2020, The Year Of Covid

To many people, 2020 will always be the year of massive despair and death. The divisiveness caused in our country by a deranged man's deliberate acts will be one for the history books. We all know that there are things that separate us, our differences.

During a crisis, we should be able to lay aside our differences and come together as one group of people to fend off that which intends to kill us all! The sad reality is that we are still being stalked by an unseen predator, one that has no face and kills without discretion!

It seems as though we are always fighting, neighbor against neighbor, sister against sister, and brother against brother. We fight in resistance to someone else's religion; we don't like that they believe in a God different from our own. We hate the people across the street because they are gay and they have a child! 

There is too much violence, too much destruction, and too much death in the world in which we live. I know that we will not always get along; I know that I may represent controversy in your world and you in mine. These are surface issues; if we take the time to get to know one another, we might find a common thread just below the surface that links us together, humanity. 

Speaking of violence, the attack recently on our Nation's Capital was a strike at the heart of our democracy. That attack didn't hurt one group; it hurt all of us and brought shame to the face of America!

There is no doubt that the attack was instigated by the man who held the highest office in our land. He and his minions incited a violent riot that resulted in innocent lives lost and our democracy desecrated! It was a treasonous act that should not go unpunished, and those involved should bear the full weight of the harshest sentence! 

People who are not critical thinkers are the ones they went after; they were the easiest ones to influence. Resist wearing a face mask; it is against your rights. Meanwhile, they were picking up the virus and infecting the most vulnerable in their households. 

If someone lacks critical thinking, it is easier to poison their minds. As I sit here now, I can't help but wonder how those people who infected a loved one even lost a loved one; how do they feel now? Would they be led blindly again by a man with no compassion, a psychopath with no empathy? 

Our mistake was allowing a man with no political background to become president! Too many people drank from his poisonous well. They thought that some of his gold dust would somehow rub off onto them, making them rich! Hard work, self-belief, and a dedication to your craft are what will make you rich! There is more than enough prosperity, wealth, and money to go around, poverty shouldn't be an issue, and neither should wealth redistribution. Newsflash, every time the government takes money from the funds you labored for that is wealth redistribution!

The inauguration was yesterday, and immediately a sense of calmness and unity lingered in the air. It was as if magic had moved to Washington D.C., and in many ways, it had. 

2020, and all the sadness is behind us, and those of us left standing still have a tomorrow, another opportunity to make a difference. What we need to do today is to work to be our best selves "When they go low, we go high."  

I see through your eyes into your soul, and you are my brother, you are my sister, we are not always going to agree, but we do not have to take the civility out of the conversation. We do not have to allow anger to be at the forefront of our discussions; I need to see you, and you need to see me, and we both need to know that the world we live in is dying from the excessive abuse that we have heaved upon her. 

We all have aspirations that we are entitled to as long as we are willing to put the work forth. Who cares what name you call your God by. Why do you care that I am a man who has loved another man for 22 years? Much longer than a lot of heterosexual couples that I know. 

Again, these are surface issues. We have more significant humanitarian problems ahead of us that will destroy the very fabric of our world left unattended; we need to tend to the gardens of our lives.

We need to stop the senseless bickering and fighting; our future and the future of our kids depends on what we do today to make tomorrow a better place to live. I wish you the best that 2021 holds in store for you and your family. May you stay safe and wear a face mask to keep your family and the ones you love safe. May the Goddess shine her light into the darkest corners of your lives. 

With Athame in hand, I ring my bell three times in honor of life! 

 Blessed be, Phelan


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