Dreaming In The Real World!

There is a huge difference between Wish-craft and Witchcraft, wishing alone will not bring that which you seek into manifestation, therefore you must combine your emotions and will, fueled by desire with the act of doing, following through in order to call forth your desires into the earth plane.

Roy Orbison says a lot and a great deal more with the written words of his song that he sings entitled In The Real World, as you can see he states that in our dreams we set aside the rules we know, what he is referring to here is setting aside the rules that our waking mind must acknowledge and adhere to, however in dreams we can accomplish so many things because the restrictions that are placed on our waking mind does not apply to our dreaming mind and furthermore you may not even realize how real your dreams really are!

In dreams we do so many things
we set aside the rules we know
and fly the world so high
in great and shining rings.

Have you ever felt as if you were falling and suddenly you wake from a deep sleep when your body lunges from the bed? I have had this experience numerous times and I'd bet that you have as well and it is normally followed by recalling a dream that felt so real, as if you were right there and the things that you were dreaming of were actually taking place, well it may surprise you to learn that it was real and it was taking place, you my friend were having an out of body experience and your body lunged from the bed because of the force that your spirit reentered your body with.

If only we could always live in dreams
If only we could make of life
what, in dreams, it seems.

We often communicate with those that we love in our dream state, or on the astral plane, we can meet and work out the details of our lives together, overcome hardships of lessons that we are having difficulty dealing with in the physical realm of things, the earth plane, I personally have experienced numerous sexual encounters with a lover that I connected with on the astral plane.

When we were dreaming heart to heart
I wish that we had stayed right there
for when the dreamers do awake
the dreams do disappear.

The possibilities of what can be discovered and resolved on the astral plane are boundless and endless, in fact astral projection is even more common than we realize, we will leave our bodies often during difficult or trying times, sometimes it is more pleasant and soothing to our soul to shed its earthly bodies for a while, just get out of it and soar free high above the heavens.

But in the real world
we must say our goodbyes
no matter if the love will live
it will never die

I had a client a few years back that was going through a very messy divorce, she told me of a reoccurring dream that she had where she would find her husband in bed with his mistress, she described in very vivid detail every aspect of what she was witnessing, she was even able to give a complete description of the mistress in spite of the fact that she had never met or even laid eyes on her, as I worked with her we discovered that she indeed was having an out of body experience and that she had actually had a confrontation with her husband and his mistress on the astral plane, the scene took place in her husbands new apartment, she had never visited him there and in fact she didn't even no his address or the name of his complex, when they went to court everything that was revealed to her on the astral plane was confirmed, the description of his mistress was astoundingly correct, the name of the complex and the apartment number all were correct.

The frightening thing about the whole incident is that she always immediately reentered her body after having stabbed both her husband and his mistress, later on when her husband returned home to her he revealed that he had been troubled with bruising which wouldn't go away directly over his heart, once he was back at home the bruising stopped, the reason for this is because my client stopped having the astral projections, while the attack on the astral plane was not fatal, it was real, and it most certainly had a great impact on my clients husband and mistress, who broke up because of the stress that was caused by the ordeal. (Too bad!)

In the real world
there are things that we can't change
and endings come to us
in ways that we can't rearrange

The above statement holds a lot of truth, but true magic is not dealt with in the real world, and all things can be changed, shaped and molded through the use of magic, part of the reason our soul leaves the body is to escape the real world, to experience the true freedom that comes with the endless boundaries that is found on the astral plane, now do not get me wrong in order for us to grow spiritually we have to endure our physical shell, our fleshy house, but we should not limit ourselves or the resources that are made available to us through connecting with our counter parts on the astral plane, our bodies are meant to house our spirit not to imprison them, our bodies are meant to give us the complete life experience that can only be felt when united with spirit.

Love is pure energy that which we attach certain emotional value to, love like all energy will never be lost, energy regenerates itself and moves on through the ages, a love felt in this life will surely be a love felt in the next life!

In the real world there may very well be limitations as to what we can do, but in the fairy kingdom, in the Witches world all things are possible, all things are made to bend, and through the will of the Witch all things can be changed, true change is derived at through the desire to change, without desire the world would become stagnate, and our existence would become pointless!

Open your heart, educate your mind, and never fear change, for all things must change in order for us to grow, if you have a problem that seems to large or too much for you to deal with, unplug from the world for just a little while and regain your footing, sometimes it is necessary to take a break, for me this is like turning off the television and unplugging the phones, a friend of mine calls it placing the world on hold, it works you should try it sometime!

Blessed Be