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Choose Wisely | Teachings | Old Ways | Psychic | Witch

Choose the path that you take wisely, never allow another to lead you astray from your beliefs and convictions.

Spring Maiden | Earth Mother | Seasons | Desire

Maiden of Spring, mistress of the hunt, she, who is as graceful as the morning dew that falls softly on the rose petals, bless us with your bounty so that we may prosper, grace us with your beauty and touch our hearts...

Integrity| Psychic Scams | Spell Casting Services | False Promises

Be wary of the scams that lay and wait for you, there are many people out there who are willing to take advantage of your highly charged and battered emotions!

Inhumane Politics | Repression | Police State | Immigration

The inhumane and unfair treatment of our wordly counterparts, political control and manipulation by our goverment!

Clarity | Psychic Scams | Love Spells | Taken For Granted

Never allow yourself to be taken for granted and never take those around you for granted, learn your lessons and stay proactive!

The Heart Of The Matter | Love Spells | White Magic | Weave Your Magic

Stay proactive and focus on your desires, accept responsability for yourself and put forth the neccesary energy towards obtaining that in which you seek!

Faith | Sacrifice | Magic | Love Spell

Learn the art of belief, believe in yourself, believe in your magic and believe in your God.

Return To Me | Winter | Spring | The Rose | Silence

Life lessons learned hard and well, love is not a one way street.

Manifesting Change | Taking Action | Spiritual Growth | Love Of Self

In order to manifest change one has to first possess the desire to change and then implement a plan of action!

Suicide Is Not The Answer | Self Love | Releasing Pain | Regaining Control

Regain control over your life by accepting personal responsibility for your actions, thoughts and motives! Suicide is never the answer, look within and you will find solution to solve your lifes greatest problems!

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