Disembodied Beings

We are constantly clinging to a false sense of security, snuggled in our beds at night we rest knowing that the doors and windows are locked tight and that the alarm system will let us know of any attempt that an intruder makes to breach our high-tech bodyguard, that's assuming of course that the intruder is of this world and uses a door or window that is monitored by the alarm company to penetrate and intrude upon our dwelling!

But, what about the intruders who are not of this world, what about the disembodied beings that are free to roam in and out of our abode as they wish, there are those psychics and love and light fairy people who will try and tell you that a spirit cannot harm you and while most disembodied souls are wandering aimlessly about with no specific goal or task at hand there are those who are malicious and await any opportunity that may present itself to wreck havoc and create chaos in our earthly lives, a witch or practitioner will often lay a charge upon a spirit, that is to give the spirit instruction on a task that the witch desires to be carried out, some call the disembodied being demonic, and in most cases I would agree, but even a tranquil being can be instructed to carry out a malicious act, so not all spirits are of a demonic nature, but most spirits can be manipulated into carrying out malicious acts.

Demonic attacks, psychic attacks can happen to just about anyone at anytime, a belief in the occult or supernatural is not necessary for an attack to have a devastating impact on ones life, in fact acts of magical destruction are often easier to carry out, positive magic is by far a better choice, but white magic can and often requires time to produce the desired results, did you know that two different practitioners can cast the same type of love spell and produce exactly the opposite results as to what they were going for, that is because the mindset and spirituality of the practitioner comes into play and must be considered before, during and after the casting of a spell!

Spells of a positive nature can yield negative results, however, it has been my experience that as long as the focus is positive and the practitioner works from a place of love and if the work is being done on the behalf of a client, the client must be focusing positive energy into their own desires and love must be flowing from within as well, providing that the conditions are in harmony the desired results will be achieved in a positive manner!

You do not have to be a star studded witch to get results from a magical casting, a little practice and sincerity will take you a long way, the Goddess and the Universe will shine on those who shine on others, sometimes the best approach to accomplishing ones goals through the use of magic is to cast the spell and then forget about it, I do not mean to forget about the end result that is desired, but, if you are having a hard time focusing on the positive aspects of your desires after a spell casting you need to find something to focus on that will divert your attention away from it at least momentarily, this will allow your magical casting to flow without interruption and disturbance and will give your spell an opportunity to manifest.

Most recently I worked with a client who lives in Georgia, her fifteen year relationship came to an abrupt end last year, as I worked with Kia I discovered that her home had been invaded by disembodied beings, the beings were sent there as part of an attack that was meant to destroy her world, and as a result her relationship was ruined and her husband turned his back on her and wouldn't even speak with her on the phone, I communicated with the spirits and instructed them to return to their maestro, the villain as it turns out was a woman who worked in the law office that her husband worked in, black magicians often reside in influential positions, in fact it is my belief that many of those who hold positions of power got their through the us or practice of black magic.

Kia and her husband are back together and her house guest have been evicted, my feeling is that the wicked woman who conjured them up in the first place is having a hard time dispelling them, malicious beings of a supernatural nature can absolutely feed off of ones energy until they are rendered lifeless, do not allow yourself to be demon feed, learn to shield yourself and your home, learn to reflect and dispel negative energy before it has an opportunity to manifest itself within your life, negative energy is real, it is alive and vibrating and like every other living thing it has to eat in order to continue to grow and exist, often negative energy will fuel even the stupidest of arguments sending things totally out of control and restricting and breaking down communication in such a way that two people doesn't even have a chance to rectify and heal the situation without seeking the help of someone who is better equipped to deal with and dispel the negative manifestation!

Sudden discord and disharmony between you and your lover should most definitely raise a red flag, if everything was going well between you and your mate and then suddenly everything turns sour there may be something working against you on a supernatural level and preventing you from rationalizing the situation, in most cases demonic rage waged against a single individual is usually done out of pettiness and jealousy and the offender is normally a close friend or family member that unleashed the depths of hell upon a poor unsuspecting and often too trusting of an individual, now, I do not wish for anyone to become paranoid, but I will be the first to tell you that you must become aware of your surroundings and you must take great care of those you allow into your house and into your life!

Blessed Be