Circle Round!

Standing in the grove on a warm spring day in May you danced your way into my life and you lifted my spirit high unto the heavens, I was drowning in sorrow and despair, your smile gave me hope, and your strength gave me the courage to face my demons and to dispel my misery and sadness.

My life without you had been a mystery, an empty shell, a corpse that stood silently in sorrow gazing off into the distance trying to find it's way home! I know now that I had lost my way and it seemed as though I would never find it again! My memories were filled with visions of you and of the beauty that I once held, better days that had passed me by, consorts and lovers who were no more for they had fallen victim to those who work hard to suppress us and to cause us harm! My precious circle was lost and my village was burned! All that remains is the bitterness and the emptiness that haunts me like pangs of hunger to a starving soul, my sorrow grows and as it grows I vow vengeance upon those who dare to raise a hand against my loved ones!

As I danced the circle round that warm spring day in May I could feel the energy as it passed through you and flowed to me, we are separate but yet we are one! Our minds and our bodies are interchangeable; as we continued the circle dance your spirit moved through me and I begin to shout your many names, Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna, I could feel your power coursing through every fiber of my being and my spirit was renewed as the cone of power started to build and rise within me, I could feel the rage flash within my soul and I could feel the fire as it coursed through me and flowed to you, I released and relinquished unto you all the pain and hurt that they had put me through!

My heart was once again filled with your love and my mind filled with knowledge as peace and tranquility swept over me, I was bathed in your light and I was given the gift of second sight! I felt an overwhelming urge to shout from the rafters for I now realize that you never forsaken me, it was I who turned away from you in an attempt to conform to the ways of those who have chosen to worship a dead man on a cross and to use a book as a weapon to beat their wayward followers into submission! I denounced my faith in you in an attempt to save the ones that I love, my attempt was futile and all that I love was stripped from me, savagely taken away by the followers of an angry God!

Oh! Mother, I do not understand why or how a God can be so cruel, please help me as I struggle to comprehend, for all that they stand for contradicts your ways and your teachings, you taught me about love, harmony and creating a balance in my life that allows for spiritual growth and a greater understanding of the spirit within. I have struggled with this balance and at times I have opted for the path of least resistance, but not anymore and I will never bow to their God again, I defy those men who would punish me and those that I love and all in the name of their God in an attempt to forbid me my right to worship the many names of my Mother.

Oh Gracious Goddess my allegiance lies strong with you and my faith is ironclad, I pledge my love, my life and all that I have to you, for without you I would surely be lost! I take great comfort in knowing that one day all that is wrong in this world will be made right and just and those who stand against us as our enemies will fall! We shall rise against those whose mission in life is to destroy us and we will not cower, we will not cry and we will not bend, for those who stand against us will feel the heat from Brigids flame and will face Hecates hounds of hell, those who once were the hunters will become the hunted and feel the wrath of the Great Mother Diana, she who is a great huntress known by many and feared by most!

We vow to invoke your many names and we will praise you by the light of the moon and the seasons of the earth, through our faith we shall become stronger and as our numbers multiply we shall outgrow the common man, for there is power in numbers and as we grow we vow to preserve and protect your legacy.

So mote it be!

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