Bridge To Love

Love is powerful and often unforgiving energy. As I sit at my desk during one of the most significant pandemics in my lifetime, I think about what love means to me, to you, and the rest of the world.
Love is survival, and it is watching our children grow into adults. Love is wanting a better world for everyone.
It shouldn't matter that your skin is a different color than mine, or that you live in a different part of the world than I do.
The fact is that we all need each other, and one race should not dominate another. Religion should not be used as a weapon, and it shouldn't matter that we believe in a different deity.
There is more than enough room for each of us to worship as we choose, and it is okay if we decide not to pray or believe in a higher power.
God or a deity is not to blame for our misfortune; we are.
We have lost our humanity; we have forgotten that blood flows from each of us as the color red.
We breathe and bleed the same, and we hurt, we cry the same color of tears, we are human, and our skin bonds us together.
We have more in common than we do indifferently, hurting your neighbor will only result in harming ourselves.
Yes, I am a Witch, I am also human, and I feel the same pain, and I share the same fears that you have.
No man should have dominion over another, and we need to reach out in times of sorrow, helping someone in need is therapeutic, it is good for the soul.
My spouse and I have been together 21 years, and if you had asked me back then would we last that long, I would have laughed!
Don't get me wrong I am not against longterm relationships, I just never met anyone that I wanted to be around that much.
That is the way I felt then, today not so much. I allowed my heart to open to the idea of love, and I laid vanity aside, and I gave myself over to another human being.
The message I am trying to convey is that I had intentionally blocked my heart chakra for fear of being hurt emotionally. I realize today that it was a natural reaction to my upbringing, my mother was narcissistic, I love that lady with my whole heart, but you cannot escape the truth.
My mom was bitter, controlling, sadistic, and when it came to men, she was revengeful and would often lash out at them for no reason.
She knew that I was gay at a young age, from the age of 7, she started programming me to shield me from harm.
Today I can still hear the phrase "son, take no more on your heart than you can kick off with your heals." I watched as she chewed up eight different husbands and spat them out in less than 12 years.
She would always tell me to strike first and never let anyone toy with my heart and give it to no one.
I spent my early adulthood using men for sex, and once the sex was over they were a mere memory, I will admit I hurt a lot of good guys, but it was like I was on a mission to destroy them before they had a chance to break my heart.
Then by chance, I was invited to a Pagan gathering, and I met Angel, he was 19, I was 33, he pursued me with calls, showing up on my stoop unannounced, this went on for about two months. I would reject his affection and advances using the excuse that he was too young.
One rainy night on September 3rd, 1999, he called and said when "we are going to get together, I laughed and said really?
He showed up at my door on a Friday or Saturday evening, I opened my door and looked into his eyes and immediately fell for him. My heart was no longer mine, and almost 21 years later, we still share a bed, we share everything, good or bad!
The truth is that there are days that I don't like him very much, but the love never fades, and it is the same for him. I believe love has lasted and worked all these years because we tell each other when we dislike something about one another.
I am not a big country music fan, but there is a song by Wynonna Judd that I conjure to mind when I start feeling a little lost without love.
She sings the song "Love Can Build A Bridge." There is a verse in the song that plays in my mind, "When we stand together, it's our finest hour we can do anything, anything if we keep believing in loves power! I want to close by saying that you are worthy of love, and just as I know that the Goddess is everywhere and in everything, just open your heart and let in love.
If you are waiting for a lover to come home beckon him or her with love in your heart, give love a chance. Also, remember to love yourself and the people in your life, life is fragile, and we could all use a little more love!

Además, recuerda amarte a ti mismo y a las personas en tu vida, ¡la vida es frágil y todos podríamos usar un poco más de amor!

N'oubliez pas de vous aimer vous-même et les gens de votre vie, la vie est fragile et nous pourrions tous utiliser un peu plus d'amour!


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