Attracting Prosperity

Working with magic we have to learn to tap into the natural resources that reside within each of us, the planet is humming with energy, and there is no need for any man, woman, or child to live an impoverished life, I believe that as individuals we can change our circumstances at any interval, changing one's circumstance is as easy as changing one's mind, flip the switch, and the light goes on, flip it again and the light goes off, so it goes without saying that if you really open your eyes and take a look around, you will see the enormous potential to live a life enriched with silver and gold.

Prosperity flows to us through many different avenues; one may prosper emotionally in relationships, while another may prosper in material goods. It is up to each of us to decide how we will prosper in this lifetime, each of us must develop a plan of action and implement it, here is a very good example, you decide to open your energy up to the idea of becoming wealthy, or at least marginally increasing your wealth, you outline your plan by writing it down, when you put words down on paper you breathe life into them, the very words that I write here today are a living part of my energy, I am connected to the message, the content is born of my will and I am responsible for the energy that is omitted, the written and spoken word is very powerful, as you write or speak you thereby project your will unto the universe, the words are the catalyst and your will the magnet, as you do, so does your will, so, if you live life carefree, you will live a life that is a lot less stressful, but, if you live life always expecting the worse possible outcome, you will always manifest a mess for yourself to cleanup, and you will always be hindered, and you will never reach your golden potential.

Getting back to what I was saying earlier, developing a plan is useless unless you really implement it, outlining your goals by putting words down on paper will get the energy flowing, but it is not enough to manifest the fortune of your desire, remember that every action has a reaction, if you do not act, there is nothing for the universe to react too, writing this article brings back the memory of a client that I met a few years back, he complained always of his inability to attract money, he had been stuck in a dead-end job for five years that paid barely above minimum wage, in the process of talking to him I asked him besides going to work what else are you doing to get a better job or to attract money? He replied nothing, I just don't feel lucky, and then I asked him why don't you feel lucky? And he replied because the few times that I bought a lottery ticket I gained nothing, I played the scratch offs a few times, and nothing happened.

Well, here is what I had to say to him, you cannot seriously believe that the powers that be would just immediately hand you the winning ticket, and it is rare to be walking down the street and a sack full of money just falls from the sky and lands at your feet, I believe that each of us must pay our dues and build our luck, now, this doesn't mean spending every last dime to play the lottery, after all it takes only one ticket, but, that ticket is not going to find its way to someone with an "I can't attitude," nor, is it going to grace you with its presence if you lack a plan. My client above will in no doubt die a broken man, and it is really sad when you think about it, he spends all his energy feeling sorry for himself, clinging to desperation, when what he should be doing is searching for and embracing the solution, I think this happens with a lot of people, instead of searching for the fix, they spend all their time feeling badly because aspects of their lives are broken, and focusing on the broken aspects of our lives is not the answer, instead acknowledge the aspects that need to be fixed, and then spend that valuable energy in finding ways to attract the solution to yourself, like attracts like, what is broken, will crumble and fallout from beneath you like a bad foundation that a million dollar mansion was built on, but, repairing that foundation will only prove to make things better and your positive energy stronger, be strong in mind and pure in heart, for a strong mind and a pure heart makes for one hell of a strong magnet pulling and pulling your desires into manifestation!

There are steps that we must take to get our prosperity energy flowing, first we must realize that winning the lottery is possible, hitting the jackpot at the casino is possible, snagging a jackpot at bingo is possible, experiencing a life changing event is possible; in fact, all the above scenarios are possible, we are only limited by our own attitudes, and this is in all aspects of our lives and not just where prosperity is concerned, but, we can prosper in all areas, emotionally, we can attract a wealth of love, mentally, we can attract a wealth of knowledge, which by the way can lead to winning big in life, physically, we can attract a wealth of hot sex, great health, and a fabulous body, money is also a material manifestation, but, before we can manifest anything we have to first decide what we want, need and desire, and then we have to implement a way of materializing it, desire is fine, desire is simply not enough, desire it, energize it, live it, breathe it, sleep with it, become one with it, close your eyes and look inwardly with your minds eye, can you see it? Oh, come on now, you’re not blind, and even if you were sightless, your inner eye is never blinded, your inner voice is never silent, except when you ask it "to be," you are already wealthy, look within and unlock the knowledge, and once you unlock that vault, pull those tools from their crypt and use them!

I know that most of my clients are gamblers, people who dabble in magic are notorious for playing their games of chance, but, just because you play the lottery doesn't mean that you will win, and even if you win, how long do you think that money will last, without a plan? I am currently working with a client who has some very specific and realistic goals, when she asked me to work with her on her prosperity I told her that I needed a list of goals, I instructed her to tell me what she would do with the money that she wins from playing the lottery, and the first list that she provided me lacked luster, so, I rejected it, and I ask her to rewrite her list and send it to me again, and so she did, now for her privacy I am going to call her Marie.

Marie has incurred about 30 thousand dollars in credit card debt, all her accounts have been closed and she has a repossession against her and her house was foreclosed on, the great thing about Marie is that instead of focusing on all the debt that she absolutely could not even start to make a dent in, she acknowledged that she owes the money and she pledged to the universe her intent to repay her creditors, she devised a plan in which she will play the lottery, other games of chance, such as the slots, scratch offs and to keep herself afloat she has taken a second job, all which are very positive things, now, I do not go around advocating that anyone should play games of chance, that is a personal decision, but, I will say this, if you are going to gamble, approach the game with an open mind and a winning attitude and do not use the money that you would otherwise pay your bills with, remember that it only takes one ticket to win, a dollar investment could change your life forever, now, back to Marie.

The second list that Marie submitted to me was exactly what I was looking for, and I could tell that she had really given some thought to her desires and that she had not simply submitted a random list of I wants to me, for her list contained emotion, her list contained motion, motion is the act of doing, emotion is the need, the words that she wrote sizzled on the screen, and her list was nothing more than any red blooded being could expect or want out of life. The first thing that she outlined was her commitment to payoff her creditors; secondly, she wanted a new car, nothing fancy, as long as it was new and paid for and finally she wanted to purchase a condo for herself and pay cash for it so that she would always have a place to call home, Marie is single, no kids and she has never been married, she was the only child whose parents died when she was young, the last thing that she wrote to me was her desire to leave her money, car, belongings and condo to someone less fortunate on her passing, a selfless act of love and kindness, and I am sure that she scored a few very positive karmic points with the Gods, now, Marie is still a young and vibrant woman, fortyish or so, so I expect that unless there is a plan that I am unaware of she will be around for a very longtime to come.

The only thing that I disagreed with Marie on was the fact that she limited herself by capping the amount of her winnings, for she estimated that she would need about 250 thousand dollars, and of course, the man would get his share and she would have whatever is left after the greed of bureaucracy violated her winnings. Like I told Marie it is okay to have an estimate in mind for what you expect to pay for your items at large, but, Marie limited the flow of prosperity by naming a certain number, and like I told her why settle for 250 thousand dollars, when the universe may try to gift you with millions and millions, to date Marie and I have worked together for about a year, and while she has yet to win the big jackpot, she has laid claim to some sizable pools of money, she has already paid off her credit card debt, and since I explained to her that when we use credit cards that we are actually borrowing from our future prosperity energy, she has made the decision to snip and clip the cards, life is better lived in the now, and if we pay our way today the cost of living only gets better!

Marie defined her need, she then devised a plan of action, she carried out her plan by playing her chosen games of chance, and she followed through by paying off her debt to her creditors; in fact, she has become so good at drawing prosperity to herself that she was able to give up her second job about three months after she and I started working together, the universe will rarely bless those individuals who create negative karma for themselves by incurring bad debt and then asking for success and luck all the while ignoring the fact that they owe money to those individuals or institutions that entrusted them to live up to their obligations and to pay their debts, Marie and I have worked on many magical endeavors together, it took a great deal of cleansing and a good bit of spell casting to create a positive flow of energy for her, but, spell casting and energy cleansing alone would not have worked, it was the entire combination of energy that was put forth that allowed for her financial return.

Marie has not limited herself to playing the lottery alone, she lives in Alabama and she visits a casino that is about 20 minutes from her home, there she bets on the dogs, which as a dog lover I am really not for, but, hey to each their own, she plays bingo there and she plays a variety of slot machines, she sets aside a hundred dollars a week to gamble on, and in the process she has managed to create a way in which a second income flows through to her, being the nosey witch that I am, I asked Marie about how much she averages during a weekend, she said that it varies, but usually somewhere between 600 hundred and a 1,000 dollars, not too shabby for a woman who was one paycheck away from being homeless, but, nothing and I mean absolutely nothing would have worked out for Marie if she had continued approaching her life with an, I can't attitude! I am very happy that Marie has managed to create a second income for herself, she is finally doing something that she loves and it shows, you may as well say that Marie has developed a part-time weekend business for herself, and from what she told me in our last conversation she plans to take it fulltime very soon, and with that she has my blessing!

There are many different ways that one can manifest prosperity, starting a business, working hard at a job that offers a potential of a greater return on down the line, but, whatever road we choose to travel we have to keep moving, and we cannot allow ourselves to become discouraged, I am a firm believer that what we project is what we attract, if we develop our minds and we discipline ourselves to live life as we desire, the life that we desire will embrace us, the life that we desire will flow forth from the land of ideas where our dreams reside and manifest into our physical realities, there is no harm in dreaming, providing that our dreams are realistic and that we avoid the bubble of pipe dreams and that we are willing to work hard to bring that in which we dream of into reality!

Dream big and live large, for a life that is lived to the fullest, is a life lived well!

Prosperity And Abundance!

Blessed Be, Phelan

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