A Proactive Approach

During the ritual or spell casting process it is highly imperative that you maintain a positive focus and it is just as important to stay focused on your goals after your rituals have been completed. Making the decision to take a proactive approach before starting any magical process is always a good idea, but it is never too late to take charge of your magic and to manifest your desires, I am sure that you have heard the old saying, "It is not over, until it is over!" I am a firm believer that as long as the breath of life is within, the opportunity to change the course and direction that we are sailing in is still very much present, all that is required of me and you is to tap into our esoteric being and release our magic upon the winds of change.

As a practitioner I have worked with clients from all walks of life and I can tell you that when it comes to love, it matters not whether a person is wealthy or poor, granted dealing with a broken heart may be a little easier when you are a person of means, but heartache is all the same and the pain that is felt from love that has shattered is as sharp as the day is long and when a love affair has ended prematurely and there are lessons left unlearned and karma left unfulfilled, the pain and loss of that relationship will be felt with a strong sense of regret, and a never ending feeling of failure!

Listen close to the following words, failure is simply not an option, through the esoteric process of spell casting and ritualistic magic all things can be accomplished, and although failure is not an option, it will and can become a reality if you refuse to allow your magic the room to flow and to work unhindered, free from the clutter of your negative mental state of being!

Casting a spell and then constantly questioning the validity of your magic will gravely undermine and weaken it and constantly worrying about how long it is going to take to manifest your desires will produce the same disastrous results, instead of wasting valuable energy worrying about whether or not your magic will manifest, you should be taking a proactive approach to make sure that it does, staying mindful of your desires and magically motivated will help you with the task at hand and focusing on how much your heart aches without the one that you love by your side will only perpetuate the energy of an already negative situation and prolong your agony, the day that you decided to follow a magical path to resolve your problems, should have been the day that you made a conscious decision to change your negative behavior into something positive, freeing yourself from the negative life patterns that you have fallen into, the harder you push trying to urge your desires into manifestation, the further away your desires will become and being that your desire is to reunite with the one that you love, in essence instead of drawing the one you love closer, you are pushing your lover away from you as if you developed a special love-repellent just for him or her!

I am a firm believer in staying magically motivated when it comes to manifesting my desires and goals, I do not believe in the overkill theory that some practitioners cling to, I do believe however that there are many different esoteric approaches that one may take in reference to utilizing magic for any given situation, for instance if you are working to reunite with a lover, not only are love spells useful, spells to jump-start or enhance communication would also be beneficial, a ritual to aid in the sexual attraction would also be a good compliment, and of course you have to look at the broad stroke of the situation, in many cases there are influences that need to be dealt with in a direct manner, such as friends or relatives who might be causing interference or even a rival who might be vying for your lovers affection.

Spells and rituals are meant to effect change and there are no definite time periods in which the energy from a ritual or spell may manifest, now there are certain spells which are cast to manifest results in one fashion or another in a specified time-frame, however, these types of spells are more of a crap-shoot in my opinion, anytime you place a time restraint on the energy of a ritual a mixed bag of nuts is likely, or you may produce just the opposite result of that in which you were working towards to begin with, I learned in my early years that it is best to put the energy out there and then ask the Goddess and powers that be for their blessing, otherwise one needs to be prepared for what is coming down the track!

The more that you worry about your lover sleeping with someone else, the higher the probability will become that he or she does, magic is pure energy, thoughts are pure energy, every single thought that you and I have are a part of us, everything on this planet was born from a thought, every invention at one point or another was simply an idea, and ideas are nothing but thoughts, it was the will and intent behind those ideas that brought their physical state of being into play, everything that you and I can feel, sense or touch was but an idea at one point or another, before our lives started you and I were nothing but a desire in our mothers heart and a mere twinkle in the eye of our dads, or in my case my sperm donor! (lol)

Cast your spells and conduct your rituals with a strong will and desire and throw your magic to the four corners of the universe and get on with your life, allow your heart to heal and sweep the cobwebs of deceit from the dark corners of your mind by enlightening your being with a dose of spiritualism, for there is no greater feeling of accomplishment than manifesting results through the casting of a spell or conducting of a ritual and there is no greater feeling of failure than to realize that you have totally destroyed the energy of your magic by clinging to the negativity of your past and reverting back to your old self destructive habits that created the mess that you are trying to purge yourself of!

When a spell is cast the esoteric wheels of change are set into motion, in fact the only reason to cast a spell or to conduct a ritual is to bring about change and keeping in mind that magic, whether it is dark or light is one in the same, the only thing separating the dark from the light is the intent of the practitioner, the will of the practicing witch will decide whether the magic is good, bad, black or white and when it comes to love spells whether you are trying to reconnect with a lover or perhaps attract a new lover altogether it is far better that your magic be kept pure, therefore your will and intent are highly important and it matters not whether you cast the spell or employ a practitioner to do your bidding, your actions and attitudes will impact the outcome of your work either way, for once a practitioner has conducted your rituals or spells his or her energy is withdrawn and then it becomes your chore to keep your magic flowing unhindered by maintaining a positive outlook and focus and by staying mindful and proactive in your magical approach.

Staying proactive in your magical approach can include the casting of other spells and rituals that compliment your desires and advance your goals, you can also meditate, light candles and incense, utilize affirmations on a daily basis and if you are working to unite or reunite with a lover you should not overly obsess with whom your lover may or may not be dating, every time you picture the one you love in someones arms other than your own, it is the same as if you set the two of them up on a date, because thoughts are real energy and you are projecting that energy towards them, you are doing nothing more than giving away your own personal power and setting yourself up for defeat and reinforcing the connection that the one you love may be developing with someone else, instead you have to learn to program your thought process, you have to learn to picture the outcome you desire from your spells and rituals, your attitude has to become a beacon of your desire, part of any magical process dealing with love, especially where reuniting with a lover is the focus should include a healing period where the focus is on freeing yourself from the entanglement of past heartbreak, in order to move forward in life and yes, even if your desire is to reconnect with a lover, you want to move forward, you want to take that relationship to a different level, you do not want to reunite with your lover and resume the same relationship that ended, if you do, it will just end again and probably the next go around it will be for good with no hope of reconciling, it is true that we cannot go back and rewrite history, but we can recreate our life path anytime that we have the mind to do so, and in recreating our life path we can program our future to be what we most desire it to be, we have control over our life and our destiny, and we do not have to succumb to defeat, we don't have to listen to those around us whose only intentions are to impeded and to stunt our spiritual growth and process.

In closing, I just want to say that I have personally experienced the misfortune of heart break, it is also a common element with the people with whom I work with and while my practice affords me the opportunity to counsel those who are seeking to enhance their prosperity, uncross and cleanse their energy, shield themselves and their loved ones, the bulk of my clientele are those whose hearts have been trampled upon and mangled in an array of assaults suffered upon the great battlefield of love, and try as I may, to recall a time when I was told that life and love would be easy, I cannot, because from an early age I was taught and told that whatever I wanted in life I was going to have to take, because nothing would ever be handed to me and anything worth having in life comes with a price that each of us must pay and the only way to manifest your desires was to work for them and learn not to allow those whose intentions of keeping you down to be a deciding factor in your life!

Knowledge is the key to success in life, it doesn't matter what you do for a living or what your spiritual or religious background may be, if you fail to educate yourself about the personal path you must walk in this life, you will then walk your path stumbling head-on into ignorance and you will suffer one tragic loss after another, and ignorance is a refusal of the light, one should always strive to learn and to grow and wisdom is gleamed through the knowledge that is collected.

Blessed Be



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