As Chaos Ensues

Procrastination and doubt are two of the toughest elements to overcome when casting a spell to manifest major change, procrastination is a downward spiral of self denial and doubt is nothing more than the concrete stamp of disapproval that we place upon ourselves, confirming our belief that we are unworthy of having a life filled with prosperity and love. Acceptance of self and a commitment to manifest positive change are two of the areas that we must strive to improve if we are ever going to proceed to the next level of our incarnation. There is absolutely no room for a defeatist attitude when attempting to effect positive change, and in the midst of the turmoil that may be taking place around us we have to find a way to focus on our specific needs and life goals, it is true that in many ways we are all connected, but, it is also true that our lives are uniquely our own and that we as individuals are not responsible for the mistakes that our neighbors make, that is unless we lent energy to their process, and if that is the case we too will share in their karma for better or for worse.

Here is a good example of what I am talking about, the economy is in bad shape and not only is the the ripple effect being felt here at home, but, all across this great land of ours it seems as though the world economy is suffering, huge corporations and banks are asking to be bailed out and individuals like you and me are facing job loss, foreclosures, repossession and even bankruptcy, and while all of this sounds bad and for the most part is a very negative thing to have happen, you and I cannot become caught up in the dramatic force that is taking place, much of what is happening is manifesting out of fear and as we already know fear is a very powerful and often a very negative emotion, but, the one thing that you and I can do during this crisis is to stay focused on our own individual needs and continue to stay proactive in our endeavors, for the absolute worse thing that we can do is to panic and to give into the fear and while we are all connected, each of us are dealing with our own individual realities and the reality of our situation is only what you and I choose to make of it, nothing more or nothing less.

During these troubled times we must batten down the hatches, secure our footing and create a life plan in which we are to follow, our finances must be prioritized and we must tune out the rhetoric and propaganda that our subconscious minds are being flooded with, a good way to do this is to limit our contact with the media, another words turn off the news and turn on some good sounding music, our lives tend to take on the vibration of the energy that we allow into our homes and the hum of the local news media is nothing more than a verbal assault on our inner ear, which will only prove to throw our equilibrium off and to knock our lives out of balance, and drive us to the point of hysteria.

When chaos ensues around us our best defense in order to minimize our own collateral damage is to focus on our own issues, the economy is bad, and life goes on, the economy is bad, and your need to reunite or reconnect with your lover is still great, the economy is bad, and your bills still need to be paid, so here is the solution, as individuals you and I cannot correct the world economy all by ourselves, that is a process that will take care of itself over a period of time and will be a united effort with our worldly counterparts , instead of worrying ourselves into a state of frenzy, we need to channel that energy into the areas of our lives that we as individuals need to improve, if your need is to reconnect with a lover that needs to be your focal point, if your need is to improve your own personal economy that should be your focus, as individuals we may not be able to solve the problematic areas of our society, but, if we focus on our own issues, and if we make the necessary changes that we need to make within the confines of our own lives, we can aid the overall energy and jumpstart the process that will eventually turn things around, and in the case of the economy, focusing energy as individuals into our own personal economy is a form of sympathetic magic, and for those of you who may not be familiar with sympathetic magic, it is the art of doing something on a smaller scale to effect change on a much greater scale, and by focusing on our own personal issues we become part of the greater solution, instead of adding to the nature of the problem!

There is a time for us to be our brother and sister's keeper, that is watching out for those whose means are less than ours, but, there is also a time when we must look out for what is in our own best interest first and foremost, and you and I are living through one of those times, but, that doesn't mean that we cannot or that we shouldn't help those around us as we can, because we should, lending aid to those who are less fortunate than ourselves is not only humane, but, it is a good way to secure some positive karma with the Universal forces at work, and it has been my experience that anything that is given freely to another and flows from the heart, only proves to return unto the sender threefold.

Working with magic, manipulating energy, and coaxing the elements to do our bidding should not be used as our only means of manifesting our desires, there is a whole slew of things that we can do to insure that as individuals our greatest desires meld into fruition, but, if one has chosen to follow the magical path, than he or she needs to dig deep and find the strength within to allow his or her magic to flow and to manifest without the interference of a negative attitude, a bad attitude and expressing self doubt is cancerous, and will spread like wildfire burning away any chance that your desires will manifest, if you are going to cast a spell to return your lover unto you, your focus should be on your lover's return and not on what he or she may be doing while absent from your life, and while communication is good, it is only good as long as it doesn't throw you into an emotional tailspin, if you cannot communicate with your lover without his or her words ripping away your certainty, then you need to halt communication until you are strong enough to deal with the situation with a level head and a clear mind, magic to reunite or unite lover's is probably one of the most difficult to accomplish, mainly because of the overly wrought emotions of those involved and in most cases where a client doesn't manifest his or her desires, it is because they refuse to calm down and to focus on their bottom line, look, I am human, and I too have strong winded emotions that run wild from time to time, but, I also know what it takes to weave magic and then to nurture it into fruition, and panicking, crying a river and turning to drugs or alcohol is not the way to manifest magic, and the other thing is that the time that it takes to manifest ones desire is never predetermined, each situation will manifest in its on way and in its on time and cannot be rushed, over the past few weeks I have received emails from potential clients that ask how long do you think it will take for my desire to reunite with my lover take, I see on your site that it has taken a long time for some of your clients to see their results, and while that is true, what they do not see there on the site is the chaos and turmoil that each of those clients put themselves and their lovers through and that only proved to delay their results even that much longer, you cannot hope to manifest positive change by continuing the same old negative behavior and changing that negative behavior is part of the process that each client must embark upon as part of his or her own personal journey in order for the true magical process to transcend the energy within his or her own life.

I hope that the Yule season finds you in good health and in the company of the ones that you love, love is the one energy that we can never spend too much of, love yourself and love the people that surround you, no matter how diverse they are, for within our differences is where our similarities can be found.

Blessed Be