Create A Balance

There is never a good time to deal with heartbreak, and breakups are very seldom civil, after all if everything was fine and paradise was aglow with love and laughter there would be no need for a breakup in the first place. The deterioration of a relationship is often symptomatic of a breakdown in communication, effectively communicating our wants, our needs and our desires to our mate is an approach that we should take while we have his or her attention in a positive manner, all-to-often one may fail to convey his or her feelings until after the fact, and we all know that once the wheels of a breakup are in motion it is very difficult to reverse the process, difficult yes, impossible no!

The struggle that one endures and goes through during a separation is compounded by negative behavior and the refusal to look at the situation realistically to determine exactly where the conflicts occurred and what is the best plan of action to take in order to mend the fence and close the gap that has occurred between ourselves and the one that we love, casting a love spell to reunite with a lover is only one part of the approach, we have to create a balance between our intellect and our emotions, as humans go we tend to be ruled by our emotions, this is one of the main reasons why an individual attempting to cast a self prescribed love spell often fails, we are just to damned emotional and to close to our own situation to be effective and that is why one may seek out the services of a practitioner, because while we can tap and use our emotions in certain aspects of magic, where love spells are concerned it is often our emotional state of consciousness that hinder us the most, therefore we must strive to create a balance between our intellect and emotional-selves even when working with a practitioner one must always keep in mind that when they elicit the services of a practitioner the work that is to be done is to be done on their behalf, once the work is done their focal point should always be conducive to their goals!

In most situations where a prospective client contacts me for the first time about aiding them with the reunification process between them and their mate I rarely read into a situation prior to conducting a ritual, the bottom line is this, you are coming to me for my help, the approach that I take keeps me unbiased and shielded from an already negative situation, because common sense would tell you that if you are separated from your mate, especially if the separation was initiated about him or her the situation is very negative, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to get this point and we all know what happens when you stir shit, it gets real stinky the more you stir it, so if you are trying to reconnect with a lover the best approach is to jump into the work with both feet and focus on the best outcome possible and it may not hurt to really take a good look at what you can do differently the second time around to insure that your relationship excels instead of failing upon a successful reunification!

The bottom line when dealing with energy, especially where negative energy is concerned is to keep in mind that the more you tap into it the more you will perpetuate it and make it stronger, so the best thing to do when casting spells and working with magic is to forego a bunch of psychic readings, one thing that you must also keep in mind is that your psychic is also human and therefore may very well project his or her own feelings into the situation, now personally that is not an issue for me as I learned long ago how to separate my feelings from what I am reading in order to be effective, but a lot of readers, especially light and love little fairy people will interject their feelings into an already vulnerable situation only to make it worse, so be careful when selecting a psychic reader, most psychics are legit and for the most part their hearts are in the right place, but you have to be selective in choosing a psychic or even a practitioner as far as that is concerned.

Years ago I met a lady in Atlanta, she is a tarot and psychic reader, I had her give me a reading, for the most part the reading was pretty good, later on she worked a couple of the psychic fairs that I produced, the first weekend that she worked all of her clients only had wonderful glowing things to say about her, the second weekend that she worked I received many complaints about the quality of her readings, the main area of the complaints all stemmed around relationships, I took those clients and read for some of them myself and I had another reader read for them as well, the readings that we gave them where very different, in speaking with Chloe I discovered that her and her husband had separated a few days prior to the second fair, so it became obvious to me that she was indeed projecting her own negative feelings into the situation of her clients which only compounded their problems instead of giving them insight, which is one of the main reasons to get a psychic reading to begin with.

On a magical level love situations are often the most difficult to deal with , especially in situations where a real nasty breakup has taken place or you have a lot of third party interference going on, such as some harlot vying for your mates affection, or an unruly situation that is being made worse by jealous in-laws or friends, third party interference is the second most leading cause to breakups, or at least from what I have observed any way, and when coupled together with the difficulty of mixed emotions that are already running high, that little anthill quickly turns in a mountain, resulting in the demise of an already shaky relationship.

Negative behavior is counter productive and the only thing that one will accomplish by reacting negatively to a breakup is insuring that the one that you love runs away and never looks back, I mean come on and really think about it, if your man or woman was acting like a lunatic and you left would you want to go back? I don't think so, unless you are even more screwed up than originally suspected! Negative behavior accomplishes nothing!!! Do you hear me??? Negative behavior accomplishes nothing except manifesting for yourself more heartache and chaos than any one lifetime deserves! Cyber stalking is negative behavior, refusal to give your mate the space that he or she has asked for is negative behavior, worrying about what or who they may be doing is negative behavior, focusing on the fact that he or she is not with you only reinforces that fact and takes away valuable energy from your goal to reunite with your mate!

Magic is powerful, I have seen it work hundreds of times in my own life and in the lives of my loved ones and my clients, but a magical approach is only one part of the process and can at times amount to putting a mere band aid on the situation, healing and growing individually and spiritually also has to become a part of the process, if you cast a love spell that proves to be successful in reuniting you with your mate and you fail to look at the entire picture, if you fail to make the necessary adjustments in your attitude and behavior, you are setting yourself up for failure allover again and might as well throw in the towel and save yourself sometime and heartache!

In spite of what some people would have you believe casting a love spell is not a quick fix, love spells in particular take time to manifest, if you go about a casting with high hopes of instant results, the only thing that you are doing is guarantying yourself instantaneous feelings of failure and disparity, your already negative situation didn't get that way overnight and you shouldn't expect it to improve overnight either, but, if your motives are pure and you have committed yourself to the desired end result in most cases your magical weaving will prove to be fertile!

Loneliness, emptiness, sadness are all negative states of mind, real emotions indeed, all to real for the most part, but nevertheless they are still negative, when we are happy and our aura is shinning bright we attract happy energy to ourselves, when we are in a good space people naturally want to be around us, they want to be apart of our energy, we attract more positive people and situations to our self by focusing on the positive aspects our our lives, I mean if you are going to act like a sourpuss all of the time, why would your mate want to be with you? If your world is gray and bleak all of the time why wouldn't your life mate seek a brighter place to be? I am not talking about putting on a false front or acting happy even though you are really sad, I am talking about finding your balance, life is hard, but it doesn't have to be made harder by deliberate acts of stupidity and I say this out of the kindness of my heart, but 90% of the bullshit that we go through could have been avoided if only we had thought about things just a little bit harder before jumping to conclusions or making snap life altering decisions, you know I believe in reincarnation, so I do not buy into the belief that we only get one chance, but, in this lifetime we only get the one chance to get it right and if we fail to learn and grow, we will repeat it all over again in the next life like the dumb little blond girl who failed first grade, sorry no pun or ill will against blondes whatsoever, I too have my blond moments and I am bald because I shave my head! (lol)

Just like everything else creating a balance in our lives doesn't come easy and will not happen overnight, but we can help the process along a little faster by making better life decisions for our self, and in situations where we are working towards reuniting with the one that we love, forcing him or her to deal with something that they are ill prepared for will only prolong your misery and lengthen the time in which you will ultimately be apart! Time is truly the greatest healer and part of the process has to be allowing your mate to miss your presence and energy in his or her life and if you are always dropping by or calling when you've been asked not to you are crossing the line and delving into a world of misery and you are only widening the gap between the two of you!

As I said in my opening statement, breakups are hard to deal with and at times the pain can be so severe that you will feel as if you are dying, let me assure you that you will survive the pain, the pain you are in is a lesson, the fact that you can feel the pain lets you know that you are alive, while waiting for your desires to manifest from a spell casting you must focus and direct your energy positively towards your goals, to focus on anything less than that in which you have asked for will only bring failure to your door, it takes a lot of positive energy to manifest positive results, unfortunately it takes very little negative energy to manifest negative results, it is for this reason that a black magician normally has a very lucrative career, however, the karmic ramifications is just not worth the price that you will ultimately pay for wielding black magic!

Focus on your goals by writing them down, when you place words on paper you breathe life into them, they become real, constantly energize your goals by reading and reviewing what you have written daily, a Witches Book Of Shadows not only contain spells and potions, my Book Of Shadows contain a record of daily happenings and notations of special events that I hold near and dear to my heart, a history of events that will be handed down for generations to come! I guarantee that if you start writing down your goals you will only strengthen the outcome of your desires!

Blessed Be