A Blessed Initiation!

Today as I walked through the woods I met a lady dressed in black, she wore upon her head a long pointed hat, in her hand she carried a broom made of straw, upon her shoulder sat a raven black as all.

Silently I stood there trying to be brave, though somehow I knew that I would soon be her slave! Slowly she approached with her arms opened wide, and I knew I was in trouble for I had no place to hide.

She gazed at me for a moment, and then held me tight, she said child come with me and let us dance in the Moon light, and with a wisp of her broom she turned, and into the mist she swayed, and as I followed close behind her, tears of relief flowed from my eyes, and the fear in my heart I set aside!

Together we walked a path long and dark searching for that special place to dance in the moon light, that night as we danced I was set free, and soon I would learn the meaning of Blessed Be!

The Moon started to fade as twilight turned to day, and these words she spoke before she flew away, son take pride, and follow your heart, from your path may you never part, may the Goddess guide you, and provide you with the courage and knowledge to last, and until the day that we meet again, may you be forever, Blessed Be!

Now when I walk, I walk in the Moon light, never again to fear the night, so my friend I say to thee, come, take my hand and walk with me!

Blessed Be!

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