Concrete Love

Love that goes unrequited is painful. Too often, we place ourselves into situations that are hard to set ourselves free; instead, we carry the burden around with us as if it were an appendage.

The heart knows what it wants even if it makes no sense at all, some may label you as a masochist, deriving pleasure from the pain inflicted upon you.

The truth is that love should be easy, but, it is the most difficult of all of the emotions to experience. I know I will catch flack from many of my readers and critics; I enjoy shaking people up; it makes them think.

The scientific community will tell you that love is not an emotion, and this Witch will tell you that it is.

I have witnessed the biggest-strongest men brought to their knees over a love that went wrong.

It was a very emotional thing to watch, and this Witch with 30 odd years under his belt felt every ounce of their pain.

We tend to try and put concrete boots on the person that we love, and love was meant to be free-flowing, truthful, and passionate.

The truth is that self-love must come first, and then we may find the one that makes us whole.

If we are incapable of loving ourselves, we can't love anyone else as we should, and we will never let ourselves go completely to be free to enjoy the feeling of love.

I am not a Tarot Reader; I read playing cards, crystal balls, water scrying, and in-person psychometry, or psychic palmistry. Plus a whole host of other techniques such as candle gazing.

I do not like to work with negative thinking people; they undermine their work. If you go into a process of magic already questioning whether it will or will not manifest, you might as well give up before you get started.

Love should be easy, and free-flowing, while this is ideal, it is not guaranteed that there will not be snags and bumps along the way.

Do not talk about your love life with your friends. The moment your friendship goes south, he or she will do everything they can to bring your relationship down.

They probably have a bag full of your secrets that they cannot wait to share with your lover, all because you overshared.

The world is full of people from different cultures and spiritual backgrounds. There are different modalities of magic; in your travels, you will find humble servants wishing nothing more than to help you.

You will also find people who are practitioners of nothing; their game is running scams and con games on unsuspecting strangers.

I chose a life path of a White Witch; I could decide to be a Black Witch; intent makes the magic, and where there is intent there is Karma.

Casting a spell, conducting a ritual to better your life doesn't hurt anyone, as long as you work from a place of love. Over the years, I have had potential clients get mad because I refused to work with them.

Well, if you land on my website and take any time to read, you would know that it is a huge mistake to ask me to curse or attack someone. First of all, that person has not harmed me or anyone that I love.

Hurt my loved ones, approach me in the wrong way, and you will come to know a side of me that is better left corked, it is ugly and can be mean!

I have this debate several times a year. I hear from different priests and priestesses that I shouldn't cast a love spell on a specific person.

These same people are the first to cast a love spell to get their lover to return to them, hypocrites they are.

If you noticed, I named this article concrete love, the human part of ourselves would like to cast shoes of stone to hold our lover in place; this is unrealistic.

We want our love to flow freely between us and the one we love. It won't happen if your lover has been unfaithful or if you have outsiders meddling in your affairs, there are magical ways to take care of these scenarios.

I will not rule out black magic because it exists and practiced by hundreds if not thousands of people, people with no boundaries, and obviously, they do not care about their own Karma.

When trying to return your lover, it is crucial that you maintain a positive outlook at all times, and for godsakes, do not discuss your magical workings with your best friend or Coworkers.

While casting a spell or conducting a ritual, the process is not complete just because the work has finished. Once the rituals complete the real work begins.

While waiting for results from completed spells and rituals, you should take the time to work on yourself, and if you find that your attitude needs adjusting, adjust it!

Too often, I will hear from clients or potential clients that they want their relationship back just as it was. My response is pretty candid, no, you don't! The way it was is the reason it is the way it is now! You want something much better.

You have to learn to treat yourself, your spouse, and those who reside within as if they were royalty. Your home is your castle, and you shouldn't allow just anyone to breach the doorway.

Opening your door to just anyone is like intentionally taking your five-year-old into a house of pedophiles, don't do it! The risk that you choose is not worth the damage you will suffer. Bringing a strange young woman in around your man is asking for trouble as soon as you turn your back, your man will be waving his magic wand.

You and your partner need room to grow, and you cannot excel if the relationship is shrouded in concrete. I suggest that you take a sledgehammer and break the concrete apart.

Free your heart, your mind, and your body to new adventures with the one that you love. Never should anyone come between your relationship. Let's face it, finding someone in today's world is complicated, and when you do; it is best that you fight to hold onto what you have found.

There is no harm to use magic to get what or who you want, commit to the magical process, and stand your ground. You do not necessarily have to break someone's free will to get them back or perhaps to manifest a new love. You can even proceed with your spell castings all the while you are learning to love yourself once again. Besides, loving you should be easier than anything you will ever do again.

Blessed be, Phelan


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