Change Is Possible

The methods that I use are not for everyone; in fact, I have been known to be a little too honest, if there is such a thing, and rather bold in my approach when it comes to working with my clients. When one chooses to embark upon a magical journey, the time to lay aside childish ways and to embrace life as an adult has come, now I know that you are only human, and that you are a subject to the frailty of human emotion, I too have my moments of weakness when it comes to my emotions and matters of the heart, but, I also know the enormous amount of energy that it takes to manifest positive results from a spell casting, and if you are going to dabble in magic to call forth the aid that you need in order to manifest your desires, you need to stop overreacting, you need to stop all the whining and crying and feeling sorry for yourself, and you need to start projecting the image of the person that you believe yourself to be deep down, because, believe it or not every time that you bellow out in raw emotion, you do yourself a grave injustice, instead of drawing that in which you seek closer to you, in your childish rage you have undermined the flow of positive energy and you have pushed your goal that much farther away from yourself, so in the case of trying to reconnect with your woman or man, you may as well be standing in front of him or her swinging a baseball bat at his or her head all the while you are begging for your beloved to come back, because if your behavior is anything like I have described above you are going to get the same reaction from your spell weaving as you would from swinging that bat!

Energy cannot be forced, and it matters not how badly you may want or need something, the energy from your spell casting will manifest itself when the time has come, and not a moment sooner than that, this is one of the reasons that I refuse to be backed into the corner on a timeline, many of good clients have tried to nail me down when it comes to this subject and while I have gotten really good over the years at judging, it is simply a subject that I will not broach, a line in the sand that I am unwilling to cross, because, I deal with a lot of people who tend to be very childish when it comes to their heart and their emotions, and instead of listening to me, instead of paying attention and behaving themselves as adults, they choose to act as if they were still in grade school, and it is that adolescent behavior that contributed to their problems in the first place, not entirely mind you, for if you are involved with the will of another, it takes two to tango, so you are only partially responsible, you and you alone are responsible for the role that you play in your life and in your relationships, and bad behavior cannot be justified simply because someone acted badly towards you, so at some point we have to take responsibility for our actions and we have to take control of ourselves, especially if we are turning to the metaphysical arts for relief and help, breaking up with someone and being shutout of their life often feels as though we have lost a leg or an arm, we know that the energy from the one that we love is there, because we can feel it, we just cannot visually see him or her, his or her energy is there and it lingers, just as the energy of a limb lingers after it has been amputated, I know a man whose leg was so severely injured in an accident that it was amputated in order to save his life, he told me that he felt the pain in that leg for a solid two years after losing it, he told me that at night when he would turn over in bed that he would wake himself up lifting his leg to roll over, and like I told him until the energy from his limb dissipates it would always feel to him as if his leg was still there, for it is not the physical presence that we attach ourselves to, it is the the emotional attachment, my spirit and your spirit are attached emotionally to our bodies, and while we may like the way that our lover looks, when we separate ourselves from him or her, the void is on the emotional level, and that is why it is so very important for an individual whose trying to reconnect with a lover to regain control of themselves emotionally, because, your estranged lover is also attached to you emotionally and though it may very well be on a subtle level he or she is aware of the strife and difficulty that you are going through emotionally, why? Because the two of you have shared private and intimate moments together, and anytime that there is a sexual involvement the souls intertwine, mix, and mingle, and when love develops between two people a bond and an attachment forms linking the two souls together, and it is through this bond that we can feel the essence of our lover even when he or she is not with us. Hmm, have you ever heard of a woman's intuition? I am sure that you have heard it said that a woman always knows the moment that her man cheats, well, I am sure that is the case for a lot of folks and not just you women, us gay men, and I am sure the straight ones too have been known to have those same exact feelings, I sure have, luckily not lately, hey but it could happen, Angel is quite the little stud, luckily for me, for the most part the people that know me do not wish to get on my bad side, anyway back to what I was saying, we get those feelings because we are connected with the one that we love on an emotional and spiritual level, reflecting back I can recall a time that someone who I thought would be the one that I would stay with forever and ever, cheated on me, on a psychic level I caught the scent of the perfume from the bimbo that he was with, oddly it was mixed with his fragrance that I knew so well, and at the time he was in Texas working and I was here in Atlanta, oh yes, back in the day this Witch went after the ones who thought they were straight or bi-sexual, unfortunately for me I ended up with a lot of try-sexuals, a try-sexual is someone who will try anything at least once, and always leave themselves open for repeat performances, but hey, we are all young and stupid at least once in life, or perhaps in my case just super horny mixed with the refusal to see my own negative and bad behavior, bad witch Phelan, bad, bad Witch! (lol)

You know, I use my own experiences to show my clients that anything is possible, I know that I have burned at the stake in past lives, through past life regressions I know that I have even been straight, both male and female,  married with kids, I take comfort in the fact that if I do not get it right this go around there is always next time, hey, who the hell am I kidding? I am hoping that this life is it, I am ready to become a higher point of light, but, just in case I screw it up this time, there will in no doubt be the next spin of the wheel during which time I can attempt to get it right, same goes for you, I do not mind taking a paddling, when a whipping is warranted, and when I learned of my lovers betrayal to say the very least I was devastated and heartbroken, for he had pledged his undying love to me, and it was during this time that I was having a whole lot of out of body experiences, I am a shape shifter and when I enter the astral plane one of the main forms that I take is that of a white wolf, in most cases I recall nothing if it is a random experience, meaning one that I did not initiate during my waking state of consciousness, however, according to Javier, I gave a whole new meaning to the definition of stalking, and he met Phelan in his raw animal form, glinting rage filled eyes and snarling fangs, Javier is a very gifted Psychic, he is a wonderful individual, but, he is lousy when it comes to relationships and his wee-wee is small, no, not really, just thought I would throw that in there for good measure, no pun intended (lol), but, he is really a good person,  he was just not my fit, nor was I his, he has been with his partner for almost as long as Angel and I have been together, and Angel is my life mate, and should the day come that we decide to part ways he will always have a very special place in my heart and in my life.

The point that I am trying to make in this article is this, through the use of magic anything is possible, the doors that were once slammed shut in our face reopens, endless opportunities abound, the once impossible becomes possible and yes, through the use of magic we can heal the wounds that we inflicted upon the one that we love and through the practice of magic we can release the negativity that has held us back for so long, keeping us at bay and holding us at arms length just out of the reach from the one that we love, and it is through the magical process that the wounds which were inflicted upon us by our lover heals, allowing our broken hearts to mend, but, nothing will happen for us if we refuse to move beyond the point in the sand in which we currently stand, you know I have a client right now, and she will know that I am speaking of her without me even calling her name, but, this person thinks that she is ready for her man to be back in her life, but her behavior even dealing with me says otherwise, she has been one of the most negative people that I have met in a very long while, and that is saying something cause I deal with a lot of negative folks,  and although I have a hell of a temper I have refrained from reacting and she has clearly tried to provoke me a time or two, the truth of the matter is that I believe in the one, two, three rule, first time you behave badly with me I cut you slack, second time you behave badly with me I give you fair warning that you need to correct yourself, the third time that you behave badly with me I cut you off, your out and your out of here, now, I can tell you that this individual has a lot of potential and I know deep down in her heart that she is basically a good person, it is just really a shame that she refuses to take an honest look at herself in the mirror and make the changes that are necessary for her to have a relationship, never mind the fact that she is trying to reunite with someone, and I personally feel that she has better than an 80% chance of reuniting with her man if is she would only deal with herself first and foremost in an honest manner, the changes that she needs to make are for her sake and not his, because, the way that she chooses to express herself is in a manner that she relates to being a strong female, well, there is a difference in being a strong female and being a bitch, and her behavior is bitch-like, and instead of drawing and attracting positive people and situations into her life, she attracts misery and misery will always be her bunkmate until she decides to change things.

Change is possible, magic happens, we just have to embrace the magical child that resides within each of us, we have to get in touch with the point within where everything is okay and the mundane doesn't exist, each of us have a higher self, and it is through the process of connecting with our higher state of awareness that true change comes, a Witch doesn't believe in bowing before our Goddess, we are at one with her, for as small as it may seem an infinite part of the great Mother is within each of us and each of us have the ability to work and perform miracles, miracles happen when we commit selfless acts of love, helping the homeless, donating our time or money to aid those less fortunate than ourselves, it is funny that we are capable of displaying random acts of kindness to complete strangers, but when it comes to ourselves and our own lives where are those random acts of kindness? They seem to be fleeting, I wonder why it is so much easier at times to show kindness and compassion to someone that we do not even know, than it is to show those same acts of kindness to ourselves and to the ones that we love and just as I was taught growing up that charity begins at home, so does kindness and compassion, and that is where each of us must start if we are ever going to change things within our own lives for the better, and if your lover is missing in action, the first place to start practicing your random acts of kindness is on yourself and on those who reside within your household, you know that it is true that you catch more bees with honey, than you do with vinegar, so, don't you think that it is about time to wipe those bitter tears? Let go of the sadness of the past year, haven't you heard that change is in the air? Embrace it, embrace and love yourself, make yourself a priority within your own life, for if you cannot make yourself a priority, how can you ever expect anyone else to make you a priority within their life?

Blessed Be, Phelan