A Mirror In Time!

True beauty can only be found through love, love of self, and respect for all life should be the ultimate goal for all who reside on Mother Earth, everything that exists on the planet is made up of a series of vibrations; inanimate objects vibrate at much lower frequency than their animate counterparts, an inanimate object cannot feel or react emotionally, a car would be considered an inanimate object, you and I are considered animate objects because we have the capability to feel emotionally, and we possess a soul.

I believe that life should be lived and experienced to the fullest, the length of our life is not as important as the quality of life, a life lived well and balanced within nature will be a life long lived!

The world is made up of a largely diverse group of people, and every aspect of life is meant to be experienced, at some point on the turn of the wheel the richest of men in this life experienced poverty in one of their other incarnations, karma as we know cannot be escaped, but I do believe that as living, breathing, intelligent beings that we have the capability to change anything within our own personal sphere that we desire to change, providing that we are motivated to do so!

Desire is the key to the successful outcome of any task that we embark upon, if you do not have a true desire to succeed in life you will surely fail at living, you will receive a huge F on your Universal Of Life Report Card! Motivation is ultimately derived at through our desires, you may think that you want to be financially successful, but unless you are driven, unless you have a passion to be financially successful and secure you will not be!

I personally believe that when we are dealing with difficulties in life, such as in relationships, the answer to our problems can be found within the framework that makes us who we are, we posses the key within our own psyche to unlock our Life's Treasure Chest, and our greatest mysteries are contained within our Treasure Chest, a life full of questions and answers can be found with a turn of the key, however, most of us are waiting for someone else to show us our path, we are waiting for someone else to put the key in the lock and give it a turn, and while we wait life passes us by, and our life lessons are made harder than they had to be due to a lack of desire and motivation!

I have a very low tolerance for people who whine, cry, and complain about how hard life is, life does not owe any of us anything, life was not meant to be easy, if it were there would be no point to it, if everything that we desire was lavishly bestowed upon us we would find another reason to be unhappy, we would find another reason to complain!

When I hear someone say that I have done everything that I could do to change my circumstances, and yet they remain the same, I say do more, get a grip, take a step or two back, and reevaluate your situation, develop, redevelop, hash, and rehash your plans until you find one that will work!

If you are giving up, or even considering giving up on your desires, well it couldn't have meant that much to you in the first place, I just love those individuals who come to me one day and ask for help, and three days later decide that it is too hard and too difficult, if this situation describes you, well you are unworthy of obtaining that in which you seek, and what you are seeking is obviously vibrating on a much higher frequency than you are and it is simply out of your reach, this may sound a bit harsh, but it is the plain fact of the matter!

Recently a client that I have been working with on some prosperity issues wrote me and complained that her situation has yet to improve, in the letter she was venting and carrying on about how much a root bag cost her, which by the way is a tool that is utilized by the user to attract, and to draw forth the desired energy, the purchase of a root bag or even a spell is not going to guarantee the desired results, and if you have worked with me or taken the time to read through some of the articles that I have written by now you should understand that.

�To complain about ones magical tools cheapens it, and will lessen it's energy and effectiveness�

I feel that I cannot stress this enough, when I perform a spell on the behalf of a client, that is exactly what I am doing, and the only time my attitude, thought process or feelings will impact or influence the outcome of a clients work is during the actual process of casting the spell, why?

Because I am not attached to the situation, once I have finished casting a spell for a client, my clients attitude, thought process and actions are far more important than that of my own, and will greatly determine the outcome of their work, and the manifestation of their desires, and it is for this reason that many of you often hear me say stay focused, stay positive, and inevitably I hear, focus on what? Stay positive about what? These questions often make me want to smack someone; if you have to ask obviously you haven't really given much thought to your desires in the first place!

Let me break it down for you! If you are having a love spell performed to reunite with someone, once it is done you focus on reuniting with that person, and you stay positive about the fact that you will indeed reunite with that person one day! When exactly I cannot tell you, nor can anyone else honestly tell you that, why? Because your actions and thoughts will impact the flow of energy, and energy just like a fasting moving freight train can derail, and can be diverted from its course!

Thoughts are living things, pure energy, and energy is free flowing and ever moving so ask yourself this, where do all the self defeating thoughts that I have about my desire to reunite with the one that I love flow to? It flows to the one that you love and pushes him/her further and further away, by focusing on the negative you are reinforcing it, you are giving it power over you and your life, the same can be said about the overly obsessed individual who spends every waking moment locked in a fantasy with the object of their desire, if you are obsessed with someone it is not love, in fact it is unhealthy, get a grip Glenn Close, and we all know how that ended!!

Love is not meant to be a Fatal Attraction, it is meant to flow from the heart, and love is not always perfect, and our love is not always reciprocated by the one that we love, and love by no stretch of the imagination always comes easy.

The purpose of casting a love spell, or any spell for that matter is to create an opportunity, to open a door, to give us an entry way, a means of connecting or reconnecting with the one that we love, once that door is open it is entirely up to us to take the steps to walk through it, if you have made an emotional investment into a relationship that has gone wrong, and if you have a true desire for closure, or attempting to make a mends and repairing the damage to your relationship you have every right to do so as long as your actions do not cause harm to yourself or to another.

The bottom line to successfully fulfilling our karmic responsibilities is self-discovery, the people that we are involved with are here to act as a mirror for us, and we too act as a mirror for them, it is an exchange of energy, we are meant to learn from one another, and once there is nothing more for us to teach and exchange with each other it is time to progress, it is time to move forward because we have fulfilled our karmic obligation to one another, our lessons have been learned well, on the other hand a relationship that is volatile and full of strife is chopped full of lessons and may take us many, many lifetimes to get it right, and to learn all that we need to learn in order to successfully move on, and to grow spiritually.

If you are dealing with difficulties in a relationship you are not alone, after all it takes two to tango, if you are hurting, if you are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders after a bad breakup, stop just a moment and ask yourself how your partner must be feeling, even if he or she is the one who instigated the breakup doesn't mean that their pain is any less, when you have connected, and I mean really connected with someone it is hard to end a relationship without getting hurt, even if you are the one who brings things to a close!

Here is my last bit of advice before I complete this article, love yourself, take responsibility for your actions, do not be afraid of change, change brings forth new beginnings, do not settle for second best, always make yourself a priority in your life, because if you don't, you cannot expect someone else to make you a priority in theirs.

Look in the mirror and praise who you are, embrace yourself by embracing life, and if you choose to go the magical route to aid you on your journey, and to assist you in opening life's doors, do not put all of your faith in me or any other practitioner, to do so is to misplace your faith, and to undermine your own spiritual path and growth!

There is no harm in casting a spell or even having one cast for you, but keep your motives pure and your heart light, and always stay open to all of the possibilities that the Universe may hold in store for you, if you don't you may miss out on something truly wonderful and life altering!

Blessed Be!


Oh Mirror Of Mine

In your eyes I see me, a lifetime of love, a lifetime of lessons, our energy is interchangeable and our hearts are interlocked, your reflection is what I seek, your reflection looking back at me, strangely it seems as though we are one, two halves that make up the whole, and yet we stand here separate from the other with our hearts beating as one!

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