DD-SS (Different day, Same Shit)

Negative Prosperity Patterns!

I have heard it often said, that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, I believe this statement to be true and I also believe that if you look closely you can and will see how the above statement applies to you and your life. Take a moment to assess the many links that are in your chain, the links being the people that you are directly involved with and the chain being the flow of your life.

If you examine the flow of your chain closely you will be able to identify those individuals who had an impact on your life and who played a part in setting things into motion, no one individual is totally responsible for the fate of another, each and every one of us share an equal part in creating the totality of the flow with those that we have chosen to be a part of our chain, thereby creating what we call family or shared karma.

Like it or not the people that you choose to align yourself with will have a lasting effect on your life and will leave an imprint on your soul. As I write this article I recall a statement that a very good friend of mine made to me about ten years or so ago, this individual is someone that I consider a mentor and a very wise-woman. We sat talking about metaphysics, magic and prosperity, I had not seen her in a very longtime and we were trying to catch up, as I asked her questions about old friends that we once had in common, I discovered that she had cut certain individuals out of her life and no longer felt the need to interact with them, I too had cut the very same individuals off and in fact until that moment in time when I was reminiscing with my friend I hadnt given them the slightest of thought in all those years.

Curiously I asked her why she had made that decision? And she replied, the numbers just didnt add up! I asked her, what do you mean by that? She replied, one day I took a step back and I took a look around at the people who surrounded me, I analyzed the impact that each one of them had on my life and out of about fifteen people there were only three who contributed to my flow, the other twelve were folks who were constantly in a struggle with the Universe and with themselves and most of them were poor as the day is long

I said wow! You mean you cut twelve people out of your life? Many of whom youd had a lifelong friendship with! She said that is exactly what I mean. I told my friend that I had also realized that my prosperity was being dictated by those that I chose to connect myself with and that I had cut many people out of my life as well, but I had taken it a step further and I reduced the size of my family drastically!

The two of us had come to the same realization at different intervals, our approaches were a bit different but the results that we achieved were similar and phenomenal to say the least! I personally can attest to the fact that by policing my personal chain and alleviating myself of some very dead weight I was able to jumpstart the flow of my life and in the process I strengthen the links in my chain by aligning myself with people who share in the same vision and that vision is a prosperous life!

I set myself free of those individuals who were working from a poverty consciousness as opposed to a healthy prosperity consciousness and by aligning myself with people who share in the same desire as myself, and that desire being to grow and prosper, the energy became unified and as we already know there is power in numbers!

Prosperity is a concept that is very difficult for most people to fathom, as a whole people tend to get caught up in the humdrum of their day to day activities and allow themselves to get stuck in a vicious cycle that I call DD-SS, different day, same shit!

DD-SS will eventually chew you up and spit you out, you have to learn to break free of old negative energy patterns and reprogram yourself to constantly energize the flow of your prosperity energy. I learned this very lesson myself years ago, and as I mentioned before part of my process was cutting those individuals out of my life who were constantly bringing my prosperity energy down to their level, dont get me wrong they were not totally responsible for the impact that they had on my life and I fully acknowledge this, I allowed them into my world and I gave them free reign, I was foolish and I allowed them to run rampant through my life with their diseased ridden philosophy that in order to be spiritual you must be poor, you must succumb to poverty and live a life that is filled with struggle and strife! NOT TRUE!!! You do not have to be poor in order to be spiritual, your bills can all be paid and your bank accounts can be prosperously full and your refrigerator can be stocked with the finest of foods.

Those very people that I cut out of my life are still in the same financial nightmare that they were in fifteen years ago, and the bottom line is that individuals who buy into the concept that the definition of spirituality is that of a pauper are simply copping out and choosing a life for themselves caught up in the world of DD-SS, some people live for DD-SS because they are afraid to try, they are afraid that they just might succeed and they lack ambition, so they take the road traveled most often and they join together with other people who share in the same concept and they breed, they produce massive amounts of miniature people that they can program to grow up and to clog the welfare system and to spread the disease that is DD-SS.

The trick to a prosperous life is finding your niche, figure out what you would like to do and do it! I can tell you from my own personal experience that if you are constantly struggling like a fish out of water to survive at what you are doing, you are not in synch with your flow and the decisions that you have made about your career, business or job are wrong, prosperity is not a struggle, the richest people in the world already know this and this concept is old news to them!

DD-SS breeds fear, I have clients who contact me on a regular basis for advice on what they can do to change their reality and to break free of the never ending cycle that is DD-SS, most of them are stuck in dead-end jobs or they have a business that they claim to love that just isnt doing it for them financially, as I stated above if the business that you love isnt loving you back, you are in the wrong business and your love isnt being reciprocated, there is definitely something wrong with the way that you are going about things and you need to rethink and redefine your financial goals.

If you are stuck in a world of DD-SS it will eventually take its toll on your life, DD-SS not only applies to your prosperity energy but to all aspects of your life as well, if you are struggling financially it will have a negative impact on your love life and in most situations where someone has walked away from a relationship where everything seemed fine, except for finances, it is because that individual is vibrating on a much higher prosperity level and has the desire to unite his energy with people of a like mind.

Some may believe that opposites attract, but I can tell you from my own personal experience that I will not allow an individual who falls into the category of DD-SS into my world, I surround myself with people who fit the profile of ND-NE (New day, New Energy) with the start of a new day comes new prospects, new adventures and a boatload of new and revitalized prosperity energy, my philosophy is not to look back and regret where I came from, but to look forward to where I am headed and to take the necessary steps in order to get there.

Prosperity equals a Prosperous life filled with beauty and love, the less time that you spend struggling with your flow, the more time you will have to spend loving and being loved by your special someone!

Regret is nothing more than bad decisions and if you allow yourself to wallow in regret it will hold you back and it will keep your from excelling and moving forward in life, there are some very simple things that you can do to get things moving in the right direction, I will outline below a few simple things for you to keep in mind, as well as a few things that you will need to put into action.

Just A Few Of The Many Rules of Prosperity!

  1. Open your heart and mind to receiving, you need to get your intellect and your heart to agree that it is okay to receive money, goods and compliments from others, yes compliments are very important because they are an exchange of energy between two people.
  2. If you run a business, service or sell a product do not hesitate or feel bad about charging a fair dollar amount for what you have to offer, in doing so you are placing a greater value on your product and service there by making it invaluable to those who acquire it! The important thing is to feel good about yourself and what you have to offer.
  3. Submerged yourself in prosperity, you can frequent all the nice places, all the nice restaurants, bars and hotels and without having a wallet stocked full of money, remember what I have already said like attracts like! This is a concept that those seemingly ditzy gold digging blondes learned long ago, they have such an overwhelming desire to be rich that they constantly put themselves into situations where rich men often frequent, they exude prosperity in such a way that they become virtual money magnets, every action has a reaction!
  4. The rule of free money, this is a concept that a lot of authors have written about and one that I happen to agree with and use as part of my prosperity building platform, free money can flow to you in many ways, after all, the airwaves around us are jammed constantly with money that is zooming back and forth, think about it this way, when you transfer money from one bank to another you do not actually deposit the paper into the account, the transfer takes place electronically thereby foregoing the need for you to physically make the deposit, I have a very good friend of mine that has had money mysteriously deposited into his accounts on three separate occasions, I am not sure exactly what the sums are but he assures me that it totals more than a few months of living expenses, he too practices the free money concept and has been very successful at it.

Here is a free money affirmation that I suggest using on a daily basis.

Money traveling at the speed of light, flowing freely through the night, grace me with your presence while in flight, land favorably in the realm that is me and bide my will so mote it be!

The total sum of your realm includes your bank accounts, home, business and personal assets, so when you are working on your prosperity energy make certain that you have a place where your money can live and grow from, a good example would be a savings account, prosperity needs a solid platform in which it can sprout and spring forth from and multiply, I personally have planted monetary seeds all over my office and home, I have money jars, piggy banks, and money drawing incense and herbs everywhere, in my cars I stash not only a sachet of protective herbs, I also hang a prosperity sachet from the mirror, I keep loose bills in the ashtray being that we do not smoke and I keep lots of change in the console, my point is that I submerge my energy and unite it with the entire concept of money, prosperity and success.

Here is a good example of what I mean about free flowing money, you may recall that we recently purchased a 2001 Ford F150 and you may further recall that the truck burned while shutoff sitting in my driveway, as it turns out a couple of days later Ford had a massive recall which included my F150, it seems as though there was a faulty switch on the cruise control that shorted out and caught the vehicle on fire, scary to say the least, however my insurance company paid off and we profited several thousand dollars over and above the investment that we made in the vehicle, now my insurance company is looking for a settlement from ford and of course fords insurance will definitely cover their behinds, my insurance rates will not go up and for me it was a win-win situation. Now on the other hand, I have given thanks to the Goddess for watching over my loved ones and me and keeping us from harms way.

I also equate my good fortune to the constant use of all the tools handed to me by the Universe, protection incense and oils, cleansing and purifying herbs, amulets and of course lets not forget my ever so famous root bags. There is no harm in using as many of the tools that is necessary to arm yourself with an arsenal of defense and self-defense magical weapons.

One of the first steps that you need to take in making change is to neutralize the energy in your home and business or personal space or wherever you reside the most, psychic energy can and will leave an imprint and if you set about magical workings without properly neutralizing the energy around you, your efforts can be spent in vain!

I recommend to anyone who is embarking upon magical workings such as money drawing, prosperity or success and especially love spells to thoroughly cleanse your personal space and cleanse it often. Everything that you do requires thought, making money, making love, driving to the cleaners all require thought and therefore everything that we have and possess was borne out of a single thought form and is pure energy, energy is free flowing and if you can grasp that concept you can and will manifest all of your wants, needs and desires!

When I play games of chance I do not approach the games with a wanting to win attitude, instead I approach them with an attitude that I have already won, therefore I am constantly in tune with my prosperity energy and I can quickly detect any weak links that have entered into my chain and quickly rid myself of them before they damage my flow, I have develop my self awareness skills over the years with ease simply by outlining the things that are important to me and my life, once you have a clear understanding of self you can pretty much master anything that you set your mind to, your mind will learn to naturally key into the energy that surrounds you and you will reap the many, many benefits that come from self awareness.

The Goddess and the Universe has provided us with all the necessary tools to insure our survival, these tools can be found within the psyche of each and every individual on the planet, people are so busy looking elsewhere for answers that they tend to forget that they contain all that they need to survive within the framework that makes them whole.

Blessings Bestowed Upon The Universe!

I vow to be free of poverty and I vow to bless all who have blessed me, the circle of fortune round shall go, never stopping the endless flow! In my world I am Prosperity, look within me to be set free. Prosperity flows freely now to you, accept it with a smile of gratitude, take what you need and give back the rest and blessed shall you be until the return of me! The circle continues and never stops, it knows no time and it has no clock, I am an endless energy bounding in strength strong and free, look within yourself and you will find me, my name is not hidden for I am prosperity!

So mote it be!

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