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Reuniting Lovers

kundalini binding packageLove is a beautiful and grand thing, it is a timeless wonder! When you are in love everything looks and feels differently than it did before, when your love is reciprocated by the one that you desire it makes everything seem worthwhile and those precious moments that you share will seemingly stand still, frozen forever in your heart and etched in your mind like a sculpture chiseled in stone!

Yes, love is wonderful, but when love is torn apart unnaturally by individuals who are jealous and envious of what you have and what you hold, it can and often does turn into an emotional nightmare and the love that once lifted your emotions high into the ethers and filled your heart with passion, compassion and the feeling of euphoria can bring you crashing to your knees!

Through my dealings with my clients I have witnessed firsthand the devastation that results from thoughtless acts of cruelty dished out by individuals who are incapable of love and whose only goal in life is to destroy anything and everything that love stands for, when someone interferes with the relationship of another out of malice, it creates a ripple effect and it prevents those individuals from fulfilling the natural flow of their karma together.

In most situations where someone has stolen a lover away from another it doesn't last, their motives were not to really have that individual and to maintain an ongoing relationship with them, instead their motives were to control and manipulate the situation and to reinforce their power and control, in essence that is exactly what they are looking to gain, power and control!

They are not the least bit interested in love for as surely as the day is long once they have gotten everything that they can from the one that you love, they will wring them out and toss them aside like a used dish rag!

I see this all the time when I am working with clients whose lover, ex husband or wife was taken away, swept away by a thief in the night like a tornado that rips through a trailer park, I have even had clients whose loved one married their captor to later come to realize that they never loved that individual and could not come up with any kind of a rational explanation as to why the marriage took place or why they left the one that they loved to pursue someone else in the first place.

There could be many explanations and some practitioners may tell you that black magic is at play and it could be, but negative energy is magic all unto itself and doesn't really require a thorough working knowledge to be effective, in fact someone can perform a negative spell simply by allowing their dark thoughts and energy to take control, it takes far less energy and knowledge to do something bad or negative than it does to do something good, this is the main reason that we have so much meanness, nastiness and misery in the world in the first place!

I have had great success in working with my clients to unite or reunite them with their loved ones. If the one that you love has been taken from you by a force other than that of their own accord or if someone has maliciously interfered or wrecked havoc upon your life and has caused your relationship to come to an end, you have been a victim of emotional sabotage and you deserve a second chance to rebuild happiness and to fulfill your karma with the one that you love.

The following uniting/reuniting ritual is what I use most often in assisting my clients with matters of the heart and overcoming their greatest obstacles, if you are coming from a place of love and that is the driving force behind your motivation I will be glad to work with you to formulate a solution that will resolve your problems and peacefully return the one that you love unto you.

You will need to keep in mind that magic is a very private and personal matter, and results will not manifest overnight.

I cannot and will not tell you when you will receive results from any work that I may do for you, practitioners who make outlandish guarantees or claim to produce results in a matter of minutes, hours or days are not trying to help you and in fact it is my opinion that they do not have your best interest at heart, magic has no set time frame in which results are produce, magic is on it's own schedule and it cannot and will not be rushed and the more you push to try and force results the longer it will take to see any, there are many factors that come into play and in most cases when someone gets fast results it is because all of the conditions were right and their energy balanced.

Although I am a very positive individual the fact of the matter is that any spell that I cast on your behalf relies greatly on your ability to stay focused on your goals, for you are the petitioner of the rituals and to keep the energy flowing in a positive manner you must stay positively focused on your goals! The way that you do this, is by focusing your energy and will into the positive aspects of your desire's and do not focus on the negative side of things!

"Where love spells are concerned the bottom line is that the connection is between you and the one that you desire to connect with, the one that you love and your thoughts, actions, and attitude will determine the results that you reap from your workings!"

Kundalini Binding Package

The following package is done in the steps that I have outlined below, each individual situation is unique and must be fine tuned, while I am working and casting spells on your behalf I suggest that you put forth as much positive energy into manifesting your overall goals that you can, this can be done through simple meditation, visualization or the lighting of candles and the burning of incense, whatever technique that you prefer to use; the main thing is for you to get focused on your desires and allow the energy to flow without obsessing over the one that you love, if you are obsessed it is not love, it is control, so please keep that in mind!

Cleansing and Uncrossing: A cleansing and uncrossing is necessary in order to remove the negative energy that has manifested in the flow of your love energy, if your desire is to reunite with a lover the cleansing process is conducted in such a way as to remove the negative blocks between the two of you, the initial cleansing will be conducted over a thirteen day period and we will focus on removing blocks in the area of communication, love, prosperity as well as the physical attributes of the relationship, such as the sexual desire and attraction.

Kundalini binding Ritual: The Kundalini deals with base energy, however I have taken it a step further and developed a ritual in which we focus on the Sexual and Spiritual aspects of the two people that we are working to unite or reunite. The Kundalini tends to build and strengthen the sexual desire and the need for your intended to connect or reconnect with you in both a sexual and spiritual way and it often takes away the sexual desire that has developed between your lover and the person that intruded upon your relationship. (The person that he or she is currently with)

Love Spell Casting: This is a binding of energies between two people that focuses heavily on the emotional and mental aspects of the relationship, building and rebuilding the love energy and desire, and getting the communication flowing effectively once again, a love spell can also be used for the purpose of attracting someone into your life for the first time.

Once you have made payment for the work to be performed and if you have not already done so you will need to register for a profile on Malewitch so that you and I will be able to communicate. I also ask that you provide me with names and dates of birth along with short and long term goals for your relationship. You can also add pictures to your profile through the my pictures link on your profile, I use pictures during the healing and cleansing part of your ritual.

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