace, and harmony, and you cannot live peacefully with an Egomaniac!

Egomaniac's lack the ability to feel compassion for those around them, and will always find a way to justify their actions, they lack humility, and chaos is the only order that they know, and they are often experts at concealing their true selves from those around them, I have an older brother who has worked from a place of egomania his entire life, and needless to say that he is not allowed around me or my family, he learned many years ago that crossing a Witch is not a good idea, and it was a lesson that I enjoyed teaching him!

When you work magic the ego must be laid aside, magic that comes from the place of ego is dangerous, it is dark, and it will only assure that negative karma plagues your life!

It is very important to outline your goals, and to have a clear cut understanding of your motives, keep your heart pure, keep your mind sharp, and your eye keen, utilizing these methods will bring certainty to your magical workings, and the Goddess, God, and the Powers that be will smile favorably upon your request, and most importantly you will be able to stop asking, why me?

Why does this happen to me? You are in more control over your life than you realize, you are the King or Queen within your own life, now is the time to start ruling like royalty, you might say this statement sounds egotistical, but there is a difference in ruling from a place of love, and compassion vs greed, and anger!

You cannot go through life complacent, you cannot turn over your magical or spiritual process entirely to someone else, you have to be an active force within your own life, you have to make yourself a priority, unless you can see yourself as worthy, you can't expect someone else to.

You must learn to mirror unto the Universe the image in which you perceive yourself as, after all, perception is everything, perception plays a huge role in magic, perception plays a huge role in success, perception of self is everything, and it is true that people will only treat us as we wish to be treated, if you project trust, worthiness, and certainty, these energies will be returned to you threefold.

The time is right now to stop laying blame for your despair, for your failure, you need to step up and own your mistakes, these are self-conceived notions, years of false perception, and programming that you must undo to become successful.

You cannot go through life 100% positive all of the time, but practice makes perfect, repetition is important in any ritual process, repetition is what makes the ritual, and yes one can get stuck in a negative life pattern, and then repetition suddenly becomes your worse nightmare!

Do not spend a lifetime looking for validation from other people, learn to validate yourself, learn to relax and to see yourself in light and love, do not allow the negativity of others to define who you are, and if you are trying to reunite with someone, make sure that they are worthy of your attendance in their life, do not allow someone to use you as a doormat to wipe their feet upon, remember that you are royalty, and though you rule with compassion and humility, you have every right to command respect, as long as you give it, as long as you project that image unto the Universe it will return unto you threefold. Treat yourself as you desire to be treated and your life path will be lit with brilliant light!

Most importantly learn to weave your magic from a place of love and humility, in magic, there is no place for Egomania.

Light and Love, Phelan


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