Daily Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving should be a day of reflection, each and everyone us should take the time to stop and reflect on the positive aspects of our lives, and to give thanks to the powers that be for the small victories in our lives. All to often we fail to give our thanks to the universe for the gold that we have, and for the gifts that we have been granted throughout our life, and it should matter not how small the gift is or how minuscule the victories may have seemed, a gift of any size from the universe should trigger a response of gratitude from within us, and overcoming the smallest of obstacle in life should be celebrated as a victory. As modern beings in today's world we are often too busy working, texting, and staying tethered to the world through our electronic gadgets to express our thanks, especially to those around us whom we love and whom love us, some say that when you love someone not everything has to be spoken, I believe that which is never spoken is what brings otherwise solid relationships crashing down around us. I wonder how many of my clients, or passers by on the site might be reading this and wish that they had a second chance to tell the one that they love, just how much they meant to them?

Some will get that second chance, and when they do I hope that they make the most out of it, for others that chance may never come, in working with my clients two of the biggest reasons that I have seen for someone not manifesting their desires is a lack of trust in themselves and their magic, basically a refusal to allow their magic to flow unhindered without all of the emotional interference from themselves, and the second reason being just plain laziness when it comes to their magic, a refusal to stay proactive in their magical endeavors, and by the way people I do not mean constantly ordering from me or my site, I mean staying focused on your bottom line, allowing your heart to heal, allowing your mind to grow and to grasp the concept of magic, developing a belief in yourself, seeing yourself worthy of that in which you have asked for, and stop allowing yourself to be dragged down to a level that is beneath you by those around you who have nothing going on for themselves, and we all have those people in our lives, I can think of at least four people in my life that fits the bill, and while they are somewhat apart of my life, mainly because of bloodline, and quite possibly because of karma, they are not in my inner circle and I do not allow their negativity to influence the flow of my life or my decisions, you are, we are as individuals in control of our destiny, it is up to us as to whom we align ourselves with, and it is far better to align ourselves with individuals who will aid in our life growth, than a deadbeat psychic leech that will only come along for a free ride, take all that you have to offer and leave you when the chips are down to feed off of their next victim, you do not need people like this in your corner, if you have someone in your life who fits this bill, 2010 is house cleaning time.

Because you would fare better by yourself, than to continue allowing someone to feed off of your energy, and psychic leeches come in all shapes, sizes, and descriptions, it could be your best friend since high school, it could be your sister, I have one of those, it could be your mother, father, and yes it could even be the one that you have chosen to vest your love in, it could be your husband, boyfriend, wife or girlfriend, and while I am in the business of bringing lovers back together, I can tell you that if your man or woman cannot see the gold that they have found in you, and vice versa, you do not need the distraction, lack of concern and utter disrespect in your life, if the one that you love cannot hold true to his or her word, and respect the relationship, control his or her libido, and respect the commitment that was made to you as the vital life partner that you are, you have to cut his or her ass loose, and whether you do it today, tomorrow, next week, or even at the start of the new year in January, the natural progression within will eventually lead you down that path, and it may hurt, and it may be painful, but cuts and bruises heal, and the heart is the strongest muscle in the body and will bounce back, and whether you believe it or not, life goes on, and so will you!

Now, the above is food for thought for those of you whose life mate refuses to stay committed and true to your relationship, and you know what I am talking about, someone who is always sneaking around, posting and answering ads on the internet, someone who thinks that that the grass is greener on the other side of the pasture, or that the heifers or bulls over there are more attractive for whatever the reason, and then when the moment arrives that it seems as though that you have had enough and are preparing to move on with your life comes running back pledging undying words of devotion, and the realization that he or she loved you all along and doesn't want to lose you, undying yes, love yes, right up until the next little tryst strikes the fancy and off again on a wild roller coaster ride, individuals like this lack the intestinal fortitude to stay in a long-term relationship, and even if it seems that they have the ability, looking back over your relationship will surely reveal a long line of infidelities, as I said at the beginning of this sentence, you know best whether the man or woman of your dreams is worth the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical investment, whether the two of you should be together or not, is not a decision that should come from me or any other practitioner, if you feel in your heart that you belong with your man or woman, my job is to help you manifest your desire and not to question it, luckily and thankfully most of my clients with whom I work with in an effort to reunite them with their mates are not dealing with someone who lacks the ability to stay monogamous, in most cases there has been a great deal of outside interference, and yes even black magic has played a role in a lot of my client cases, the most common interference that I have seen over the years comes from the family and friends who are involved the heaviest in the couples life, and jealousy, envy and even greed plays a role in motivating the interference, and often the one that has ulterior motives will single out one half of the duo to create chaos.

Point and case, a good example of this would be the all to concerned and caring friend, who just cannot stand by and witness the hurt that is being caused to his or her friend by an uncaring lover, if you take a moment and step back you may discover that your really good friend has his or her own agenda, I have a client right now who is dealing with this exact situation, her very good friend of twenty years kept getting in her ear, telling her to leave her lover, that the two of them are no good together, I told my client to take a closer look at her friend, and while I do feel that her relationship could be better, I did not feel that the love was totally gone, and that her relationship didn't warrant saving, and that is why I agreed to work with her in reuniting with her man, anyway, my client did as I suggested and took a closer look at her friend, and as it turns out her friend was on the verge of losing her job, and her roommate was moving out, it did not take a genius to figure out that she was motivated by her own need of having her friend, my client move in with her and be her new roommate, they actually roomed together a year before my client met her husband, my client relayed what she had learned to me and I told her to put her friend on the spot, she did, and I am sorry to say that the two of them are no longer friends, but, my client and her man are back together and are attempting to work through their relationship difficulties, and my feeling is that the two of them will be successful without the meddlesome interference of her friend and his family.

Thanksgiving day is indeed a time of reflection, a day to take a step back and take a look at our own individual lives, a time to reinforce the foundation in which we work from, our personal foundation is comprised of our body, mind and our spirit, and we must work daily at creating a balance in our lives, and part of that process is defining our life goals, creating a plan and implementing it, creating a plan and not following it is a waste of time and energy, and suffice it to say that the chance of your goals manifesting are slim to none!

I personally believe that everyday should be Thanksgiving, as individuals we should be grateful and thankful for the goodness that we possess in our own unique realities, everyday is a new day, a chance to prove to ourselves and to those we love, just how much we love them, and love of self is probably one of the most important elements in the mix, for if you cannot love yourself, if you cannot make you a priority in your own life, no one will ever be able to make you a priority in theirs, just like charity begins first at home, love must first begin with you, and is part of the process of living a life enriched with meaning, and fulfillment, we have to lay aside the self hatred behavior, and learn to create and to recreate if necessary our reality on a daily basis, in this life if we develop the intestinal fortitude to go that extra mile, we can have all that we desire, including a life filled with love, committed to someone who will love us, and allow us to love them in return, we do not have to settle for second best, nor do we have to allow those around us to dictate to us the flow of our life, we are after all magical beings, if we can see it with our minds eye, we can hold it in the palm of our hands, there is nothing in this lifetime that is out of reach, and there is nothing that we cannot do as magical beings, but, just like there is a time to be assertive, there is also a time to be humble, for humility goes a long way in this world, and there is nothing shameful or weak about a humble man or woman whose passion for life allows them to compassionately deal with those around them, for every act of kindness is an expression of love, and every expression of love is yet another celebration of life, and living life to the fullest is perfecting the art of paying homage unto the Goddess for the goodness and greatness that each of us have found within ourselves and within the ones that we love. When we learn to embrace the gold that is contained within, it will be at that moment that Thanksgiving transforms from a single day of praise unto a life lived ritualistically giving thanks daily! What and who are you thankful for in your life? If you haven't expressed your thankfulness there is no time like the present, what are you waiting for?

Happy Thanksgiving 2009

Phelan and Staff


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