You've come a long way baby, but you still have a ways to go, life is full of lessons and there are no tougher lessons than the ones that are connected with our love relationships. Within the confines and framework of this mystical universe that we live in, each of us must find a way to believe, no, a belief in magic is not necessary in order for a love spell to manifest, and although it is not necessary it is to say the least helpful.

Each of us have a path that we must walk, the majority of the time our path is light filled and our guides and guardians are there to show us the way, when the pathway of our life grows dark, when our heart is at its heaviest it is at that moment that we must find a way to believe, again a belief in magic is not necessary, but a belief in self is, a belief that you are worthy and that you are deserving and that happiness is yours for the taking, in life we are not granted a well of endless happiness, nor are we condemned to a life of misery, we are magical creatures and life is what we make it to be!

Life isn't and shouldn't be a cake walk, although life can be simplified, if you are an artist life is your ultimate blank canvas, life is a block of clay and you are the ever turning pottery wheel, and just as that pottery wheel turns to shape your creation, you shape your ever changing life with every turn of the wheel and as the wheel of the year spins your personal mysteries are revealed unto you, what will be foretold is unknown, but the one thing that you can be sure of is that your life is no longer a blank canvas or an un-molded lump of clay, your life is a brilliant and beautiful painting that is awaiting your discovery and as a pioneer of life all you have to do is to lay claim to it by staking your ground, but in order to do that you must go from being a pacifist to becoming an activist, and while it is fine that you may seek the help of a practitioner, such as myself, you should never turn over the total responsibility of your life to another, I don't care who they are, if you have chosen to work with a magical man or woman, you still need to stay proactive in your approach, burn your candles, say your prayers, talk to the Goddess, it is time for you to make a commitment to yourself and you need to stop hoping that the floodgate of love is going to break open and spill your lover back into your lap, that is not Witchcraft, that is Wishcraft and while wishcraft works for some things, in situations where you have suffered the devastating impact of the loss of a lover you need a more direct approach, you need Witchcraft and if you are going to utilize it, you need to be prepared to focus on your desires and to stay proactive all the while without becoming fixated or obsessed with the one that you love, obsession works against you and will undermine your magic and will lessen its effect, I have seen this a hundred times over the years, those who readily achieve their goals through the use and practice of magic are the ones who are determined to let it work and to allow it room to manifest!

I know that love to you right now might smell as fowl as a rotting corpse that washed up on the riverbank in the spring after lying beneath a sheet of ice, after all it has been a long arduous winter and love for you is frozen in time, I know, every once in a while you just have to close your eyes hoping to get a glimpse of the last time that the two of you were together, and you long for the taste of your lover's kiss upon your lips and once more your heart aches and your body screams in a passionate agony, its only desire is to be tangled beneath the sheets and in the arms of that beautiful soul you long to hold, but, it is never going to happen if you give up, it is never going to happen if you lose your ability to believe in the goodness that is you, the question of the day is, are you going to continue to sabotage yourself? Are you going to allow your hopes and dreams to lay shattered upon the ground at your feet like chunks of broken ice? Or, are you going to take a proactive approach and get what you want and deserve?

Everything begins and ends with you, you are in control, life is your vessel and you are the captain, life is awaiting your call, life is awaiting your directive, so please stop making excuses for yourself and if there is any hope at all for you to reunite with your lover, stop stalking him or her, if things got so bad that your man or woman walked away, you have to address the core issues and yes I will be the first to tell you that someone else may have stole their heart by casting a love spell, that person may have even placed a hex or curse upon you so that you would become so confused that you would be unable to react, but I am here to tell you little darlings something, I too have used magic in my life, but I have also developed an understanding and a relationship with my higher-self, which is where the magic comes from in the first place, so with that said, I can help you, help is the operative word, because I cannot do everything that needs to be done, I can address the issues magically, but you still have to work on your mental state of mind and your emotional well-being and whatever you do don't confuse sexual desire with love, while both are valid, love is for the long haul, love itself can sustain a relationship and while sex is very important, the sexual desire will eventually peter out, level off like a limp member that missed its daily dose of viagra, so before you jump off into a love spell, stop and ask yourself if you are being driven by sexual desire or is it the real deal? Is it your heart that is on fire and burning or is it your tool or your tutu?

Look, at the risk of sounding a little graphic, life is not a huge dildo that is just looking to screw you over, we invite enough trouble into our life by hanging an open for business sign on our heart or by placing that dreaded welcome mat at our front door, (move it now!) let me put it another way, you were very selective when choosing a life mate and unless you are in life's oldest profession where you get paid to play (sex) and if you are, more power to you, far be it for me to judge, but my guess is that you probably don't run around town spreading your legs or allowing the locals to cop a feel at their pleasure, so why would you not be just as selective when choosing those whom you and your lover might socialize with, in situations where someone has used magic, be it black or white, to steal a lover from another, that person was involved in such a degree in the couples daily activities that allowed them access to the intimate details of the poor unsuspecting fools lives and thus gained a greater edge with the use of forceful magic!

You know in the craft, there is a bi-law, In perfect love and in perfect trust, and with that said I am a firm believer that laws are not written in stone and in some cases may even be broken, because when it comes to my heart and my man, I do not trust just anyone and while I may let you in, if you cross the line even just a fraction your ass is history and the magical warfare is on, you see in the nature religion the law of the jungle often applies and we don't blame our Goddess or God for our mishaps and we do not have a book to lay the blame on, so therefore we must be prepared to bear the responsibility for our actions and in some cases our inaction!

Magic requires action, self loathing, self denial and self pity will only bring you more misery, so why not take the time to heal and make your heart stronger? You need to create within yourself the lover that you desire, become one with your desires, live and lead by example, in doing so your life will become a virtual magnet and you will find yourself having to beat the opportunities off with a stick, life is filled with an endless amount of possibilities, but life is not for the faint at heart, and while there is no manuscript, there is a map and that map can be found within the chambers of your heart!

There is no shame in desiring another chance with the one that you love, unless you fail to act in a passionate and compassionate way, move forward your feet are mobile and they are not planted in the earth, take that first step, be good to yourself, give yourself permission to be happy in this lifetime, why wait until the next one? But wait, you will if you fail to learn your lessons, because you will repeat the same exact scenario in your next incarnation and while we are talking about shame, how do you think some of the most famous and most powerful people in the world have become that way? Fame and fortune didn't just fall at their feet, they learned to program their wants, needs and desires, I personally have many high-profile clients, and I can tell you that some very famous actors, actresses and millionaires have their own personal psychic or witch that they consult prior to making life altering decisions, magic has created massive fortunes with which there almost always seems to be a price and no your lover will not die if you cast a money spell, believe it or not clients have often asked that question, Phelan, if I cast a money spell will my lover die? I don't wish for that to happen, I don't wish for my money spell to manifest in that way so that I can collect his or her insurance, hmm, makes me wonder then why the question?

I will be the first Witch to tell you that I believe in an eye for an eye and fighting fire with fire, if someone intruded upon your lover and in my opinion if the one that you love is still reeling from the destruction of the relationship that the two of you shared and has not had time to properly deal with the emotional ramifications and to mentally put things into perspective it is an unwarranted intrusion on behalf of the individual who knowingly pursues someone who has just ended a relationship, can someone say rebound, therefore you have every right to pursue your lover with every ounce of magic that you can muster, if you are too emotional you best seek the help of a reputable practitioner and prepare yourself for the long haul, buckle up because at times the ride may get a bit bumpy and even seem a bit harsh, but just hang in there and keep your focus and believe in yourself and in your love, if your heart is pure and providing that love is the driving force you are okay to move forward with your plans to reunite with the one that you love, for that in which you contain within your heart, can also be held within the palms of your hands, for that which manifest outwardly is only made possible because it first existed inwardly!

May the Goddess gift you with the abundance of love and may she shower you with the rain of possibilities and may prosperity blossom at your feet and may you one day reap the sweet reward of your lovers serenade.

Blessed Be