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There are many different ways to manifest change in one's life, and if you are a religious person, a church may very well be a path for you to follow. As for myself, I am not religious, I am spiritual, and I believe in the natural laws of the Universe. One of the laws that immediately comes to mind is the Law of Cause And Effect. Every action being negative or positive, will have a reaction that is equal in force but opposite in nature.

I have heard many people complain that when they cast a spell or utilize the services of a magical practitioner that they didn't get the results they were looking for, some have even said that they got no results at all!

There could be a whole host of reasons why a scenario like the ones above may happen. Still, the one I have encountered the most often throughout the years while working with my clients is expecting too much, too fast! And an unwillingness to develop patience, before embarking upon a magical journey to effect change in your life, you need to stop and take a long hard look at yourself and the scene that you are dealing with; my feeling is that the mess you are in, did not happen overnight, and if you are honest with yourself you would have to see the truth for what it is.

The good news is that because you and I are magical beings, we can change anything about our life that we do not like; I, for one, believe that the metamorphosis of change begins at the moment that we make the decision, that we have had enough and change our attitude and outlook on life.

And also that we are no longer going to live life barely getting by, we are no longer going to live a life that is unfulfilling emotionally and financially, but, just as you and I can effect positive change within our life, we too can effect negative change within our lives as well!

And this happens a lot when one embarks upon a magical journey while clinging to delusions of grandeur. Instead, what they should be doing is taking a realistic approach to their magic and the changes they wish to manifest in their lives; unfortunately, most people expect significant life changes to manifest at the moment that a spell has been cast. It is through clinging to these grand expectations that most people set themselves up for failure instead of success.

If you have been hanging around my site for any length of time, you have already heard me say that magic cast for negative results will manifest a thousand times faster than magic cast for positive change.

The reason is that as emotional beings, we were nurtured from birth to see the negative side of everything; as children, we were told no! No, don't touch! And while I understand that our parents and caretakers meant well, they managed to set the tone for the rest of our lives, and not to mention when we became young adults and were told that we could be anyone or anything that we desired. Oh, boy! Was that a fleeting fantasy or what?

The majority of us were expected to grow up and obtain sensible jobs or lifelong civil service careers; in front of visitors, our parents praised us! Behind closed doors, in privacy, demands were made to carry on the family legacy and follow in their footsteps.

The worse case that I ever heard of was from a young woman who grew up in the projects in Atlanta. She was conditioned by her mother to live life on welfare and public assistance; her spirit was so beaten down by her mother that she attempted many times to take her own life! Luckily for her, she never succeeded, today she is married, and she owns her own business, her husband even helps her run it, and they have two kids and a beautiful home, her mother was also a victim, not by the system, but, she was victimized by her mother who lived off of welfare her entire life as well.

The legacy that we live in can be hereditary, as is the one that I have described above; the difference is that once we acknowledge the negative pattern that our life has taken on, we can do something about changing it.

Before coming to me for help, Carla had already decided that she was tired of living life as an observer; she knew that she had to take control fast, and within a year, she had turned it all around and moved out of public housing and she was able to get off of welfare, but, as I told her if she had continued to buy into the same propaganda that her mother and grandmother bought into, she would still be living life at a standard that was beneath her.

Now, that is not to say that folks on welfare are second-class citizens; my philosophy is plain and simple, we live in an abundance rich society, there is more than enough prosperity for all concerned, there should never be a reason why anyone should lack what they need. Now, I know that there are people who go to bed in this world every day hungry, there are people who have no place to live and seemingly have no one to care about or for them, but that is why we have angels in the world. The angels that I am speaking of are not the fairy winged little beings that hang around our crowns and annoy us; I am talking about those who live among us and have given countless hours of themselves in service to those less fortunate.

Carla changed her mind and her outlook on life, she developed a plan, and that plan included moving out of the projects and off of the system; she worked hard, and she turned on her magnet, and she drew the right energy to herself in order to manifest all of her desires.

Poverty is a disease; poverty is a distorted state of reality and a limited or impaired consciousness, poverty is a refusal of prosperity; after all, great responsibility tends to follow prosperity, and in the world that we live in, it is often easier to live life allowing others to prosper and to pay our way. Welfare should never be used as a means of lifelong support, but the system was built in such a way that it keeps people dependant upon the governmental body, which would cease to exist without its followers.

Recently, Angel and I visited a casino on one of our trips to North Carolina; we met a few people that we know from the circles that we travel in, there was a young lesbian couple in the group, and they tagged along with us as we played a few various machines.

We played for a few hours, and both Angel and I won a fairly good amount; winning definitely beats losing any day of the week, and that is the approach that we both take.

It is not often that we play games of chance, but, when we play, we play with a winning attitude, anyway, after we had gambled a few hours we decided that it was time to eat, we were spending the night at the hotel before proceeding the next day to our circle in Carolina.

Sasha, one of the young women, was decidedly upset, for she felt that her partner's attitude was the reason that they had lost, at that point, they were down about four hundred dollars ($400.00); well, since they were students of a friend of mine whose coven we visit from time to time I decided to be the voice of reason, and after they requested my input, I gladly obliged.

During the time that we gambled together, I noticed that Sasha was a little uptight and her partner Ruth was a lot more laidback, so I inquired as to which one of them had lost the bulk of the money. I already knew the answer, Sasha.

Sasha and Ruth come from very different backgrounds; Sasha was raised by a single dad who would squeeze a dime until ten pennies popped out, Ruth was raised by parents who frequented casinos, games of chance were a way of life, her father gambled for a living and her mother while not the professional gambler, she too followed suit, so taking a risk and a chance was easier for Ruth.

She was a lot more relaxed and laidback than Sasha was, which is the key to winning money, and that is also the key to winning in life. The ability to relax is crucial for those who cast spells or conduct rituals to effect positive change within our own lives; whether the change is for prosperity or love, we need to be able to approach our magic with a care-free attitude; care-free yes, careless no!

Relaxed and happy people tend to constantly attract the same energy to themselves, and in observing the two young ladies, it was easier to see that Ruth was happier than Sasha, and in talking with Sasha, she revealed that she felt as if she were constantly on edge, and like I told her until she could learn to relax that she needed to stay away from the casino and leave the gambling to Ruth, and then it was as if a light bulb went on in my head and I decided to run a little experiment.

I sent Ruth with Angel and told them to go gamble and have fun; Angel is, by the way, a natural when it comes to winning at the slots. He may not always win big, but he always wins, he has the right attitude, and he knows when to quit.

I took Sasha with me, and I gave her two hundred dollars for her to gamble with. I told her that I did not want her to worry about losing it; instead, I wanted her to simply focus on winning.

I played the slots while Sasha played, I broke even; however, Sasha was a good student, and she paid attention; for the first time in her life, she actually won! In all, she won about eight hundred dollars that night; she was ecstatic! She gave me my two hundred dollars back and offered to split her winnings with me, and of course, I refused, later we met up with Angel and Ruth, and to my surprise, they both had won!

It was a last-minute decision that took us to the casino and a chance encounter with a couple of people we knew. It was both prosperous financially and educational, and Sasha was able to relax because it was not her money that she was gambling with!

Magic manifests in many different ways, just today; one of my clients wrote to me and stated that she doesn't know how a prediction could be wrong or not come true, and just like I told her, predictions can fail or be delayed by our own actions, if our need is too strong or too great that will often hinder results from a magical casting.

If you cast a money spell and then gamble out of need, let's say to pay the bills and the rent, more than likely you'll lose a lot more than you will win, mainly because you are gambling and your situation is dire; therefore, you will be unable to relax enough to allow the money that you desire to flow through to you in the form of winnings.

Now, I have gambled out of need and won myself, so it can be done if you have the ability to approach the situation in a calm manner, but you can take two people and put them on the same machine, give them the same amount of money to play with and the person who is playing just to play will be the one who walks away a winner, I have seen this so many times! If you take a desperate approach to the game of life, you will live a life filled with desperation!

You cannot cast a spell out of desperation and expect positive-fast results; it just doesn't work like that! If you are trying to reunite with a lover and you constantly worry over who he is dating or doing, chances are "the one he will never be doing again" is you!

All the hysteria in the world is not going to bring back your lover; come on now! There is a little drama queen in all of us, even you macho-muchachos get a little crazy when you think about your lover lap dancing with another, but trouble and woes abound! If your lover wanted to be with a queen, he would be dating Rupaul. At some point, we have to find our still point, that quiet place inside where we can be at one with our higher self.

The place where we can bring everything into balance and gain greater insight as to what we are doing here in the first place, and take it from someone who has been on both sides of the coin.

I grew up dirt poor and never went a day without food; I was told right up until the day that I met Angel that because I am GAY, I would never have a long-term partner or family of my own! I am no longer poor, not rich by no stretch of the imagination, but live well and comfortably, and I have been with a wonderful Gay man for ten years now!

These are the things that I talk about when I tell you that anything in life is possible, I never thought of myself as much of a writer, and I know that I have a very pragmatic way of writing. I was told that I would never be published, and to date, I have been approached by three different publishers and asked to write a book.

I wrote a book for the first one and never took a dime; at the last minute, I decided to take my manuscript back and tore up the check, just didn't feel right to me, and as a Witch and Psychic, I have learned to go with my guttural feelings.

The publisher was a bit catty about the whole thing and told me that I would never be published, but guess what, I already have been! Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this article that I have just finished writing, and while it is published on my own website, I am published nonetheless! When the right publisher comes along that can see things my way; I will give the broomstick another twirl; until then, I will be more than happy to share what I have to say with those of you who visit me on the web.

You see, I am here to tell you that dreams of all sizes do come true; mine have, and so can yours! Just take an honest look at your approach and tweak what needs tweaking and learn to value your self-worth. I know that you are worthy of having a life filled with prosperity, abundance, and love; now all I have to do is to get you to believe it, believe! Not in me, but believe in the magic that is you!

Blessed Be! Phelan



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