A Beltane Message!

My love has grown stronger and my desire evermore intense, the days that I have spent without you have been long and meaningless, the nights even more frigid, as the thought of you laying in the arms of another crosses my mind, I cannot erase that image as it lingers, oh, the pain, the pain that I must go through, the pain that I put myself through, in agony I scream as the thoughts of days gone by race through my mind, days that I may never reclaim, and the visions of memories that could have been, memories that I may never have the chance to create with the one that I love!

Memories that were stolen away from me by a cruel and uncaring manipulator, memories that in time shall be used against me, like weapons of mass destruction, weapons aimed at my very soul, oh beloved, how I long for your love and affection, for your love has always sustained me, and your kisses, your sweet, sweet kisses have given me the strength to carry on when I was at my weakest, but what must I do now? How must I carry on without you here?

Why has this happened and how can this be? How can a love once strong diminish and fade to nothing? How can feelings of love tarnish to hatred, and feelings of rejoice turn to regret? Explain this to me for I have so many unanswered questions, explain this to me so that I may understand, explain this to me so that I may once again live life or at least pick up the pieces!

Explain these things to me my love, for your silence is deafening, and cuts me to my very core, the treatment that I have felt from you one could expect from a mere stranger, but your silence and lack of explanation has left me with an open void, a void that without you here will take ten lifetimes to fill!

Try as I may my heart just won't heal, it would have been a kinder deed, indeed, had you planted a knife through my heart, but instead you chose to wound me, it was as though you wanted to see me flounder around like a fish out of water, flailing about, gasping for air trying to hang on to the last shred of life within my body, life remains although my spirit has grown dim, a light once bright with love has been sadden with loneliness and with despair, but I will not break, I will bend like the willow, and I will cry like the wind howling upon a stormy night, and I will unleash my tears upon the Universe and I will regain my strength in the knowledge that one day you will return to me, and my life once again will be made whole, and my enemies, those who took you from me will fall, for power gained through deceit will ultimately lead to self defeat, and their lies and their malicious ways will catch up with them, and my vengeance will be seen through a life lived well, a life filled with love, dignity and self respect, a life lived in dedication to the Goddess and her consort, a life that reflects the laws that we must live by, no my friend, not the laws created by man, but the laws created by the land, laws that defy the cruel hand of mankind, laws that say we must respect all life, and that we must protect the ways of old, all that exist has its time and its place, and to all things that have a beginning there must be an ending, and so it is seen within nature, as the seasons change so do we, as the Earth heals herself, so shall we, never lose hope and never give up, for as surely as your pain began it will end, do not look back on yesterday with tears of sorrow, and never regret what you have lived through or where you came from, live and let live, enjoy each day to the fullest and focus on tomorrow!

Blessed Beltane!


My pain is strong, but my will is stronger, and just like the seasons pass, so shall my pain, in all things there is a beginning and an end, it is time for this pain to come to an end, and for my heart to heal and for me to live again!

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