Avoid Negative Karma

As the old year merges with the new, it is a time of reflection, a glance or two over the past will enlighten us as to what the future holds in store. Living in the past prevents life from happening in the future, now that doesn't mean that if you are trying to connect or reconnect with a loved one that you should just write him or her off, for there is a reason that you feel compelled to re-embrace the one that you love! The trick to a new beginning with the one that you love is bringing that connection out of the past and making it a part of your future, magic is at its best when the practitioner, or in this case the practitioner's client can see the possibility of a life lived with the one that they love, for if you can envision your desire within your minds eye you have already won half of the battle! The problem with most people when it comes to life altering events is fear, fear as we know can be a good thing, it can prevent one from succumbing to tragedy, but it can also grip one so tight that it prevents even the slightest possibility of manifesting their heart's desire, and we are here to live life to the fullest, to learn our life lessons through the interaction of our life mates, and yes it is possible to have more than one, and to settle our karmic debts with those that we have chosen to involve ourselves with.

I recently had a very interesting conversation with a young witch, a neophyte in the magical trenches who questions every aspect of her belief system, and she is a little lacking when it comes to faith in her magic, now one can be a witch and not be magical, because there are different sides to the equation, just like one can be a christian without being a preacher, now the likelihood of a witch lacking when it comes to magic is slim, after all embracing the Goddess oriented faith is magic unto itself, but this up and coming young witch has always had difficulty in relationships, and wants to take a vow of celibacy, which in my opinion has no place in the craft, for witches are some of the most expressive people you could ever want to meet when it comes to sex, and where love is concerned we have a flare for passion that's for sure, and just like I told my young friend life without love and sex is a life lived spiritually stumped!

My young friend's heart has been trampled on several times, and to let you in on a little known secret that is how we often grow spiritually, for it is through the interaction of those we seek to love that sets us apart from the rest of the human race on the planet, no two people love alike, the experience of love for you and for me is as different as our fingerprints, no two people have the same spirals attached to their fingers, and no two people have the same love map, we are unique, and our relationships are uniquely our own! With that said the knowledge and insight that we gain through our interaction with our lovers is also a very unique experience, allow me to present you with an example. Let's say that you were with your lover for three years, and during the course of your time together the one that you devoted yourself to just couldn't keep it in his pants, in my younger days I had real trouble keeping the old jeans buttoned, I tried don't get me wrong, but I trampled on a few hearts in my quest to find myself, and it was part of my process, and part of my spiritual growth, looking back today at an age where I can afford compassion I may try to do things differently, that is if I had to do it all over again, but it is doubtful!

Getting back to my example, I swear I write like I talk, I could ramble on for days! So you have been with your partner for three years, and as it turns out he was unfaithful to you during that time, now karma would dictate, indicate that you had a life-lesson attached to this individual, certainly during your latest interaction together you probably racked up some serious karmic debt that will somewhere along the line have to be settled before either of you can evolve into your next plane of existence, keeping in mind that karma can be good, bad or indifferent, and even in the worst situations speckles of light can be found, so not all bad! As you review your relationship you are shocked and surprised to hear that your ex-lover is with someone new, that he just cannot get enough of, and with a little more investigating you are even more shocked to find that he has become you in his new relationship, well in the respect that he now finds himself with someone that he pledges his undying love to, and means it this time, and his new lover has now taken on his old role of spreading it around, and we all know that if you spread the peanut butter too thin, the sandwich just isn't the same! In this scenario there are many life-lessons to be found, the one that jumps off the page is obviously fidelity or the lack thereof, staying true to the one that you love, thereby drawing that same energy to yourself, and keeping the one that you love true to you! As above, so below, as within, so without, life is best lived in a natural state, making a commitment that is realistic for you and having the courage and conviction of following through. In this situation the one who could not keep his pants up should have knuckled down and learned the lesson of being committed in the first place, instead he took the easy route and when he finally came to a place in life where he felt compelled to honor his commitment and obligation of maintaining a monogamous relationship, he found that he could not have that until he made amends to his past and settled his karmic obligation to the one that he was unfaithful too, through his actions he dug himself into a rut placing his feet upon a negative life-path that he will repeat again, and again until he gets it right! So many of us have been where you are setting right now, and the same principles of the above scenario can be applied to just about any situation

We cannot escape the life lessons that we have to learn, we can candy coat them, put them off, change the outcome and effect that the lessons have on our life through our own action, but escape them altogether is nearly impossible, just like my example above, the fellow who cheated on his partner went on to reap the same negative karma later in life, for what we project is what we attract, the difference in his path could have been determined by his own action, had he chosen not to cheat he would have avoided the negative repercussions that were exacted upon him as a result of negative karma, even if we find ourselves in a bad situation we can make it better by the way we choose to proceed, when life presents us with a difficult task the best thing that we can do is to take a step back, three if necessary and assess the situation, and weigh the pros and cons of our actions against the karmic price that we will ultimately pay shall we chose to ignore the warning signs that are blatantly displayed in front of us by the universe, and even if our action produces a negative result we can still balance it out by the positive approach to life that we take in the future.

When it comes to relationships, and specifically to the one that we love the heart may very well be the strongest muscle in the body, but where love is concerned it is the weakest, we can make the decision not to deal with a problem, and on an intellectual level we can decide that it is best not to interact with the one that we love and try to move on in life, but ultimately if the bond is strong and the love that we have for our life mate pure the desire in our heart will win the battle overriding the intellect, and increasing our desire to be with the one that we love and have committed ourselves to, and engaging in the magical approach to reunite with a lover is fine as long as the method of magic that is utilized pure, now it is entirely possible to produce results using a form of negative magic, but the results will not be lasting and the foundation in which the relationship resurrects upon will be unstable and faulty, and the karmic ramifications will be great, white magic is by far the best choice, and while it may take just a little longer to see results, the results that are produced will be long lasting and the foundation of the relationship will be solid, rock solid, and that doesn't mean that everything will be perfect, relationships require the patience of love after all, and not only is it important that we love our life mate, but we have to love ourselves enough to make the decision to take the high path in life and strive to be the best that we can be in order to grow and evolve spiritually, and that means finding a way to deal compassionately with those who may not agree with us or who may offend us, and as we struggle in life with our lessons the best that we can hope for is that someone will repay the favor of kindness that we have bestowed upon others. Life is often hard and complicated, the decisions that we make today will impact our future, and the magic that we cast today to the four corners of the universe will manifest somewhere down the road, it is far better to cast love upon the winds of change for what we project is what we attract, and love overrides negativity and negates the possibility of negative-karmic-ramifications in the future!

Blessed Be



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