Doing Time!

Love shared and reciprocated between two people can be beautiful, full of hope and understanding, it can take you to heights of euphoria that you've never known before, however, love can and has often brought the strongest of people to their knees, leaving them wrinkled, alone, scared and often trying to recover from the crash that has left them feeling hopeless and misunderstood!

I believe that as humans go, we are meant to experience the full gamut that love has to offer, and often that includes the heartache that is felt when love goes wrong, when the one that we love has planted that proverbial knife into our backs with the force of ten men, often times this happens without explanation, or because the one that we love has been lead astray, like some backwoods alley cat or a bitch dog that is in heat!

Whatever the case may be, we must strive to restore a sense of decorum, to regain our self respect, in my opinion in order to fully recover and to regain control over our lives once again we must go through all of the emotions or at least the motions and this can be said true for anyone especially if you are attempting to reconnect with a lost love.

Anger is a necessary evil, and I have seen this a thousand and one times before, often one tries to reconnect with their lost love by repressing their anger, this is an extremely unhealthy approach, by burying your anger you are creating a potentially explosive situation, in essence you are a ticking time-bomb just waiting for the right spark to light your fuse, now I am in no way suggesting that in order to release your anger that things have to come to blows between you and your mate, or even a heated debate, but what I am saying is that one of the first steps in regaining control is to properly acknowledge your anger and to release it, otherwise go ahead and put on that fairytale front, pretend that all is well and when your partner returns to you it will not last long at all and will more than likely end in a nastier mess than the first time around.

Deal with your anger, acknowledge it, release it and forget about it, the ramifications of ones actions when they are angry often leads them down a road that in the end they wish they had never traveled, punch a pillow, yell, scream into the wind, break a dish or two, whatever you decide to do you must release your anger if there is any hope in a reconciliation between you and your life mate.

I have dealt with thousands of clients over the years and just about everyone of them who is attempting to reunite with an ex-lover has developed a belief that he or she is their soul-mate, one of the reasons for this, is the misleading information that is often found in books on the subject, another is that Psychics, Practitioners and the such who really have not studied the concept of what a true soul-mate entails, throw the term around very loosely because it sounds impressive, and quite possibly because that is what they feel their clients want to hear.

Those of you who know me or who have worked with me already know that I am a straight shooter and I tell it like I see it, no candy coating here, the fact of the matter is that we are rarely involved physically with our soul mates, not to say it doesn't happen, but the energy between that and a life-mate is totally different, soul-mate energy is very lofty, it will give you a fluffy feeling inside, and rarely leads to a sexual encounter, in most cases the reason for the lack of physical interaction on the earth plane is because we are interacting and connecting with them on the astral plane, which is where most of our soul-mate encounters take place in the first place, and our soul-mates may manifest before us in the physical realm of things in order to complete or fulfill a spiritual obligation that can only be completed on the earth-plane, and once the obligation is fulfilled they may leave as quickly as they came in, if you are dealing with a lot of pain and aggravation you are not dealing with a soul-mate, you are dealing with a life-mate.

Life-mate energy is considerably different and rarely leaves us bored, a life-mate is an individual that has chosen us as well as we have chosen them to interact with on the earth plane and to learn our life lessons with, to act as a mirror for one another, reflecting our goals and celebrating our victories with.

One of my favorite concepts of this energy is what I call doing time, because with a life- mate that is essentially what you are doing, time, and the time spent is not always easy, or pain free, but it is necessary for us to work through our difficulties and to overcome our hardships in order to advance in this life and the next.

Life-mate energy is about dealing with the day-to-day mundane issues, the bills, the kids, and our mate's indiscretions and their infidelities or ours if we are the ones meant to learn those lessons, where as soul-mate energy is exactly the opposite, think about it, would your soul-mate sleep with your sister, brother or your best friend? Would he or she steal from you? Would they say that they love you and then leave you crying and alone? This my friend is a job that is reserved for your life partner, the one that you will ultimately serve out your life sentence with, here on good old planet earth!

The above is just a tidbit of information that you should keep in mind the next time some light and love little psychic loosely throws the soul-mate concept your way, it may sound good but in most cases it just isn't realistic, you now have some information on the subject from my point of view, please keep in mind that points of view are like rectums, we all have one! (lol)

I believe in house rules where love is concerned, and I believe that if you have been wronged by the one that you love or if someone has knowingly under-minded your relationship, perhaps in an attempt to steal the one that you love away from you, you have every right to put up a fight, hence house rules, but I believe that we must not use unnecessary force or resort to black magic, but by all means put on your psychic boxing gloves and kick some ass!

I especially frown on those individuals who attempt to interfere with the flow of someone else's life and relationships, now do not get me wrong, I have plenty of clients that I work with, who unknowingly got involved with an individual who was otherwise indisposed, engaged or attached, and in this case if a married individual or someone who was already attached plays around and gets burned, so be it! They should not have gone outside of their relationship for a little something strange in the first place, and if they do they better make certain that they are 100% honest with their extra curricular activity partner and establish some ground rules from jump street, and if this describes your situation, and if your mate was honest and upfront with you and told you that an involvement other than perhaps a little physical pleasure was impossible and you being the hungry fish that you are, goes for the worm anyway without forethought to the aftermath of emotions, you my friend deserve everything that you get, and reap the hell you shall because love triangles are some of the nastiest and most difficult situations that I have ever witnessed.

The best advice that I can give to anyone is to avoid love triangles altogether, but sometimes that is nearly impossible to do, so if you decide to mess around with someone who is already taken, make sure that you have a complete understanding of all the rules, and if by chance you were mislead, if you were made to believe that he or she would leave their mate for you and they don't, take off the gloves, house rules apply!

When you make an emotional investment into a relationship you have every right to maintain certain expectations, and you have a right to manifest a return on your emotional investment providing that your motives are pure and your intent flows with love from the heart.

As always make yourself your first priority, I am not suggesting that you become selfish or self-centered, but in order for someone else to place a greater importance on you and in order for them to make you a priority in their life, you first must be a priority in your own life. People tend to gravitate towards what they find attractive, in my experience someone who displays weak or needy behavior rarely get what they want, they are too busy whining about how hard life is and to blind to see that what they want, is slipping further and further out of reach, do not allow this to be you, do not end up alone, do not whine about how hard your life is, take control and change it, mold it as if it were a piece of clay, make life as you want it, otherwise life will pass you by.

Blessed Be