Charge Of Dark Hecate

Gracious lady, she who is the still waters of the lake, and the rising waters of the ocean, she who is the Queen of the Witches, protector of children, she who can give life, and end life in a blink of an eye.

We invoke you, Mother, we ask that you be present in our lives, and bless us with your bounty, protect us from those who would trespass against us, allow no man to rise in conflict against us, grant us the power to defend that in which we hold dearest to our hearts, and tear from the mouth the tongue of those who speak ill of us, muting them, banishing them into a world of silence, for no man shall slander those who have been consecrated in your sacred light.

As we stand beneath your light and sang your many songs, lift our voices so that you may hear our calls, and answer our call with the loving touch of a Mother, for we are your children, we are made from your elements that create life, and we bear your sacred symbol the pentagram, in which we have made many sacrifices for, we are your children, and defeated we will never be!

As Hallowmas grows near, the veil between the physical world and the world of spirit is at it’s thinnest, allowing the dead to walk amongst the living once more, as the veil grows thin, allow not malevolent beings to enter, allow only those spirits whose desire to commune with their loved ones to enter, so that we may dance in your light in joyful glee, and chant your praises in unison, and bond in a celebration of life, for those who have gone before have much wisdom, and much guidance to share, and share they must for their spiritual growth, and ours.

As we dance the celebration of life, and bask in the fruitful wine of your bounty, and share the Witches dumb supper with our departed one last time, may we be blessed by your touch, and by your presence in our circle, for that which is cast upon hallow ground in your sacred names, secret names, known only to those who have reached a certain enlightenment, for you have many names, names known to the common man, and names are known to the Wise Ones, those of the proper degree, and title.

As we cast our magical circle on Hallowmas night, we cast off doubt, we cast out the plague of negative energy, and we bind the hands of our oppressors, we cast our circle in your many names, and in the names of your consort the Horned God, for it is upon this night that the sword of power changes hands and a rebirth of spirit is born again.

As the portal between this world, and the next parts, we shall drape our doors, and windows with sheets of black, and cover our mirrors to prevent disinvited spirits out, we shall pour salt upon our window seals, and line our doorways with graveyard dust, and we shall find the footprints of our enemies, and drive coffin nails into the ground, we shall resort to magic of old, for there is no greater magic.

Upon this night we shall bond with our Witch sisters, and brothers, for there is greater strength in numbers, and we shall protect our offspring for they are the next generation of Witches to come, and one day they too will invoke your many names, they will call out your sacred names as the cone of power is raised, and their will is unleashed unto the universe. In your many names I dedicate, and seal this document.

So mote it be!

Charge Of Dark Hecate

Dark Hecate, Queen Mother, Goddess of the dead, and the departed, we ask that you accept upon this night our loved ones, those who have left the earth plane this past year, take them Mother unto your fold, and allow their spirit to rest in the Summerland, until it is time for their soul to reincarnate. Dark Hecate, Mother of the damned, curse and bind the souls of our enemies who have departed, condemn our oppressors to an eternity of darkness, let them feel the wrath of a Mother scorned, this charge I lay upon Hallowmas Night. So mote it be!








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