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This is a process that I have used for myself in the past, as well as for friends and family, and it is a process that has helped situations that I felt were otherwise hopeless; thank goodness that those situations are far and few between, the details of the ritual are outlined below.

Day One: Clearing, a ritual will be conducted to clear away the negative vibes hindering your love energy flow. Day one will represent the essence of your bond, the bond of your lover, and your creator's bond, whose help is needed to restore order unto your lives.

Day Two: Repelling, a ritual will be conducted to repel the negative energy thrust upon your relationship and beckon the moon to illuminate the pathway from your lover's heart to yours.

Day Three: Attraction, a ritual will be conducted to jump-start your energy and turn on your magnet to draw forth your love desires and to beckon lady luck to bless the union between you and your lover with a threefold kiss.

Day Four: Balance, a ritual will be conducted to restore the balance between you and your lover and to lay the foundation upon which a future relationship will be built.

Day Five: Compelling, a ritual will be conducted to compel your lover to lighten their heart and reenter and allow the two of you to progress in life together.

Day Six: Rhythm, a rhythm of life ritual, will be conducted to restore harmony and peace between you and your lover and to request that our Lady Venus bless your union with her tender touch of love.

Day Seven: Completion, seven denotes completion, and on this day, we will conduct a ritual to bring closure to the distorted reality that you and your lover's relationship has taken on. Finally, we will beckon the aid of the universe to clear the path for your relationship to resume once again.

Day Eight: Involvement, a ritual that will involve your chosen one in all aspects of your union; this ritual will create a need for a point of contact between the two of you and build from there.

Day Nine: Love, a love spell will be cast upon the winds of change, and we will beckon the star and the lotus to help in returning the elements of love swiftly into the hearts of you and your lovers.

Four days after the ritual has concluded, the ritual will then be sealed with a core-binding union spell; please give me names, dates of birth, and a brief description of your need.

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