Sitting here at my computer this Wednesday morning March 22nd, 2006 I find myself faced with many of the same issues and topics that I have discussed before in previous articles.

As you all know by now when I write an article at times it is based on self-experience, or the life experiences of those around me, such as my family, friends and my staff.

This morning as I prepared to sit-down and answer my email I found that my inbox was swamped with new contacts asking about guarantees on love spells, money spells, etc?

Now, at first it really irritated me, but as I continued to review my email it made me realize something that I have heard people say time and time again, read before you buy or sign on the dotted line?.

You do not go to a dealership to buy a car and sign a blank contract, you do not just assume that because the dealership advertises on television, the radio or in the newspaper that they will do right by you, now I understand that comparing my business to the local Jaguar dealer is like comparing apples to oranges, but come on folks, the same principals still apply, if you contact me in reference to aiding you with your situation, whatever it may be, please take the time to read over my site, on the homepage I plainly state that here you will find no guarantees on spells or products of any kind, I am right up front with that fact, I cannot control your behavior as my client and your knowledge of the work can help your magic succeed or it can hinder it, if you push too hard, if your patience or hormones get the better of you, if you cannot or refuse to stay focused on your goals, your effort, time and money are all spent in vain and I, for one, never want any of my clients to feel cheated from their experience with magic or their dealings with me, I have always worked very hard to deal with my clientele with the same compassion and understanding that I wish to receive from those around me, your skin color may be different from mine, you may speak a different language than my native tongue and your beliefs may be different, but, the one thing that you and I have in common is that beating heart in your chest and the frailty of human emotions that plague us both.

What I mean about reading before you buy, I offer a lot of information on the site, I have written articles about love spells, how to avoid the pitfalls and how to make them work, I have also written articles on how to choose a practitioner, now, on this point one of the things about the kind of work that I do that irritates me the most is that people often mistakenly go about something in the wrong way, if you have chosen to work with a practitioner of any kind, whether it is with me or someone else, you have to allow the energy time to manifest and no one, not even me, can say when that will happen, the course of each individual's life is driven largely by their emotions, actions, attitudes, and the decisions that they make, the energy may be flowing along in a positive manner one day and the next day you get out of bed ?an emotional wreck? and there you go, another setback, minor as it may be, but yet it is still a setback all the same.

You should never assume that because it is taking a bit longer than you feel it should that you have been scammed, there are ways of knowing if you are a victim of fraud, for one thing a psychic nor practitioner should constantly ask you for money or suggest that there is cause for additional work, again, I do not bait my clients, I do not encourage additional work through me, I leave that totally to the discretion of my client and any reputable practitioner or psychic should do the same, I offer specials on my site and through my newsletters, my business is like any other, people contact me all of the time asking for help and there have been many situations where I have offered my services to someone who needed them and could not otherwise afford them probono, but allow me to share this with you and you may see where I am coming from and hopefully I can help some of you out there with your decision making process or at least how to go about choosing who or who not to work with.

As I stated above, my business is like any other, we have expenses that have to be taken care of, if I didn't charge a fee for my services I wouldn't be in business for very long, nor would I have the time to work on your behalf, why? Because I, like everyone else have a family to support and financial obligations, so I charge nominal fees for my services, when you work with me I take the time to read the email that you send me, I reply when warranted, as many of you already know I do not perpetuate negative energy, so when you write to me when you are in a negative space I may choose to give you a tongue lashing or I may not even acknowledge that email at all, but, I will always acknowledge the fact that you are only human and that you are going through something that is difficult and has weaken your spirit!

Now, let me back up just a bit, one of the reasons that I wanted to touch on the service end of what I do and the fees, is because one of the new contacts in my inbox this morning wrote me asking for help and told me that a Psychic had charged him in one shot $1,500.00 for three crystals, he went on to say that after he paid the money the psychic was no where to be found, now when I hear of issues like this it always shocks me, and it saddens me because it gives everybody in this business a bad name. I, for one, have never charged anybody that kind of money to work with them and in my opinion anyone who does charge that kind of money is indeed motivated by greed and not by the sincere need to help others, now, I have long-term clients that choose of their own free will to order from the specials listed on the site and in the newsletter, but, let me clarify this point once again, when we send out newsletters they are not sent out with the intent of encouraging any of my clients to purchase additional products or services, is an entity that has flourished over the years and the mailing list has swelled way beyond forty thousand to date, so when you get the newsletter do not assume that I want you to make a purchase, believe me that I am very familiar with the laws of attraction, prosperity and karma, and I never want my prosperity to manifest from the deprivation of someone else or by taking food off of their tables or by depriving them or their family of their needs, that is not the way that I do business and it is certainly not the way that I live my life.

There have been many times when someone has ordered several services or even products from the online store that I have questioned them about it, one to insure that they are not being obsessive, and two, I am well aware that not all of my clients are independently wealthy and with that said, I feel that is one of the important factors as to why my website and practice has had much success over the years, because I do care about all of my clients and their well being and I know in my heart that sets us miles apart from some of the similar services out on the internet today.

I am in business to aid those around me, I get great satisfaction when one of my clients realizes their goals or manifest their dreams, I know that I have touched the lives and the hearts of those around me, but, my life and heart has been touched by them as well, my clients on many levels are like an extension of my own family and at times I have to struggle as not to become too emotionally involved with them and their situation, because if I allow myself to go there I cannot be effective as a practitioner for them, so I have learned to shield myself and to disconnect myself from the energy of their situation once the work that they have requested is completed.

Here is an example: a Witch who is too emotionally attached to something or someone will be less effective at aiding that person, our emotional self can work for or against us, this is why when I personally am in need of something that I cannot disconnect from that I turn to someone else for the help that I need, this doesn't make me weak, it makes me smart, to know oneself is to know where to draw the line and to know when or when not to ask for help!

When I work with someone I want them to stay proactive in their endeavors, another words, if you have decided to embark upon the magical journey of spell casting do not turn over the responsibility of manifesting your dreams, goals and aspirations entirely to another, if you have enlisted the aid of a magic weaver, whether it is me or someone else you must continue putting forth effort and energy on your part, burn candles, use affirmations, reflect on yourself and look for behavioral patterns that you need to change, if you find that you are repeating the same negative experience over and over you are caught up in a negative life pattern that you need to break free of, if you are constantly facing the same issues where love and money are concerned your energy may be crossed up or there is a karmic lesson that you have failed to acknowledge and learn, whatever the case may be it is your life, do not turn over total control to anyone and do not allow others to determine the course and the fate of your destination, you have more control over things than you realize and life is brimming with options for you, exercise your option to fulfill your life goals and to manifest your desires, you can if you try, if you can see yourself as happy, happy you are, if you can see yourself as being with the one that you love, the one that you love will come in time, do not give up or give in because the cards are seemingly stacked against you and whatever you do don't focus on all of the wrong issues while waiting for results to manifest and never stop moving, continue working on yourself, allow yourself to heal, create at least a five year life plan and follow it, you might just be surprised as to how easily it will be for you to manifest your goals and in a shorter period of time.

Our goal here at is to provide the best possible service and support to our clients that we possibly can and we try very hard to meet that goal, we wish nothing more for our clients than continued success, happiness and good health, please take care when making decisions that will determine the flow of your life, life is meant to be loved and embraced and happiness should never be taken for granted, nor should we take our life mates for granted or allow ourselves to be taken in that manner.

Blessed Be