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A Witch s Journey | Wiccan | Wicca | Light | Dark

A journey of a male witch through the light and dark forces of nature.

Immanence | Magic | Love Spells | Reuniting Lovers | Witch

Magic should always be immanent within your life, just as the Goddess, and God are!

Ouija Boards | Hallowmas Spells | Spirit Posessions

Hallowmas is the time of year that the veil between our world, and the world of the unseen parts, allowing the spirits of those who have gone before us to cross from their world back into ours...

The Haunting Of Joseph | Psychic Energy

Psychic energy is all around us, when a body dies the soul lives on, no energy is ever lost and therefore when the incarnation of a soul is abruptly cut short that soul may find itself earthbound and in some cases it may seem as though the soul...

Male Witch or Warlock

he only difference between a male witch, and a female witch, is their genders. To call a male witch, a warlock is highly offensive. A warlock is a witch...

Releasing Oscar | Ghosts | Entities And Psychic Vampires

The use of drugs and alcohol will induce an altered state of reality, often leaving one alone at the wheel of his own devices. Alcohol especially has a harsh effect on our bodies, minds and our souls...

October Moon | Hallowmas

The onset of October's Blood Moon marks the season of the Witch's new year, Hallowmas, a time of new beginnings, a universal shift in the earth's energy is about to take place and an unmistakable presence of magic is in the air...

The Harvest Moon Fades | Motion | Faith | Believe in Yourself

The Harvest Moon has come and gone and the warm days of September are quickly fading, as the Witch's new year approaches, sitting here before my computer I recall those friends...

Psychic Tapping | Light And Dark Magic

Energy is fluid and free-flowing, and while energy cannot be possessed, as it is not a possession, energy tapped into and harnessed can be manipulated for whatever esoteric agenda you may have...

Torn Between Two Lovers | Love Triangles

Torn between two lovers, feeling like a fool, loving you both is breaking all the rules! Loving two people does not break all of the rules, but, having two lovers and leading them to believe that they are the only one in your life, does, break all of the

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