A Shadow of Doubt

From the time that we draw our first breath, life is full of risk and it is the ultimate game of chance, in order to receive all of the benefits that life has to offer we must become skilled in the art of gambling, we must lose our inhibitions and embrace our life-path to the fullest, there are no right or wrong decisions to be made, each choice that we make comes with a set of circumstances and lessons that are uniquely its own, the same can be said for the life-path that we walk as individuals, it may seem as though everyone around us is sharing in the same experiences that we are and while there may be some similarities, for example heartbreak, suffering at the hands of a cheating spouse, financial difficulties, illnesses of all kind, on the surface these are all common issues that link us together, beneath the surface the lessons that are tied to each one of these issues are uniquely our own and you can bet that there are some pretty tough lessons to be learned from all that we deal with and go through!

Like attracts like, so it goes without saying that if you live your life out of fear, you will in no doubt attract situations to yourself that will only perpetuate your fear, fear itself can be healthy, it can even keep you alive, but, when fear is exploited and exaggerated, fear becomes the ruling force within one's life and the catalyst in which we will ultimately succumb to the power of darkness and gloom, it is through our deepest rooted fear that we attract people into our lives that only wish to take from us that in which we hold dear, envious people whose only motive is spawned from greed and the need to destroy anything that is good within their path, it is not that they are incapable of love or making money through increasing their own prosperity, because they are, believe it or not there are people who live among us whose only goal in life is to take from those around them, they prey on those who are weaker in mind and heart than they are, the emotionally vulnerable are a delicacy to these individuals, in essence people of this nature have no conscious, they lack the ability to have compassion for their victim, they are for all intended purposes a living-breathing Psychic Vampire and once they latch onto to a victim they will not let go until they have drained the life-force from that victim or until they are properly dealt with on a magical level!

To doubt your magic is to cast it out with yesterday's dirty dishwater

Everyday I receive hundreds of email from people who are trying to recover from a broken heart, some wish to reunite with a mate, while others simply wish to attract someone new into their life, some, not all of these individuals have at one point or another been a victim of a magical or psychic attack, some so severe that it may take many lifetimes for them to recover and to get their life back on track, many of the people that I work with as a result of Psychic attack have created some pretty serious negative life patterns that they must work to free themselves from before they are able to move forward and progress in this life or the next!

The law of attraction must be considered before embarking upon any magical working, the same holds true whether you are weaving a love, money, prosperity or protection spell, if you go into a magical working with doubt and fear in your heart, doubt and fear will grow on your magic like graveyard dirt on a headstone, graveyard dirt for those of you who may be wondering is not the actual dirt on the ground or even the dirt that covers the casket, it is not even dirt, true graveyard dirt is the old moldy grassy like substance that grows on the actual headstone, so anytime that a magical recipe calls for graveyard dirt you now know what and where to look for it at.

If you are casting a spell to bring your ex-lover back into your life and if you go into that spell wondering whether or not your magical casting will work, you may as well prepare to embrace failure, because as I am surely sitting here typing away on my keyboard you are setting yourself up for even more disappointment than what you have experienced through the loss of your loved one, to doubt your magic is to cast it out with yesterdays dirty dishwater, magic is a faith based practice, and even if you cannot have faith in magic, if your love is pure and your heart is light you should be able to muster up enough faith to believe in yourself and that in which you ask for from the powers that be, you know I try to instill this point in my clients, especially those who just don't seem to get it, to cast a spell is to make a request, to ask a favor if you will of the Gods, to cast a shadow of doubt over that spell is to insult the Gods, now, let me ask you this, when is the last time that you felt like doing someone who has insulted you a favor?

A pretty harsh reality indeed, but it doesn't have to be, you know I have clients who contact me after their initial working to ask whether or not they should have extra work performed, my response is pretty standard, I do not bait my clients to get them to order additional work, that is a decision that must come from within, for if it comes from within it is the right decision and when the decision to cast a spell comes from within it makes for even a more powerful casting, magic is truly a very personal thing, as well it should be and the fact that one may choose to work with a practitioner shouldn't make it any less personal, on that note I for one believe that the Goddess gave us all of these wonderful herbs and natural stones for us to use at our discretion, magic is also a learning process, if the Mother did not want us to use the tools she would not have provided them in the first place.

I have a client in Canada that is constantly questioning her magic, wondering if it is going to work or not, wondering why does it seem to work for all of my other clients and not her? Well, just take a short glance back at your line of questioning, my clients whose magic manifest does so because at some point they made a decision that they were going to allow their energy to flow unhindered, some of the people who have posted on the site have gone through all of the same scenarios, doubting, constantly questioning, wondering, whining and slumbering in sorrow and self pity, but at some point the light bulb in their head turned on like flipping a switch and the realization that staying the course was not the answer, sound familiar, where have I heard this phrase? Oh yes, I remember, that is the jingle that echoes within the halls of the White house!

Life and love, a game of chance

Recently one of my students asked me if casting multiple love spells was overkill, in some instances I suppose it could be, in situations where doubt has plagued ones magic and undermined the process I am convinced that what brought things into manifestation and returned a wayward lover was the casting of multiple spells, I can personally attest to this fact because some of my client's cases that I thought would never manifest did so after a series of spells had been weaved on behalf of a client who was having a difficult time focusing on the positive aspects of their desires, I recall writing something in reference to this in one of my articles, if you throw enough magic at something some of it is bound to stick sooner or later!

Life is a gamble, love too is a game of chance, but, there is one thing that is for certain, if you do not take a risk and put yourself out there you will never win anything, love is not just going to happen, when it does seem to just happen, it is because the timing was right, sometimes love needs a helping hand, a friendly little push in the right direction, a nudge, a wink and a nod, a love spell, love also needs to be protected, shielded from outside negative influences, the moth to the flame theory definitely applies where love is concerned, when ones light burns bright the dark forces of the Universe is naturally attracted to the glow, when love is abound, loneliness and despair is awaken within the chambers of the heart of those who seek to destroy all that is good and all that is held sacred and true by those who took a chance on love, hatred is the exact opposite of love and while hate is a very strong word it exists within the emptiness of those whose life path was chosen long ago and by those who have taken a vow to live life without acknowledging the consequences of their actions!

I am going to close this article by offering a little piece of advice, do not take the one that you love for granted and do not allow just anyone to intrude upon that in which you love and while giving and sharing is a good thing, take care and look twice at those you allow to enter the threshold of your home, for it may be true that one who is attacked within the confines of their abode has home court advantage, there is also an advantage that an intruder gains psychically or otherwise once he or she has managed to penetrate your fortress, all too often those who betray us are those whom we have accepted as our own and have given the keys to our Kingdom, once they have the keys what will stop them from taking as they please, psychic vampires are crafty creatures with survival instincts and with an insatiable appetite that constantly needs to be fed, do not allow yourself or your relationship to be the next meal, learn to shield and to magically protect yourself, your home and your relationship!

Blessed Be