Hand-Fasting Ceremony

 This is a very powerful ceremony that binds the heart and the hands of two people together. I will need names, dates of birth, long and short-term goals for your relationship. Provide me with the names of anyone who opposes your relationship. Blessed be, Phelan


Summer Solstice

Sacred Seal Of Venus Symbolic Hand-fasting At Summer Solstice

Sacred Seal Of Venus: I have decided to hold a very special ritual for Beltane, in honor of an old Wiccan tradition called Hand-Fasting. Please provide me with information that led up to your breakup, divorce or separation, whatever the case may be, please provide this information via your profile at the time that you place your order and I will also need symbolic vows written from you to your lover.

The first part of the ritual will focus on releasing negative energy, renewing, and replenishing the energy between you and your Life-Mate and we will work to restore communication and breakdown the barriers that hinder your desires and keep them from manifesting.

The second half of the ritual will include a sacred seal of Venus Hand-Fasting commitment/marriage ceremony, this ritual as all my rituals are open to both my straight and gay clients, every single ritual that I do is tailored specifically to my client's needs and desires.  (7 Spots Available)

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Sacred Seal Of Venus Symbolic Handfasting At Summer Solstice N/A 06/21/2018 - 07/04/2018
Handfasting Ceremony N/A 06/21/2018 - 06/28/2018
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