The truth is often scarier than our minds can take without breaking. We live in a modern world with things that change daily.  Technology is what we turn to in the time of a crisis. There are terrible things that happen in an instant like the great Tsunami of Lituya Bay, Alaska in 1958. It still holds the record for producing the highest waves in the world, I believe the waves were just over 1700 hundred feet.
The World has dealt with a lot of crises as of late, some created by man, and some that were created by the planet that we all reside on. We cannot ignore her warning signs any-longer. You see when nature is out of balance, the balance must be restored, and if man is not going to do that than nature will.
For example, Coronavirus is not the first contagion that the world has dealt with. In 1665 the Bubonic Plague hit London, it did not discriminate, it took many nobles as well as paupers with it. Though it was short lived after the Great Fire Of London and a harshly cold winter which are both accredited to the plague dying out, it could just as easily overtaken the world just as the Coronavirus has done.  
The United States was gravely unprepared to handle the pandemic. The President which I will not call by name, I do not like the weasel and never will. Afraid that the Coronavirus would damage his precious economy he talked out of both sides of his mouth for weeks before the first case was ever diagnosed, and then soon to follow was the snowball effect. As of today, the United States has more infections and more deaths than any other country.
They are insulting the American people's intelligence by artificially stimulating the economy, like a $1000 is going to make a difference in people's lives. Rent, mortgage, and utilities come monthly and that money is not to help the downtrodden American, it is meant to buy the President votes at the next election. No doubt that his redneck brigade and other followers will walk through the gates of hell right behind him.
This man doesn’t care about people, he is a sociopath, he is narcissistic and he believes that the rules do not apply to him. He has clearly spit in the face of those who asked for his tax records, he has blackmailed foreign governments to  investigate his political rivals and he disgraced women with his words that everyone far and wide heard and yet he was still given the highest office in our land. Given like a spoiled frat boy because he sure as hell did not earn it!
In the 25 years that my website has been online and I have been writing articles I have pushed the envelope a few times and crossed the line into my own political views, which I try really hard not to do. I do believe in the separation of church and state, but Christian Preachers and Catholic Ministers preach the gospel from behind their podiums and then tell their flock who they should or should not vote for on election day.
During the election, he would echo “Lock her up”. Well, it is the current president that deserves a 6x9 jail cell. He has broken so many laws that any poor human being would have been executed already. The more he gets away with it the more he will do. He is now pushing for the country to open back up and to go back to work. Folks, he doesn’t care about you, he doesn’t care about your health or the health and wellbeing of your children, he only cares about your vote, but I am warning you if you follow him down the Rabbit hole you will never be seen again.
He has clearly placed us on a path to self-destruction and annihilation, and those people who voted for him before will do it again, and if reelected it will take hundreds of years for America to regain the respect of our peers around the world.
The Coronavirus is just a warning of what is to follow unless we put our feet back on the path of truth, equality, and fairness. Keep in mind that the man who runs our country changed position daily on the Coronavirus, he first said we have it under control, by Thursday or Friday there will be no more Coronavirus, and yet here we are the number one country in the World with the most infected and most deaths.
The President chose to ignore the warning signs and now here we are, we don’t know who will die next, it could be you, your children, grandchildren, or even me or someone close to me. I believe we will get through this genocide implemented by the yellow-haired monster, and when we do please keep in mind as you go to vote that when it mattered and counted the most you were abandoned by the man trying to pillage your support, vote to live, vote for life, and not a President that wants State Governor’s to bow and kiss his ring as if he were a king in order to get the medical supplies that their communities need so very badly.
I hope this article finds you safe with those you love, life is precious do not take it for granted.  
Blessed be, Phelan


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