Choose Wisely

I have finally faced the fact that I am in a business that attracts all types of people, some honest and some not so honest, on one side of the coin there are a lot of people out there that call themselves psychics and claim to be able to wield a great sword of power and grant wishes to those in need in a matter of minutes or days, on the other side of the coin there are some very legitimate psychics, healers and new age practitioners out there whose one and only goal is to assist their clients with the utmost of integrity, I am proud to be able to include myself among the latter.

Here is an interesting tidbit for you, most practicing Witches are not at all psychic, I developed my Psychic skills at a very young age and in fact I was born with a veil and the gifts that the Goddess has bestowed upon me have not only touched my life but has enabled me to touch the lives of those around me, early in life there were times that I felt cursed instead of blessed, some things that we see in the psychic realm are not always pretty or even pleasant, but even the things that we are shown that one might perceive as negative has a place amongst all of our visions, an unsightly vision may bring news of a disaster or it could even be a warning of danger yet to come, I finally conceded to the visions that my guides chose to show me, instead of turning a blind eye to the negative ones I chose to see and accept responsibility for what I was being shown and in doing so I was able to take control and I have used that information to prevent my clients from making decisions that may have led them down a disastrous road. There is a huge difference between spell weavers and psychics, not all spell weavers are psychic and not all psychics are spell weavers, in fact it is my opinion that in your search for someone to assist you with a love, money or health issue you should stay away from anyone who labels themselves solely as a psychic, you are better off with a Witch or practitioner who is also a psychic. One of my great teachers laid out before me the difference between a Witch and a psychic, she told me that a psychic predicts and a Witch gets results!

Now I am in no way trying to discredit psychics, to do so would be to discredit my own belief system, but I can tell you this, if I were looking for someone to weave a love spell for me or a spell of any kind for that matter, I would be looking for a Witch or a Shadow Caster one who knows how to read the tea leaves, scry with a bowl of water or gaze into a crystal ball to see what fate holds in store, someone who can invoke the spirits and cast a circle or someone like a teacher that I once had who could charge a candle simply by laying eyes on it or could cross you by speaking your name aloud to the four winds, yes indeed, I have been blessed with some very knowledgeable and powerful maestros in this lifetime and hopefully I will meet several others before crossing the bridge into the Summerland, for I believe that one can never have too much knowledge or power and power is gained through the knowledge that we share, as well as the secrets that we keep deep within the chambers of our hearts, locked away safely awaiting our one true apprentice, the one that we will hand down the key to that will unlock the power within the vault and unleash the knowledge that is contained there within, my apprentice awaits me and soon I shall pass my besom unto him.

I am a Psychic who happens to also be a Witch and when the two arts are combined it makes for a very powerful duo, a Psychic is normally always gifted with more than one skill, I am Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and an Empath, over the years I have been given exact names by my guides of people and places that pertained to my client without any foreknowledge, when this happens it still amazes and even shocks me at time, I have even had instances where I was so tuned into a clients' energy that I have given similar information in an email reading, so you see Psychics have their place and if they are a Psychic who happens to a be a practicing Witch, Metaphysician, Spell Weaver, or a General Magical Practitioner you are pretty safe enlisting their help in the Esoteric sense of things, just keep in mind that who you decide to work with is totally up to you and it is a decision that you must feel 100% comfortable with, because even though you may not cast the spell yourself, by enlisting the services of someone else you are still karmically tied to and just as responsible for the energy that is raised and sent out as the practitioner is that performed the work on your behalf and on the other hand , so choose your Witch wisely!

Blessed Be